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-Recently, one of my photo representatives commented that “you need more celebrity in your portfolio.” Unfortunately, the professional athletes, the politicians, the musicians and the several dozen billionaires and millionaires that I have photographed are not that well known. Statistics reveal that people are more likely to recognize their local sportscaster or weatherperson than a movie star. Before landing a job in Denver, Vic Lombardi worked as a sports reporter in South Bend, Indiana, Austin, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona. Already, he is a 21-time Emmy Award winner.

-Created video clips and photo assisted for my friend and colleague, Jim Yost, on a shoot for Mark VII. Mark VII is the U.S. subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the leading supplier of innovative solutions for the car wash business worldwide. Each day more than 2 million vehicles are washed in systems manufactured by the company.

Video Still from Camera #1 (above), Video Clip from Camera #2 (below)

-Created images of “associates in situations” and images of one special recipient, Manuel Salazar, for the Allosource 2008 Annual Report. Manuel’s story is one of bravery and dedication and made me realize how much I take my arms and legs for granted. Manuel owns and operates a car detailing business in Denver, Colorado and has won several awards at custom car shows throughout the United States. David Schiedt, Art Director. Jennifer Tramontana, Producer. *Final images will be posted after publication.

-Photographed J.C. Leonetti a.k.a. Leonomadic of the band
for compact disc and promotional artwork. Leonomadic has spent the last decade hitch-hiking throughout the lower 48 states, gathering stories, writing songs and playing a mean slide guitar. *Final images will be posted after publication.

-Despite what millions of people believe, Denver IS NOT a cow-town! I’ll admit that for two weeks in January the city smells like manure, but the rest of the year, you would be hard-pressed to find a “real cowboy” within city limits. Talk about getting your money’s worth. I created this image for a CINCH Jeans & Shirts ad campaign back in 2001 and Rocky Mnt. Clothing Co. is still using it on billboards and semi-trailers.

-It has been years since I photographed a music recording session and my first as a videographer*. (L to R – bottom image)“Maddog” Mike Minnick, drums, Tom Miller, stand-up bass and Chris “Jonny” Barber, vocals and guitar. (Right) – The full moon shone brightest and was the biggest in size for the year.


Raw and unedited HD video of Tom & Jonny – sorry no audio – check this weblog and/or my website for an edited with audio version in the future. *my first videography gig. I have a lot to learn about video and audio so I won’t bore everyone with hours of unedited clips. I am learning the basics of video and audio capture as well as video and audio editing and will become proficient at some point this year and a DoP next year. LOL Although I will say, “the footage I captured with the Canon 15mm (below) and the Canon TS-E 90mm is interesting stuff.” The audio that Ian _?_ captured sounds fantastic!

Photographed Denver poet laureate Chris Ransick for the February 2009 issue of Denver Magazine. Ransick has won awards for his books of poetry and fiction, as well as recognition for his workshops and speaking appearances. Tom Visocchi, Art Director.
*Final layout will be posted after publication.

-Created promotional images for RockStarz, an elite group of current and former professional cheerleaders and dancers with credentials ranging from the Los Angeles Lakers to the St. Louis Rams, and even a former Miss Arizona. Their focus is on community outreach through dance and cheerleading to the nation’s youth and hope to ignite a passion for dance and get people moving and active.Megan Savage, Creative Director. Sarah Gard, MakeUp. Gabrielle, Stylist.

Video courtesy of Sarah Schachterle.

-Received the 2008 Dreamgirls poster and/or calendar  which I produced images for back in May of 2008. Bryan Peterson and Greg Harmon, Dreamgirl Chairs.

-Photographed Leigh Aslin, Tyler Brocato & Andy Hanson of Van Gilder Insurance Corporation for a Denver Business Journal press release.Sarah Harter, Producer. Shannon Taft, Art Director.

Colorado’s 25 Most Powerful Salespeople for the January 2009 issue of ColoradoBIZ Magazine. Becky McIntyre Meek, Art Director.

Environmental portraits of Andrew “Ozzy” Osborn of Fort Walton  Beach, Florida and John Patton of Lakeland, Georgia. No deer or alligator were harmed during the production of these photo shoots. Danny Demoro, photo assistant.