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WARNING !!!! This video is packed full of “four letter” words and British humor (farts). You have been warned. Side Note: This video IS NOT intended to upset or piss off my friends and colleagues that work as Art Buyers. Although this is an extremely serious problem within the photo industry, I kind of thought the dialogue was funny! P.S. There are plenty of these videos on youtube if you search them out.


Jon Krakauer, writer, mountaineer, editor-at-large, well-known for his outdoor writing for the September 26, 2009 issue of Stern Magazine (Germany). Stephan Maus, Editor. Sue Lapsien, Producer. Thomas Dobrowolski of Doubleday/Random House, Krakauer’s Agent. Wonderful Machine, Photo Representative.



-I have been collaborating with my friend and colleague, Jim Yost for over ten years now. I have assisted him, he has assisted me, and I have shot jobs when he wasn’t available, and he has shot jobs when I wasn’t available. Recently we teamed-up to supply clients with still and video imagery…often con-currently. Costco & RMC Constructors is one such client. Working within a limited budget, we attempted to capture what the client requested using only basic video tools. Bad idea. Videography from a helicopter almost always involves a special rig and gyro of some sort. I tried using a Glidecam (wrong tool) and wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. The footage I captured with my hand held Canon G-10 is actually smoother, but lower in quality. Lesson learned. Rent the gyro! Thank you Keith ? of Air Cam for the smooth and safe flight. Note: The Bell Jet Ranger rents for $825 hr. plus a floating fuel charge. $82 every six minutes. $14 a minute. One hour minimum is required plus six-minutes segments there after. We were up 1.3 hours for $1,072. Time at location = 20 minutes. Hiring a trusted professional like AirCam = priceless.

-Attended the Art Directors Club of Denver’s 2009 Award Annual  Dinner. Two of my recent images won Merit Awards in the Editorial Photography – Published category. Thank you once again to Ty Hutchinson (Goodby Silverstein) Bryan Jessee (McGarrah/Jessee) , Bart Cleveland (McKee Wallwork Cleveland) and Chase Jarvis ( the Annual Award Show judges and the entire crew at the ADCD.
Annual printed by Vision Graphics Inc..


BC01JR Smith for Mile High Sports Magazine Nick Heckman, Art Director.
BC02Peter D. Behrendt for Corporate Board Member. Thomas Ryan, Creative Director.

-Photographed Jenny Lindstrom and her sister Sarah Vienhage for FOX31 KDVR’s HOT MAMA “become a cover model” contest. Natalie Tysdal, Producer. Aja Cobb, Hair. Gina Comminello, MakeUp. Cynthia Petrus, Fashion Director. Justin Rush, Videographer. Watch the televised KDVR behind-the-scenes video by clicking on the image below.


Denver, Colorado is one of those strange markets where you receive phone calls and emails asking you to photograph just about anything…..even though you might not have one single image on your website that represents that style of photography. “Don, we’re wondering if you have ever photographed a skateboarder or a snowboarder in action?” As a matter of fact…”yes.” I was a regular contributor to Trans-World Skateboarding, Trans-World Snowboarding and Surfing Magazine for many, many years, not to mention, I published my own skate/surf ‘zine for over 5 years. Visit



-I am a huge fan of Robert Maxwell’s photography but it was a behind the scenes comment in the September 2009 issue of Outside Magazine that made me laugh out loud. Why? I am pretty sure I have worked with Cheech and Chong on O’ahu and everybody knows that you partake after the shoot….not before.


Vitaliy Katsenelson of Investment Management Associates, Inc. for the September 21, 2009 issue of Barron’s Magazine. “Vitaliy spent his youth in Murmansk, a city in northwest Russia perhaps best known to Westerners as a setting for The Hunt for Red October.” Adrian DeLucca, Photo Editor.

-For some reason, every time I visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to work it begins to rain, snow or both. Bryan Bechtold, Art Director.


-Created additional images for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts that will be used for posters to promote WICKED! The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz – VIP Halloween Party being held October 16, 2009 at the Seawell Grand Ballroom.
Aaron Quintana, Creative Director. Models: Randy & Justina



-Eddie Royal behind-the-scenes video receiving an average of 7 views a day. Twice as many as any other video I’ve posted. Have a look at


-Sometimes the best laid plans turn out for not. I attempted to complete an architectural assignment started last month for the Denver Athletic Club, but weather and the City and County of Denver are quickly becoming a obstacle. Location scout, check. Weather forecast, check. Property manager, check. Climb a ships ladder to gain access to an adjacent roof, check. The City & County of Denver performing road work right in front of the DAC, NOT a check! Alright, (Plan B) = charge my client some serious retouching fees or (Plan C) =  Pack-up and come back another day. UPDATE: Client has decided to reshoot at dusk to match an image I created weeks earlier from the DAC’s rooftop.

-One of many things I miss about shooting film is being forced to do everything in camera…no post production. The image posted below was captured on 4×5 Fujichrome Velvia transparency film using an optical spotlight and a computer generated 35mm transparency. Originally published in ColoradoBIZ Magazine during March of 2001 the byline read, “Cudney says the image represents the accessibility of technology and that computers have all but become an extension of our hands.” Little did I know that my iPhone would become such a “necessity” of business. Jurgen Mantzke, Art Director.

Virtual Palmistry

One of many things I miss about shooting film is the workflow. Shoot, process, edit, deliver. Digital imagery requires substantially more processing time, editing time and archiving; although I love the creative control I retain with digital capture.
Images posted below were created using Kodak E100 VS.


-Created images for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts that will be used for posters to promote WICKED! The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz – Halloween Party. Aaron Quintana, Creative Director. Logan Ellis, Stylist. Kim Spuhler, Producer. Models: Tai & Kent Note: Absolutely NO Photoshop…old school, baby! Fog Machine + Dry Ice + Patience = No long hours of post production (saving the client hundreds of dollars).  *Final images will be posted after publication.


-Photographed Myra Salzer, Founder of the Wealth Conservancy for a cover and feature article in the October issue of Investment Advisor Magazine.
Scott Valenzano
, Art Director.*Final layout will be posted after publication.


-Produced product and institutional images for an upcoming Allosource catalog.
Jill Bagdasarian, Creative Director.


-Photographed Vitaliy Katsenelson, Director of Research for Investment Management Associates, Inc. for an upcoming Barron’s Magazine article. I strive to complete a location scout days or weeks in advance of a photo shoot, but sometimes I am forced to show-up and shoot ! When this occurs, I run around creating test images at every angle and every composition then sit down and agonize over which one, two or three locations to utilize. Again and again, this is the most stressful time of the production because I never know which location the PE, AD and SE will prefer.
Adrian DeLucca, Photo Editor. Final images will be posted after publication

7979 East Tuffs Avenue, Denver, Colorado

-The web campaign that I photographed for Microsoft/Crispin Porter + Bogusky was mentioned on Photo District News – Who’s Shooting What website link. Note: I received the Barron’s assignment which is posted above as a direct result of that mention in PDN. What’s next?

-Created images for a 6-page fashion layout in the October 2009 issue of Denver Magazine. I can’t revel the location until after publication, but I can say it took 12 hours to photograph and the crew did not arrive home until early morning.
Tom Visocchi, Art Director.

-The last time my name appeared in Westword I was paid $150 for a $750 assignment. Bitter? Let’s just say…I never worked with New Times again. A multimillion dollar publisher, who generates thousands of dollars in advertising each week (from prostitutes and personal ads alone) can’t pay their creatives a decent rate? Get real!
P.S. Anyone that has worked with me knows…I have never “snapped” a photo in my life!

-I create between one and three family portraits a year almost entirely as a barter or trade for services and products. More often than not, I devote the majority of frames to the matriarch of the family (center). What did we barter for? Four-color printing of 500 labels. Client: Pepperdine Marking Products.


-Images produced for a Wonderful Machine stock submission.

Christian Lander for Microsoft WindowsPC Hook-Up with Christian Lander. Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Agency. Angela Barnard, Art Producer. Brittany Cirbo, Content Manager. Madison Wharton, Producer. Jason Marks, Associate Creative Director. Marlon Hernandez, Art Director.

Libby Weaver & Natalie Tysdal for the September 2009 issue of Denver Magazine. Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Cynthia Petrus, Styling. Aja Cobb, Hair. Gina Comminello, MakeUp.

Visit FOX31/Everyday for their Behind-The-Scenes video

-Denver Magazine Cover Controversy ? I applaud the staff at Denver Magazine and at 303 Magazine for having the desire to publish modern, thought evoking imagery in their publications. My images haven’t received this much deliberation since I photographed the Colorado Crush Girls topless on a Mexican beach. A beach where everyone including Grandma was topless. Grow-up Denver!

Denver Broncos wide receiver Eddie Royal for the TOC and a 3-page layout in the September 2009 issue of Denver Magazine. Tom Visocchi, Art Director. Wendy Ledwitz, Creative Editor. Brittney Smith, Stylist.

Gloria Neal for the September issue of Denver Magazine.
Tom Visocchi, Art Director.