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-Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Cheerful Kwanzaa!

Cynthia Vannucci, Ph.D. of the Metropolitan State College of Denver for the Winter issue of Colorado Meetings and Events Magazine. Dave Bromeland, Associate Art Director.

-Created product images for a 2009 Allosource catalog. Sue Stauss and Jill Bagdasarian, Marketing Coordinators. JK Design.

-CHICAGO (AP) – President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to be interior secretary is vowing to be a “strong voice” for the west, and for the nation. Obama said there’s been too much emphasis on “big-time lobbyists in Washington” instead of “what’s good for the American people.” He says that will change under Ken Salazar. Congratulations, Kenny!

-Photographed seven of Colorado’s Best Sales People for the cover of the January 2009 issue of ColoradoBIZ Magazine. Becky McIntyre Meek, Art Director. *Final images will be posted after publication.

Rejoined after a five year hiatus. As one of the original members, I was entitled to a discounted $99 a year membership fee until I allowed my membership to expire. Only recently have I realized that I am entitled to a $200 discount for my association with Wonderful Machine. I am no cheap skate about advertising, but $100 sure sounds better than $300 during this post-Bush economy. “Thank you, Wonderful Machine and Altpick.”



-Tearsheets from Mile High Sports Magazine’s Snow Angels 2008 issue. Created eight-page advertorials for HOOTERS Restaurants Colorado, Havana’s Fine Cigars/Denver & Wax In The City
“A special thank you to everyone involved in the production of these photo shoots!” Doug Ottewill, Editor-In-Chief. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Andrew Thompson, Graphic Designer. Elevate Hair Studio and Jeremy Patterson, Hair. Sarah Gard & Nikkie Gotto, Makeup. An extra special thank you to Officer Jeremy Lambertson.

-Traveled to Chicago, Illinois to create an ad campaign for Allosource. When a Chicago meteorologist remarks, “this will be the coldest day of the year,” you know it is going to be a cold day. A little cold weather has never stopped me from creating images outdoors…frozen and malfunctioning lighting equipment, but cold weather…NEVER! Sue Strauss, Creative Director. Jill Bagdasarian, Producer. Rachel Frank, Recipient. Gavin Gould, Photo Assistant. (Images – Clockwise) Gate C49 at Denver International Airport / Columbia Yacht Club at Monroe Harbor / The Chicago River Bridge / View from Rachel’s Studio / Gavin standing-in / walkway to Concourse C at O’Hare Airport / View from my room at the Hotel Blake / walkway to Concourse C at O’Hare Airport *Final ads will be posted once published

Rachel Frank, soccer player, triathlete & medical student

-PhotographedSandy Rufenacht, Brent Olson, & David Battilegafor Three Peaks Capital Management, LLC. Sandy Rufenacht, Chief Investment Officer. Ashley Gapuzan, Office Manager.

-Created images for 9-1-1 Magazine & TriTech Software Systems. As a commercial photographer, I am frequently granted access to restricted areas in order to photograph subjects and products. The Denver BackUp 9-1-1 facility was one such area. Tyler Ridell, Marketing Director *Final images will be posted once published.

The Denver Egotist Manifesto
In order to promote creative growth in Denver, one must admit the city is conceptually stunted. It’s not on the tip of any tongues, and for good reason. Safe solutions, droll concepts. It is our belief, as creative participants in this city, that the opportunity for change lies at our feet and that it can happen by challenging one another, by holding each other accountable for our work, and by hiring and promoting local talent. This is our attempt to foster big ideas and radical thinking on a local level. To remind us all why we love this job. This is The Denver Egotist, a means to an end.

Thank you, The Denver Egotist, I am honored!

Linda Scott Cummings, Ph.D. of the Paleoresearch Institute for the December/January 09 issue of MYBusiness Magazine. Kerri Davis, AD.