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-Photographed Robert Urwiler, CIO of Vail Resorts for a cover and 1-page layout in CIO Magazine. Mary Lester, Executive Director.
*Final images will be posted once magazine has been printed.

-Joey Kellum, CIC, of Van Gilder Insurance Corporation for a Denver Business Journal press release. Photographed at Broadway Studios East. Sarah Harter, Producer. Shannon Taft, Art Director.

-Cover and 4-page photo layout for Colorado Meetings + Events Magazine, Spring 2008. Can you guess which person was later retouched into the image? Photographed at Broadway Studios East. Beth Ryan, Hair & Makeup. Rachel Anderson, Art Director.
(Cover) Larry DiPasquale, (Spread L-R) Betsy Wiersma, Larry DiPasquale, Anna Marie Martinez, Kylie Inglee, Tamie Bulow, Kristen House and Barbara Bowman.

-Photographed Allison Linsley of Kinsley Associates at Broadway Studios East for Colorado Meetings + Events Magazine‘s PROFILE Page. Dave Bromeland, Assistant Art Director.
*Final image will be posted once magazine has been printed.

-25 to 35 mph winds and 6 sand bags later, I photographed a group of 9 executives for a 2-page spread and possible cover in Colorado Meetings + Events Magazine. Location: Denver Art Museum. Not happy with how these folks were posed, the wind was raging and no one wanted to be there, but that is no excuse. I wish I had posed them in a more interesting manner, perhaps one or two people very close to the camera. Rachel Anderson, Art Director.
*Final layout will be posted once magazine has been printed.

-Josh Ramos. Personal work.
One of the many things I love about shooting film and using a medium format or a large format film camera is the lack of depth of field when the lens is wide-open. In my opinion, (digital) pixels out of focus do not “look” the same as (film) grain out of focus! I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but I really think there is a difference in appearance. Josh was photographed with a 16 MP DSLR, with a 100mm lens at f2.8. Eyes are in focus, but ears and nose fall out of focus quickly. The effect I was wanting, but just not the same “feel” as shooting with my Mamiya RZ or Sinar 4×5.

-Photo shoot for the Colorado State University Pi Kappa Alpha 2008 – 2009 Pike DreamGirls calendar. My assistant/intern, the boyz from Pi Kappa Alpha and I spent a wonderfully, hot Sunday afternoon at Broadway Studios East photographing 12 beautiful young ladies for the 2008 – 2009 Pike Dream Girls calendar.
*Calendar and behind the scenes video will be posted once printed.

-Flew to Salt Lake City to photograph Steve Burgess, Liz Burgess and Addie King of The Burgess Group/SLC for APS Best Practices Magazine, Summer 08. Sometimes I wonder why I accept these “fly-in, fly-out” jobs, but I love my work and I’ll suffer for my art. My assistant and I arrived at DIA at 6am flew to SLC, rented a car, drove to our location, set-up, photographed our subjects, broke down and then drove up to Park City, Utah just for a late lunch and to say, “I’ve been there.” When I visit a new area, I like to stop a local on the street, I prefer firemen or police officers, and ask them “where’s the best _ restaurant in town?” After talking with some local paramedics, we drove off to find “the best mexican restaurant” in town. After a wonderful lunch, we then jumped into the rental car, returned to SLC and flew back to Denver just in time for Jay Leno. Thank you to Steve, Liz and Addie for their time and patience.
*Final images and behind the scenes video will be posted once publication has been printed.

-Portraits of Patton Boggs attorneys, Carolyn McIntosh and Martha Whitmore for Capital Thinking Magazine.
James Van Fleteren, Designer.

-Series of portraits for Dr. Beth Ballen, M.D. and Associates for a Cherry Creek Healing & Wellness Center marketing brochure and website. Jill Hodges of JH Productions, Designer.

-Portrait of Dr. Larry Quell of Quell Chiropractic Alternative Care Center for a direct marketing brochure and website. Photographed at Broadway Studios East. Dr. Larry Quell, Creative Director.

-Advertising & Marketing Review, a Denver-based advertising industry publication, recently published their 16th Annual ASMP Photo Annual and one of the images that I produced for Havana’s Fine Cigars and Mile High Sports Magazine back in December of 2007 was chosen for final publication. Thank you to all the participating judges.