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“Sir, we’re not the taco stand.” Fortunately, I do not associate with clients this insane. Have I received calls and emails that are crazy or down right offensive? Sure. Experience has proven that most of my editorial assignments are “take it or leave it” and many ad agencies have set a budget long before they ask me for a bid. I prefer to collaborate with people that hire me based on my talent and not my day rate.

-A little more than 6 months ago, I was invited to join Wonderful Machine, a boutique web portal dedicated to connecting the world’s most talented photographers with the industry’s most discerning clients. At first, I was skeptical, but after I received inquiries from some of the industry’s largest photo buyers and after I was featured on the Wonderful Machine and the Black Book websites three times in three months … I am happy with my decision to join forces with WM.

-My friend Lynnzie is due to give birth to a beautiful baby girl on June 1st, 2009. I thought we should create a few images before she burst! Right, I didn’t do it! Center, a more traditional maternity photograph. On the right, a Don Cudney maternity photograph. Cover the top third and imagine it’s your Uncle Bob.


-Created an executive portrait of Kellen Hills of Van Gilder Insurance Corporation for a Denver Business Journal press release and VGIC marketing materials. Kellen Hills, Director of Creative Marketing.

-Photographed 12 beautiful young ladies for the 2009 – 2010 PIKE Dream Girls Calendar. It’s funny how all hell can break loose at the eleventh (and a half) hour? An ill assistant, late models, a fuse box from the 1800’s, no hair&makeup, did I mention the ill assistant? All is well though. Note to self. One $20 fog machine from Albertson’s WILL NOT cover 12 young ladies, duh! Mario Latona & Greg Harmon, Art Directors.

Traveled by plane to the Phoenix area to capture HDV for Mark VII and Two Brothers 1 Inc. of Mesa, Arizona. Temperature at 9am = 102 degrees Yes, it was nice and warm! Steve Robinson, Creative Director.

-Photographed Gino Pellegrini and his 2008 EDPA Designer of the Year Award for Inter-Global Exhibitions. Inter-Global Exhibitions (IGE) is a U.S. company with headquarters in Denver, Colorado and multiple strategic locations including Irvine, California; Europe; Latin America and Asia.
Gino Pellegrini, Creative Director. Victoria Sun, Graphic Designer.

-The cover image I created for the April 2009 issue of Denver Magazine is featured on Wonderful Machine’s tearsheets page in between Robert Gallagher’s and Chad Hurst’s published images.
“I am honored … and slightly … intimidated.”

-Produced high resolution digital video of the Redline Rockets and Mad Dog and the Smokin’ J’s at Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que. More practice with the Glidecam Smooth Shooter system and my first gig recording audio separately.

-Created high resolution digital video for Mark VII. Mark VII is the U.S. subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the leading supplier of innovative solutions for the carwash business worldwide. Each day more than 2 million vehicles are washed in systems manufactured by the company. Steve Robinson, Creative Director.

-Six page fashion layout in the May 2009 issue of Denver Magazine.
Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Shannon Dye and Walter Muirhead of Donna Baldwin Talent, models. Brittany Smith, Wardrobe Stylist. Kelsey Zabawa and Bridgette Moller of The Look Beauty Boutique, Hair & Make Up. Photographed at Pinehurst Country Club/Denver.

“How long will you be taking pictures?” “All day Ms., All day.” Our Goal = create custom and creative photography of Forensic Laboratories’ products, equipment, people and processes. Their Uses = marketing and branding materials including brochures, sales sheets, direct mail and trade show. A special thank you Andrew Hoffman, Design Bandit and Josh Barker, Brand Wrangler of Brand Iron.

Two of three images that I submitted to this years 17th Annual American Society of Media Photographers Photo Annual were chosen for publication in the May 2009 issue of Advertising & Marketing Review. Tom Visocchi and Nick Heckman, Art Directors.