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-Photographed Linda Scott Cummings, Ph.D. of the Paleoresearch Institute for the December/January 09 issue of MYBusiness Magazine. Kerri Davis, Art Director. *Final images will be posted after publication.

-Performed a late night location scout at a parking lot that is normally full of cars. I have an upcoming CD cover to shoot for Noca Records and thought this might be a great location!

-Created images of blooming flowers for an advertising client that is producing an in-house project. *Final images will be posted after publication.

-I am always floored when a multi-millionaire refers to me as “Sir.” Created cover and table-of-contents images of J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets for the November 2008 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. The Nuggets have prohibited a “no shirt” cover, but I pulled a Jill Greenberg and created a few for myself. “Just joking, Eric!” Doug Ottewill, Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Sara Wrenn, Stylist. *Final images and behind the scenes video posted after publication.

-Before and after images of Kristina Smolosky for her Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch 2009 audition. I retouch my images as little as possible. I prefer to book hair and make-up stylists and make all lighting corrections on-set. Digital retouching has become so easy these days, but the last thing a art director wants to hear you say is “you or I can fix that in post-.” Beth Ryan, Hair & Make-Up

-The last time I created a senior portrait was nineteen hundred and ….? Therefore, I have no idea what is “hip” or “cool” at the moment, but a simple, straight-forward portrait always worked before.
No hair, no make-up, no assistant and no lighting…..yeah, man!

ViaWest‘s 2008 company picnic. I rarely turn-down good paying work and whenever my editorial subjects (CEOs) ask me, “do you shoot PR and inner-office stuff” I always say, “Sure” and then quote them an hourly rate. Nine times out of ten, these inner-office jobs evolve into executive portraits and a host of other jobs for that corporation.

Photographed J.R. Smith of the DENVER NUGGETS and Mandy ? a former Denver Bronco cheerleader for a HAVANA’S FINE CIGARS seven page advertorial to run in Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Sara Wrenn, Stylist. *Final images and behind the scenes video posted after publication.

-Check-out J. Moir’s recently updated myspace page.

-Photographed Mike Huggins of The Glo Company for a Modern Car Care Magazine November 2008 cover image. I hate, yes, hate working without at-least-one photo assistant, but occasionally I get a last minute editorial assignment and all my regulars are booked or sick. Without an assistant things move slower, but I always get the job done. Tony Jones, Editor.*Final images will be posted after publication.

Ken, the stand-in that is always available!

-I rarely bring a camera to parties or on holiday for that matter, but when I do you’ll find me creating images of crushed beer cans, partially eaten food and discarded cigarettes. Who knows? Next year these images may appear in the Communication Arts Photo Annual? Ha..ha.

-Part of an on-going project about toy hand guns. This particular brand of toy gun is responsible for several accidental shootings every year.

-I am always surprised when a band calls to ask permission and offer payment for reuse of an original image. Goes to show that even a bunch of punk rockers from the 1990’s understand usage and copyright. As it turns out, I originally gave BABIHED unlimited/exclusive usage rights (they paid me well) so there was actually no reason for them to offer additional compensation, but thank you for asking.

-Created images of Nick Carlson of the COLORADO MAMMOTH and Sara Lockhart for a HAVANA’S FINE CIGARS advertorial to run in the Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Lauren Gardner, Stylist. *Final images and behind the scenes video posted after publication.

-Received a call from Allosource to create new product images and environmental portraits of donor recipients later this month. Clean room photography is always challenging. Digital imagery changed everything. I do not miss the days of loading medium-format film while wearing latex gloves, manually focusing through thick safety glasses or color correcting hundreds of fluorescent light sources. Want a good laugh…put on latex gloves and try to use gaffers tape!

Tear sheets from recent Colorado Meetings + Events Magazine assignments. Rachel Anderson and Dave Bromeland, Art Directors.

-My friends, colleagues and a few clients have requested more personal work on my website and on my weblogs. Fortunately, I have been too busy producing commercial work over the past five years to create, edit, retouch and post or print much personal work. Thankfully, most of my advertising, editorial and fashion clients allow me creative freedom to produce commercial work for them which results in mutually satisfying images for all parties involved.

Part of a personal project created while on assignment in Sayulita, Mexico.