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March 2010

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Assignment – Collaborated with Jim Yost Photography to capture high definition video and stills of welding, grinding and production processes for Engineering Fluid Solutions. A special thank you to Fred Castle for his expertise. *Read April 2010 weblog post for updated video and final images.

Video Still

Assignment – Photographed Jeff Brown, Professor at the University of Illinois, Charlie Nelson, President of Great West Retirement Services, Fred Reish of Reish, Lufman, Reicher and Cohen and  Peng Chen, President of Ibbotsen Associates for the March 2010 issue of Plan Sponsor Magazine. Lynn Connelly, Photo Editor and Production Manager.

Just For Fun – “Excuse me … we’re doing a photo shoot .. can you get lost? Thank you. Why did the snake quit slithering Ann?” I am soooo this photographer. 😉

Click on image above to visit video

Recent Work – Sarah “Shack” Schachterle will be teaching Jazz Dance at Motion Underground/Denver on April 17th, 2010 from 10am – 4pm.

Just For Fun – B-Roll, Best Boy, Foley, Grip, Gaffer, Jib, Judder, Key, Reel and Wipe are just a few of the many terms that cinematographers use on a daily basis. I’ll never forget the first time a client asked me to create B-Roll and my response was, “you want me to create what?” – DON’T JUDGE THE B-ROLL –

Assignment – Photographed President Barack Obama for the April 2010 issue of RESPECT Magazine. Yeah, right. I WISH. Instead I created portraits of Kevin Humes, Taylor Turano, Caroline Howell and Megan Beski of Van Gilder Insurance Corporation for a Denver Business Journal press release and other personal uses (see Outtakes below).
These are not your average insurance agents. VGIC rocks!

Mr. President ?

The Detectives

Behind the Scenes – Lighting Services Incorporated at the Denver Studio Complex – Stage 2 for Susan Goddard Photography and Advocacy Denver.

Location Scout – Found a great location to start photographing my  “Childhood” series of images. Rock’em Sock’em Robots, the movie ROCKY, wood paneling and red shag carpeting; all memories of my wonderful childhood, circa. 1976. Check back for updates.

Assignment – Created images and a short B-roll video of Mad Dog and the Smokin Js for their upcoming Compact Disc release and all 2010 promotional materials.
Mad Dog-drums, Johnny-upright bass, Joe-guitar & vox
*Final CD layout will be posted after publication.

These guys never take themselves too seriously.

Johnny – MadDog – Joe

Recent Work – Just a small sample from the variety of images currently being displayed by my Facebook Friends as their Profile Pictures.

Location Scout – Hospital-style unisex bathroom for upcoming editorial assignment.

Accolade – Jurgen Mantzke is a very busy and multi-talented Creative Director, Graphic Artist, Web Designer and Cinematographer. Right back at ‘cha, Jurgen.

Assignment – Collaborated with Jim Yost to create still images and a high definition video for Rocky Mountain Radiologist. The video was created on-spec to demonstrate our economical stills during video capabilities to Rocky Mountain Radiologists as well as potential future clients. *Final Reel will be posted after completion.

Still image created during video capture

Accolade – DON CUDNEY PHOTO – A YEAR IN REVIEW promotional video featured on the
Art Directors Club of Denver’s weblog. Thank you, ADCD.

Personal Work – Every now and then, I like to create an image that represents the style-of-photography that inspired my passion for creating images; the photographic styles of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark and Diane Arbus … to name a few. A special thank you to Kayla.

Kayla. 2010.

Comment – Recently had a Photography Editor ask me, “is all this production really necessary for one cover image?” Without hesitation I replied, “Yes. And if the budget allowed, I’d have an assistant holding each and every one of my light sources (Richard Avedon), a makeup, hair & clothing stylist for everyone on staff (most LA shoots) and a personal assistant holding an umbrella over my head (an assignment I shot in the Bahamas).” Then I laughed. The PE smiled and quietly sipped her coffee.
Visit – Golf Digest and SI.

Walter Iooss Jr. on-location with Tiger Woods

Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit Issue – Behind the Scenes

Assignment – Created executive portraits of Richard Brierley-Jones, Alex Grinberg, Dean Seifert, Ken Myles and Dave Kerr for eWise Payments & Online Financial Management Solutions. Patti Duncan, Marketing Manager.

Archive – Remember film? Remember Polaroid? Over the past 5 years, I have photographed only one assignment with film and Polaroid (4×5). Just a small selection of Polaroids (1000+) created on assignment between 1994 and 2005 ….. before I went entirely digital. Honestly can’t say I miss shooting Polaroid.

Michael Martin & Don Cudney       –       Tim Duncan & David Robinson

Assignment – Created still images and high definition video of Tai Anderson, MakeUp Artist and Choreographer at (F.i.e.r.c.e. Groove) for her website, weblog, YouTube, twitter and facebook pages. Freedom In Expression Rockin’ Cultural Evolution
*Final images will be posted after selection and post production.

Assignment – Created images of a birthday cake adorned with the B & B Heating and Air Conditioning logo for a photo post card that will be mailed to existing and potential clients of B & B Heating. Chris Flageolle, Operations Manager/Creative Director.
*Final image will be posted after publication.

Cross Processed Outtake – No, I didn’t shoot film

Location Scout – eWise, 4600 South Syracuse Street, 9th Floor. Denver, CO 80237

Assignment – Photographed Kurt Hensen of ESPN2, Speed TV, the Outdoor Channel and Race Central Radio for TW Steel and other promotional applications.

Assignment – Photographed and created high definition video of Willie B. (KBPI), Scott Palguta (Colorado Rapids), Julian Baudet (Colorado Rapids) and Lindsay Carroll (Donna Baldwin Talent) for the March 2010 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Editor/Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Kieran Cain, Colorado Rapids. Jung Park, Metroboom (Clothing). Lori Greene, American Crew (Hair Product). A special thank you to Hillary & Brent Doerzman for donating the 1980’s-style Boom Box.

Willie B. of KBPI

Scott Palguta of the Colorado Rapids

Julien Baudet of the Colorado Rapids

Willie B. of Speed Channel’s Pinks All-Out

Lindsay Carroll of Donna Baldwin Talent

Lindsay Carroll of Donna Baldwin Talent

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Archive – Chad J. Larsen of Moreton Financial Solutions for the Spring 2007 issue of Plan Advisor and the March 2007 issue of Plan Sponsor. Lynn Connelly, Photo Editor.