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Posted: 06/30/2010 in Webpost
Behind the Scenes – Attended the second day of filming in the studio at KBDI Channel 12 Denver for SHOOT! A Colorado Photographer’s Reality.
Four contestants downtwo to go. “Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.”
Adiamond Baker, Host.

Getting Mic’d Up

Vintage KBDI Microphone

WTF? – A colleague of mine found this listing on the local website.
Pay special attention to line item #4.  “Hey, I love taking pics too” 🙂

I can do anything 🙂

1. Nanny/babysit: M-F evenings, weekends
2. Cleaning: house, office, organizing
3. I am a customer service rep now and so I have all the office experience
4. Photography! I LOVE takin pic.’s and can show them to you to prove it!
I have also taken a photog class
5. Painting: Every wall in my home is painted.
6. Scrapbooking: I have made 3 so far ……
7. I can make any gift basket (pics to prove) …..
8. Have had a life time of all pets and great with animals
9. Odds and Ends: If you can think of something, just ask!

Assignment/Video – I’ve never understood why video production crews receive so much more respect and money than still photography crews of equal size? Until now. Clients must feel sorry for the long hours of boredom and the less than gourmet craft services that crews are forced to eat throughout the day. I just like the fact that clients are willing to spend twice as much for video footage as they are for still photography and thrice as much for video editing as they are for still editing; video editing can be time consuming, requires a super fast computer and years of experience. “making a movie is similar to front-line combat…long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.” – John Ford

I still have much to learn about Professional Audio, Post Production Color Correction and Compression. Full-length Interviews will be available at

Assignment – Photographed Jeannie Sheedy, Ruby Sheikh, Morgan Virgilio and Casey Tynan of Van Gilder Insurance Company for upcoming Denver Business Journal advertorials. Kellen Hills, Director of Creative Marketing.
*Final layouts will be posted after publication.

Behind the Scenes – Spent the good portion of a day having my hair and make up applied, wardrobe assembled and audio adjusted for the first taping of SHOOT! A Colorado Photographer’s Reality. The Premise of SHOOT! is simple.  Six contestants will be chosen from an application process to appear in six (6) half hour long episodes. Each contestant will be paired with a Mentor (a professional photographer) to assist them in achieving the best results from each challenge.  The Mentors will assist each contestant in all aspects of the contest including but not limited to lighting, staging, composition and post photography enhancement. As a group, the contestants will be placed into a series of photographic challenges with video crews following the process from beginning to end.  The results of the photographer and mentor’s efforts are then judged by a panel of established Colorado photographers and creative artists during an in-studio presentation called The Epson Review.  At the end of each Epson Review, the panel judges will be sequestered to determine the fate of two of the current contestants. Upon returning to the studio, two photographers will be respectfully eliminated from the competition. Photographic challenges will continue until only two photographers remain.  In the final episode, camera crews will closely follow the finalist and mentor(s) as they complete in the last photographic challenge.  Judging concludes with a live episode where the champion is announced. *I did not realize how awful I would feel after eliminating contestants from the competition. I’d like to apologize to everyone in advance.
Besides, this is only a “reality” show! REAL LIFE rejection is a hundred times harder.

Waiting On Set – I love having makeup applied

Assignment – Spent three days at the 2010 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen creating video interviews, B-roll video and a few still images of many of the world’s finest and most famous culinary superstars (Mario Batali, Jose Andres, Rick Bayless) for America Online and  The highlight of my assignment was attending the Jose Andres Pig Roast which turned into a NBA Playoff Party; expensive meats were salted, grilled and consumed, expensive wines were drank and I rambled about the influx of “reality food shows” to Rick Bayless, for over an hour. Nice guy. A special thank you to Allen Salkin, Journalist & Interviewer, Kristin Rust, Media Escort, Andrew Chason, Chef Besh’s Manager and Tara Gray of Tara Gray PR representing Stella Artois.
* Final video(s) will be posted after broadcast.

Right to Use Your Name, Voice, Image and Likeness – Please Enjoy Responsibly

Chef John Besh of Inedible to Incredible on the TLC Network

Allen Salkin interviewing Mario Batali – Video Still

View of Aspen Mountain from the Tasting Tents – Video Still

Chef Mario Batali “After Party” at the 212 House, 61 Stillwater Lane.
“Excuse me, Are you on the list? No. Please leave immediately!”

Fabio Viviani representing Bertolli – Video Still

Mountain Boy Peak on Independence Pass

(top) Green Mountain Range, Independence Pass, Colorado.
(bottom) Ouray Peak, Mnt. Boy Peak and the Green Mnt. Range

Mid-afternoon view of Mount Sopris from my hotel room in Carbondale, Colorado.

Assignment – Created images of Trent May, CIO of the Wyoming Retirement System for the July/August issue of Absolute Return Magazine. Frannie Ruch, Photo Editor. Nathan Sinclair, Art Director. *Final layout will be posted after publication. Over the past 20 + years that I have been freelancing as a photographer, I have only called in sick or canceled a photo shoot once and that was because of an minor auto accident that ultimately delayed my arrival. I rarely get sick and most of the time I “work right through it.” I definitely “worked through this one.” Two days prior to this shoot I was rushed to the ER with an infected kidney and small stone. During the entire photo shoot I thought I was going to pass-out from the pain, but I worked through it and Trent May was very understanding every time I screamed out in pain. I might consider writing something in my Terms & Conditions to state that in the instance of an illness or other unforeseen emergency, I have the right to seek assistance from another creative or respectfully ask for an extension on the deadline? Thankfully my trusted assistant was on hand to set-up and break-down. Thank you Jim.

I am constantly adjusting Men’s trousers…..where is my clothing stylist?

Assignment – Traveled to Aspen, Colorado to attend the 2010 NORML Legal Seminar and create images of Richard Cowen, Chief Financial Officer and Director of CannabisScience for CFO Magazine. Robert Lesser, Art Director. Eighty percent (by weight) of illegal drugs smuggled-in from Mexico is DIRT WEED. Could legalizing POT/DOPE/WEED subside the Mexican Drug War and save California from Bankruptcy? It was nice to meet a room full of Stoners that are more educated and more intellectual than most “straight” people I encounter. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Assignment – Created high definition videos and stills of Allograft products for Allosource advertisements, PowerPoint presentations and customer sales sheets. Jill Bagdasarian, Creative Director. Edwardo & JB, Hand Models.*Final images & video will be posted after post production & publication.

Just For Fun – Normally, I wouldn’t showcase another photographers work, at least not someone I am in direct competition with, but JoeyL out of Brooklyn, NY has created a pretty funny video called Nikon Girl. “at least we’re not a Pentax….ouch!”

Tearsheet – Photographed Omar Cummings of the Colorado Rapids for the June 2010 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Editor/Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Kieran Cain, Colorado Rapids. Jung Park, Metroboom (Clothing). Lori Greene, American Crew (Hair Product).

Comment – I am sure more than a few photographers have said or thought this to themselves, but just in casequote me.Assignment/Tearsheet – Collaborated with my colleague Jim Yost to photograph a variety of Sievers and Leakwise Analytical Analyzers and Detectors for General Electric Water & Process Technologies. France Addington-Lee, Marketing Executive.

I have an obsession with industrial bathrooms. The inside of a very complicated machine.

No, this product IS NOT used to analyzing your iPod !

Tearsheets from past General Electric photo shoots.

FYI – Don’t forget that I have over 75 videos posted at VIMEO and YouTube. The subject of these videos range from work created for clients and videos created behind-the-scenes to more personal videos of my camping excursions with family and friends; some are good, some are bad…..some are ugly. Visit and Enjoy!

Archive/Travel – “In my day, seeing pictures of someone’s vacation was considered punishment.” – Betty White. A little less than eight years ago, one of my ex-girlfriends and I spent the entire month of December traveling around England creating vacation images (whenever it wasn’t raining; it rained 31 of 33 days) and visiting her childhood classmates. There are too many memories and too many highlights so I’ll just caption the 24 featured images for you. Turn on some iTunes and fall asleep. 1. our dinner! 2-4. the Witby Abby, Witby. 5&6. Streets of Whitby. 7. Streets of Leeds. 8. Sheffield. 9&10. Saint Wilfrid’s Church, Hickleton. 11. Tea Time in York. 12. Palmist in York. 13. Saint Anne’s Cathedral, Leeds. 14. The Shambles, Leeds. 15. Uncle Robin’s Ferrari, Doncaster. 16. The Smart Car, Ringwood. 17. Sunshine beautiful sunshine. 18. The Queen of England, Christmas Eve. 19. Saint Wolfrida Church, Horton. 20. Knowlton Church, Cranbourne. 21. Another rainy weather report. 22. Nelson Chapel, Wiltshire. 23. Avebury’s Stone Circle. 24. Saint James Church, Avebury.

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Assignment – Created a family portrait along with pictures of CJ and his family. I can’t remember the last time I photographed an infant, but I do remember that seven out of ten frames, the baby was either crying or looking away. No such problems with CJ. In fact, Charles nailed 99 percent of his images and never cried or struggled throughout the entire photo shoot. Awesome. * Final images will be posted after post production.

Please ignore the politically correct “X”

Archive – Flew to West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania to photograph Robert Shestack (Trion) for the cover and feature of the June 2007 issue of Benefits Selling Magazine. Megan Roy, Art Director.