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-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. “I would not photograph a wedding with a gun to my head.” BUT I DID! Honestly, no offense to wedding photographers or to the couples that have hired me to photograph their weddings in the past … it’s just I’m not that good at photographing weddings! By the way, I’m not that good at food or nature photography, either. But, when a good friend and colleague asked or should I say begged me to travel to Miami, Key West and Cozumel …. well, I just couldn’t say “no.” Overall, I’m happy with the final images and I’m confident that the bride and groom will feel the same way. Congratulations, Steven and Kristin and thank you for including me in your wedding cruise. P.S. Is anyone getting married in Hawaii, Costa Rica or somewhere warm and tropical next fall or winter? LOL

(1 & 2) The Pier House, Key West, Florida. (3) view of Cozumel, Mexico
from the Carnival Imagination. (4) a beautiful Cuban sunset.

-Created fashion images for a 6-page layout for the May issue of Denver Magazine. Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Shannon Dye and Walter Muirhead of Donna Baldwin Talent, models. Brittany Smith, Wardrobe Stylist. Kelsey Zabawa and Bridgette Moller of The Look Beauty Boutique, Hair & Make Up. Kevin Vena, Technical Advisor. Check out the behind-the-scenes video posted below.*Final layout will be posted after publication.

-What am I thinking? 17 + years as a professional photographer and suddenly I’m jumping head first into the professional film & video industry … am I crazy or is this simply the next step? I’ve been interested in the production of films and videos since I was a kid and readily admit that one of my career goals is to produce and direct several MTV music videos and at least one full-length feature film. Over the years, I’ve worked as a production stills photographer, a production assistant and as a grip and I quickly realized that I have always wanted to be behind the camera or behind the monitor directing the action and/or orchestrating the production. Has that time come for me? Film & Video equipment has been readily available for years; I just wasn’t prepared to make the investment in time or money until recently. I have already bid on a few small video productions and I am happy to report that have one confirmed job later this month.
P.S. My photography will remain strong or become stronger as my film & video education/experience accumulates. My services will just become more valuable!

April 2009 cover of Denver Magazine. Myka Dunkle, Maximum Talent model. Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Wendy Ledwitz, Creative Liaison. Henry Gutierrez & Mark Harmon, Hair Stylists. Gina Comminello, Makeup Artistry.
Roberto Cavalli dress, $1,455. $66,300 in jewelry provided by Trice Jewelers.