-Nichole Pastine for Mile High Sports Magazine & Rome’s Saloon/Denver. Photographed at Broadway Studios East. (Posted images are out-takes) Nichole is a bartender and Maxim model working at Rome’s Saloon/Denver. Images were created for the April 2008 issue of MHSM/Girl In Your Corner and for a point-of-purchase poster for Rome’s Saloon. “Coach, Creative Director., Doug Ottewill, Publisher/Editor.

-Peter Behrendt for Corporate Board Member Magazine. Article featured CBM’s and what they do in their spare time. Photographed on-location at Peter’s home outside Boulder, Colorado with incredible views of Long’s Peak, the Flatirons, and the Colorado Foothills. This was actually the second time I had photographed Peter for Investment Advisor and he is so open to creative ideas. Peter is a great photographer in his own right and has several images displayed in galleries world-wide. Images ran in the March 2008 issue. Thomas Ryan Design, Art Direction & Design

-UFO FLIES PAST LONGS PEAK COLORADO ???? I’m not saying these images are proof of ET, but they are really weird. I noticed in the background of several Peter Behrendt images a small white circular shape moving across the sky behind him. My camera was on a tripod and never moved. Frames were taken consecutively about every three seconds so the object was moving pretty slow. The digital chip in my camera was pretty dirty so normally I would say “dirty chip,” but this white shape, dust will appear black or gray normally, moved across and out of frame. I’m not ready to send the images to Kodak or Investigative Reports, but if there are any tech-heads out there that can explain the white circle moving across several frames, please email me.

-Flew to Santa Fe, New Mexico to photograph Thornburg Investment Management executives for Investment Advisor Magazine. Cover and 2-page photo layout. -ADD MORE TEXT-


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