-Sometime in early April, I received a call from Public CIO Magazine hiring me to photograph Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and Colorado State CIO Mike Locatis later in the month. Small detail, we only have 15 minutes with the Governor to conduct an interview, photograph that interview, and create a cover image of the Governor and CIO together and another of the Governor by himself. It gets better…. we only have 10-15 minutes to set-up and test lights. No problem, I’ve done this many times before. In the end, we received 5 minutes, my assistants say 2 minutes, to create those cover images. I’ll post the final cover once the issue has been printed. A special thank you to the Colorado Governors staff, Mike Locatis, my crew, Chris Sessions and Jim Yost, and everyone at Public CIO Magazine.

-For two weekends in April, I worked as a still photographer and production assistant on a movie trailer called THE FENCE. Filming took place on a small rural farm near Lucerne, Colorado and at a few locations around west-metro Denver. I have posted a complete library of still images at THE FENCE -Day One of Filming and THE FENCE -Day Two of Filming. Also make sure to visit the Rise and Fly Productions website for a partial library of images, a complete list of cast and crew and the finished movie trailer.

-Jessica Neely of Body By Jess. Photographed at Broadway Studios East for poster and website imagery.

-Leslie Foster for Denver Life Magazine, Heart Of Denver article. Photographed on-location at The Gathering Place, Denver.


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