-I had the fortunate opportunity in February, to travel to Plano, Texas and photograph Linda Armstrong Kelly (Lance Armstrong’s mother) for a cover and multi-page photo layout in the Spring 2008 issue of Successful Living Magazine. Brendan Harrington, Editor at Successful Living Magazine and an accomplished photographer himself accompanied me for the two day shoot. Thank you so much for all the support, Brendan. We spent a good portion of the second day with Linda and listened to many great stories about her son Lance, and of course, Lance’s ex-girlfriend, Sheryl Crow. Lindsay Hayes, Creative Director. PennySadler.com, Hair & Makeup. Brendan Harrington, Editor.

-Bishop John Rucyahana of Rwanda for ColoradoBIZ Magazine 04/08. Image was originally produced for the cover, but Denver’s deteriorating road conditions trump the Bishop for the cover story. One of the images ran as the Table of Contents. Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Photographed on location at the Cherry Hills Country Club. After breaking-set and packing-up gear, we noticed John Elway lurking around…wonder who he was meeting for dinner?

-What a great assignment. I spent three days in February photographing some of Colorado’s most talented athletes and never had to leave the comfort of my studio. Jeremy Bloom, Olympic skier, NFL player and professional model flew in from Philadelphia, Billy Van Heusen and ___ came out of retirement, even Renee Herlocker, retired Bronco cheerleader and current radio and television star volunteered to help out. DaVarryl Williamson, heavy-weight boxer was a blast to photograph. I must have 20 great images of him alone. Thank you to everyone that participated. Cover and 12-page photo layout for Mile High Sports Magazine 03/08. Photographed at Broadway Studios East. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer.

Jeremy Bloom / Renee Herlocker and Jeremy Bloom

Shawn Phillips / Jamie Heiner / Sara Wrenn / Brad Segall

Chelsea Haverty / Vic Lombardi / Billy Van Heusen / Christine Pomponio-Pate

DaVarryl Williamson

-Kim Bull. A nursing student and Denver Nuggets Dancer. Photographed at Broadway Studios East. Denver, CO. Client: Mile High Sports Magazine / Girl In Your Corner 03/08. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer.

-Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance Award Winners for ColoradoBIZ Magazine 03/08. Photographed at Broadway Studios East. Originally, I was set-up to photograph four executives in this image, but one of the subjects was 1 hour late and the others had meetings they had to attend. I prefer odd numbers anyway. Reproduction was a little muddy. Original has more punch! Tom Visocchi, Art Director.

-Andy Van Gilder of Van Gilder Insurance Corporation. Website and Promotional Images. Part of an on-going redesign of the Van Gilder identity. Photographed at Broadway Studios East. Denver, CO. Sarah Harter, Producer.

-A few images from a trip last year to Toronto for Senior Market Advisor Magazine to photograph Richard Kado. Toronto is awesome. I had such a great time. Great restaurants, great people. I wish I would have taken more images. Nancy Roy, Art Director.

(L to R/T to B) cool building in downtown Toronto, evening view of Newark, NJ, me with the CN Tower in the background, street scene from the Entertainment district, final published image of Richard Kado photographed inside my hotel room at the Victoria Hotel downtown.


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