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-This image of Chad Larsen originally created for Plan Sponsor Magazine is a perfect example of why it is essential to demand image reuse fees and non-exclusive usage rights! This single image has generated thousands of dollars for my business since its creation back in 2006. TransAmerica Retirement Services. Lynn Connelly, Production Manager.

-Photographed Linas Kleiza of the Denver Nuggets and Lindsay McBride for the Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Jeremy, Hair & MakeUp. *Final images will be posted after publication.

-Created compact disc artwork for J. Moir and Noca Records. Jon Moir, Creative Director. Sarah Clark, Hair & Make-Up. Kim, Kristina and Liz, models.

-Photographed frozen and freeze-dried human tissue samples for Allosource. I am always a little nervous when the client or agency fly-in to participate in the photo shoot. Don’t get me wrong, I like when the clients attend the photo shoot, but when thousands of dollars are spent to fly-in one or more people, the “pressure” level is elevated. Sue Stauss and Jill Bagdasarian, Marketing Coordinators. Jerry Kaulius, Chris Milan and Martin Jones of JK Design.

-I should have been a wedding photographer…two camera bodies, a small selection of lenses, a few on-camera strobes and a cute young lady to carry your camera bag. As an advertising, editorial and fashion photographer, my assistants (ugly old men) and I lug *all this gear and more, up and down stairs, through airports, dusty warehouses and crowded office building. Do you still want to be my assistant? “Don has cases for his cases and carts for his carts!” -Anonymous

Amy Cosper for the November 08 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. Megan Roy, Designer-In-Chief

-Created compact disc and promotional artwork for J. Moir and Noca Records. Jon Moir, Creative Director and Producer. Norma, model.

Behind-the-scenes images from a 2 day and 1 night photo shoot for Wax In The City and Mile High Sports Magazine’s Snow Angels issue. The police car was a prop..not a bust! Doug Ottewill & Kristen Engler, Producers. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Megan Savage, Stylist. Sarah Gard, Hair & MakeUp. *Final images will be posted after publication.

-Photographed Chris Anderson of the Denver Nuggets for the November issue of Denver Magazine. NBA players have a reputation among portrait photographers of not showing up and/or being difficult. Although Mr. Anderson was a small challenge to schedule, (thank you Eric Sebastion, Media Relations Director) Chris turned-out to be a really awesome guy. You can only “torture” a subject with 400 watt seconds of ringflash for a couple dozen exposures before they say…“alright…that’s enough…all I see is freaking white donuts!” Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Brian Melton, Associate Editor. *Final images will be posted after publication.

-Performed some location scouting around downtown Denver for Noca Records, Wax In The City and Mile High Sports Magazine.

Product and Beauty images for the Denver Dentistry website. Dental Marketing Websites by Healthcare Web Image

-A good friend of mine is a master craftsman and an HO scale fanatic! His attention to detail is admirable. Below are a few test images created for an HO scale magazine submission. Outcome = the lighting is too ‘studio-looking’ and the images need more depth-of-field. Remedy = much larger and warmer light source in addition to a smaller lens aperture. PHOTOGRAPHY 101 *Final images will be posted after publication.

-Photo and video assisted for a two day studio rental at Broadway Studios East. My friend and colleague, Jim Yost was creating images for Underworks, an online company that sells girdles, body shapers, underwares and power briefs for men and women. While on the other side of my studio, Andy Ahlstrom was creating 2 to 3 minutes of high resolution video of the models in the  Underworks merchandise. Insyntrix, Marketing Agency. Big Fish Talent Representation, Modeling Agency.

-Created Product & Beauty images for Allied Health Association. Kenneth Callison, Creative Director.