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Cover and feature images of Richard Scharf of The Convention & Visitors Bureau, Cari Strouse of CH2M Hill, Jamie Bohner of RE/MAX International, Nancy Lamb Thompson of Nancy Thompson Events, Angela Coleman of The Ritz-Carlton, Kathy Reak of the Pikes Peak Convention & Visitors Bureau and Luc Hughart of The Perfect Petal for the Colorado Meetings + Events 2009 Hall of Fame issue.
Rachel Anderson, Art Director. Beth Ryan Ltd., Make-Up & Styling

-Another example of image reuse. This image was originally created for Miller Brewing back in November of 2007, but is currently being used in advertisements for the Mile High Sports Daily and is featured on Wonderful Machine’s tearsheets page. Nick Heckman, Art Director.

-Over the past 15 years, I’ve photographed more than 100 covers for magazines, catalogs and annual reports. Denver Entertainer, November 1994, was my very first cover and feature.
Michelle Carnes, Publisher and Designer.

Personal work. While on assignment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders, I met and photographed Javier Barrera and Godzilla who own and operate, Duende Surf Dawgs, a surf school, small hotel and restaurant located in Sayulita, Mexico.

I am fortunate to be able to “incorporate my personal work into my main portfolio.

Kat Dalager Interview_Personal Work Question on Vimeo.

-I have been creating pictures for 38 years; 17 of those professionally.
I studied and practiced all genres of photography and eventually acquired a business degree and an art school education. It took a decade of hard work and dedication to purchase all the expensive medium and large format film cameras, studio and location lighting and to acquire all the marketing materials required for me to compete as a professional still photographer, nationally and internationally.

(L – R) Self-portrait, 1971. Colorado Institute of Art graduation day,1994.
The Hasselblad 500C/M,1995. The Mamiya RZ PRO II,1997

For the past ten years, I have taken on the role of a digital Photographer, Retoucher, Typesetter, Web Designer and Marketing Manager. I have purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of photography and computer equipment to compete in the evolving digital photography market. My goal was and still is to provide high-end photography to editorial and commercial clients worldwide. I was overwhelmed, but enthusiastic and I have succeeded.

(L – R) Furniture Row – Oak Express. Checking images in Playa del Carmen.
A CD, an AD and a GD. Lying down on the job in Cabo San Lucas.

Over the past three months, I have taken on the role of a high definition, digital video Camera Operator, Focus Puller, Soundman, Video Editor and Director of Photography. I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of video equipment to compliment a revolutionary new DSLR camera that captures 1080p digital video using traditional SLR lenses. My goal is to provide HD digital video to clients, in addition to the high-end photography currently being produced. I will succeed!

(L – R) Glidecam HD-2000 with an Ikan 8″ HDMI Monitor and a Glidecam Arm Brace. Birns & Sawyer Shoulder Support, Rode Video Mic and a home-made Video Viewfinder. *Glidecam Smooth Shooter system on-order from B&H Photo.

Glidecam Test #1 = without Smooth Shooter System
I apologize for the poor audio. When possible, capture audio separately.

-More location scouting for commercial and personal projects.

-This is not an attempt at food photography simply a photographic study of current American economics. Recently, while working a PR event for the National Renewable Energy Laboratories , I noticed these cute little appetizers on all the tables. “Please sir, I want some more…”

-An image that I created for a CINCH Jeans & Shirts / Rocky Mountain Clothing Company advertising campaign was featured in The Official Newsletter for Wonderful Machine Photographers.
Thank you Wonderful Machine.

-Location scout. K-Mart, South Federal Blvd.. For some odd reason, every time I drive by this location at night I envision a female model with curly blonde hair clothed in a red evening dress. Huh? Strange.

-Whenever someone ask me “what do you do for a living,” I am always a little hesitant to respond truthfully because the second question is usually, “what kind of photography….weddings and senior portraits?” and then the third question is always, “how long have you been a photographer.” Believe it or not, that last question is the most difficult to answer. “I’m a professional photographer that creates images of people for magazine articles and advertising campaigns. And, NO, I don’t photograph weddings, not with a gun to my head!” I’ve been a photographer since I was 5 years old. My first image was published in 1989, but I didn’t make photography a full time career until the day I arrived in Colorado, December 31, 1991. That’s 17+ years just being a full time photographer not making a living any other way. I say that because that’s how I define “professional photographer.” *link to quote

My very first fashion shoot, Pensacola, Florida. 1988. A time in history
when I was making only 3 percent of my income from photography.

-Photographed Myka Dunkle a Maximum Talent fashion model for the April 2009 cover of Denver Magazine. Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Wendy Ledwitz, Creative Liaison. Henry Gutierrez & Mark Harmon, Hair Stylists. Gina Comminello, Makeup Artistry. *Final layout will be posted once published.

Left – Denver Magazine “test” & Right – Myka’s Comp Card

-Created corporate headshots of Gary Hysell & Meghan Beski of Van Gilder Insurance Corporation for a Denver Business Journal press release. Taylor Brinkerhoff, Producer. Shannon Taft, Art Director.

-Captured high-definition video of Mad Dog ! and the Smokin’ Js along with The Aquasonics at The Skylark Lounge for High-Five Records.

Created promotional images of Miss Kitty Baby for The Pinup Angels. The Pinup Angels were created in the spring of 2007 by Miss Kitty Baby a U.S. Marine and Lola Dee-a sister to two Marines. The Pinup Angels are currently staffed by a group of hardworking pin-up girls from all over the USA who support American troops overseas.

The Rocky Mountain News is no more. A publishing run spanning nearly 150 years came to an end in the early morning hours as the News delivered its final edition. The precarious economics of newspaper publishing forced Denver into the growing ranks of cities that no longer can support two major daily publications. To a saddened and somber newsroom staff, executives of News owner E.W. Scripps Co. announced February 26, 2009 that the paper was shutting down after efforts to find a buyer failed. “People are in grief,” News editor, publisher and president John Temple said at a news conference when asked how his 220-member staff was responding.

John Temple, former Editor, Publisher & President of The Rocky Mountain News.

Allosource 2008 Report to the Community. David Schiedt of Buster York Creative, Art Director. Jennifer Tramontana of The Fletcher Group LLC, Producer. Photographers: Don Cudney, Howard Sokol and Getty Images.