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August 2010

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Promotion – Hi Don, I thought you’d like to see that we promoted you in a recent emailer which goes out to about 8,000 clients, including European, Australian and Latin American prospects. You can find the emailer on our archive page as well: Best, Peter Clark, Wonderful Machine –  Because Art Buyers Need *I need to update my website ASAP !!!

Assignment – Created images for ViaWest during their 2010 company picnic held at Dekoevend Park in Greenwood Village, Colorado. This event is one of the few times each year that I get to “find and take pictures” rather than “produce and create images.” Many commercial photographers start their careers with an interest in photojournalism and build their portfolios by “finding and capturing” images.  I miss those days.  Do not misunderstand me, I LOVE commercial assignments that require conception, production, creation and manipulation, but using only your experience and skills as a photographer to find and capture a great image is also an exhilarating and very addictive experience.

Behind the Scenes – Attended and participated as a judge during the RockStarz 2010-2011 auditions held at  Michelle Latimer’s Dance Academy. Auditions are by invitation only for former NFL, NBA, NLL, MLL, or AFL professional dancers. Congratulations to all the new RockStarz.

Found Fotos – What do I like the most about the iPhone? The devices lack of a real camera. Finally, I can take pictures (I create images for a living) and not give a rats ass if my exposure is correct or if I am leaving enough room for copy. Many people believe professional photographers live, breath and eat with a camera strapped around their neck. That is not true. Truth be told, my camera is a tool, not a form of entertainment. Yes, I enjoy taking pictures but hate lugging even a small point & shoot camera around my neck or worse, in my pocket. Waaa-waaa-waaa. When will the iPhone go HD?

circles in a square world

Assisting/Collaborating – Spent half a day helping my  friend and colleague Jim Yost on a photo shoot for General Electric.

Can we clean-up those loose cords, please.

Assignment – Created images of Bruce Schroffel, President & CEO of the University of Colorado Hospital and Pete Coors, Chairman of the University of Colorado Hospital Foundation for a UCH marketing brochure and website. Amanda Cordsen, Art Director/Graphic Designer. *Final layout will be posted after publication and distribution.

Behind the Scenes – Anyone that has worked with me knows that I do not let my laptop computer (and backup hard drives) out-of-my-sight once a job is shot and I rarely let anyone but the client or my 1st Assistant handle the computer! In fact, I won’t even let a baggage handler touch my precious “little yellow pelican case.” Yes, I am that paranoid, but things happen and when they do, I want to be the one that gets blamed. The images posted below are of an intern messing with my computer, opening up Photo Booth and taking pictures of herself. Girl, you got busted! Hello, you are on Candid Camera.

Assignment – Two senior portraits in one month; that could be a record for me. I am not complaining, the more the merrier and to survive as a commercial photographer in Denver, Colorado, one must not turn-down well paying jobs. Besides, I’ve known this young lady since she was a little girl. Created senior portrait-style images of Maddie for her 2011 high school yearbook and Facebook page. In hindsight, posing a subject under a clock full of broken glass, probably wasn’t the smartest idea. Safety first!

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Trent May, Chef Investment Officer of the Wyoming Retirement System for the July/August issue of Absolute Return Magazine. In the ten years that I have occupied my current studio, I have never photographed someone against this particular brick wall outside the studio. Until now. Frannie Ruch, Photo Editor.

Behind the Scenes – Found out the hard way that I am no actor. Thankfully Brad Wicks, SHOOT! executive producer/director and an instructor at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting – Colorado Campus,  ____ and Demetrius Austin were there to bail me out. “Don, stop acting, this is an interview, just be yourself.” The first episode of SHOOT! A Colorado Photographer’s Reality starts Tuesday, September 21 at 7:30 PM MNT on KBDI Channel 12 – Denver and will continue every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM until the final LIVE show airing on October 26, 2010. If for no other reason, Tune-in just to make fun of me!

Demetrius interviewed by BradRehearsing my interview-wrong.

Archive/Behind The Scenes – Found this behind-the-scenes image posted on the Creative Directors Facebook page and thought I’d share. At one point during my career I thought I might become a swimsuit calendar photographer for the Arena Football League, the NFL and the NBA. A boy can dream, right? Kristen Engler, Creative Director. Jim Sterner, Hair&MakeUp. Amy Lynn DenHerder, swimsuit model. Location: Crown Plaza, Los Cabos, Mexico. Client: Colorado Crush.

Just For Fun – Let’s face it; ninety percent of the time, the media and movie industry portrays photographers as liars, thieves, perverts, murders or drunks. Blow Up (1966) = rapist, Pretty Baby (1978) = child molester, Kalifornia (1993) = weirdo. Alright, I admit the photographers featured on America’s Next Top Model have a pretty nice life, but you get my point! I believe this episode of Parks and Recreation is just funny. The deleted scenes are even better!! By the way, I provide juice boxes on my photo shoots as well.

Location Scout – Over the past 16 years, I have created images or video inside or outside just about every corporate, state or federal building in and around the Denver Metro area (lots of permits and ass kissing). In fact, many of the property managers (and security guards) know me by name and face…that’s scary! In addition, I can not count the number of times an art director from the East Coast or West Coast has requested me to “include Pike’s Peak, Long’s Peak or Red Rocks in the background. I hear our subject has a great view of the mountains from their offices.” Now any photographer that lives or has visited Denver knows that unless it is a very clear day and the photographer is using a very long lens, it is very hard to achieve that “mountains over their shoulder look” especially from downtown Denver or worse, Aurora, Colorado. Don’t get me wrong; I can do it and have before, but fortunately this particular client could care less about “the view.”

View down 17th Street toward downtown Denver from the University of Colorado Hospital

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created still images and video interviews of Danny Earls, Mehdi Ballouchy, Quincy Amarikwa and Marvell Wynne of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Club for upcoming issues of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Editor/Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director.

Personal – I was feeling creative during a recent lunch so I decided to create art using my iPhone, a fresh tomato and a couple fresh Serrano peppers – in 3 frames or less. I love the iPhone application Hipstamatic because it takes 30 – 45 seconds to “process” an image and that reminds me of a Polaroid and the old days. I would become really upset if anyone called or wrote to me or if I decide that I want a 40 by 40 inch enlargement of these iPhone images. I am afraid iPhone images that large would look awful!

Tomato & Peppers. 2010.

Assignment/Video – Seventy-five percent of my new and existing clients are asking for VIDEO in addition to still photography these days. “Do you have one of those new digital cameras that shoots video as well as stills?” Personally, I do not believe that the invention of the Canon 5D Mark II has everything to do with this new trend toward video capture; I believe it’s more a factor of larger, faster internet bandwidth. Now that WE can watch video, now WE must have video. A 2010 website without a video sample page is like a 2008 website without flash graphics, right? Shucks, even grandma is uploading images to YouTube today. Companies must keep up with the changing times (the internet) in order to stay competitive. “We want to go ‘Viral’ with this video.” Call me for a quote. *All video clips were created in 5 minutes (3 takes) following a still photography shoot.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Created images of Scott Wilson of Edward Jones, Tim Miller of Rally Software and Brad Michelson of Infinity Systems Engineering for the cover, table of contents and feature layout in the August 2010 issue of ColoradoBIZ Magazine. Chelsea Palmer Connolly, Art Director. 

cover considerations

Assisting & Modeling – I am a great still photographer* and an emerging cinematographer*, but I am also a fantastic 1st Assistant* and Substitute Model*. (insert laughter here.) *all of these positions require that one possess many talents.

Assignment/Video – If I told you what I was shooting ….. I would have to kill you afterward. “Cudney, DON Cudney.”

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Drew Moor, Defenseman for the Colorado Rapids for the August 2010 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Editor/Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Kieran Cain, Colorado Rapids. Jung Park, Metroboom (Clothing). Lori Greene, American Crew.

Assignment – Created executive portraits of Joey Kellum, Amy Hecklinger, Steve Purkapile, Gary Newlin and Colleen Reilly (pictured below) of Van Gilder Insurance Corporation for upcoming Denver Business Journal press releases. Kellen Hills, DCM.

Assignment – I have worked with some really tough art directors in the past, but my friend Lena (pictured below) has got to be the toughest one yet. “Can we hurry this up?”“Where do you keep all your toys?”“Are you done yet?” I love you Lena and I owe you big time for all the modeling you’ve performed over the years, but back off little girl. “And Donny, while you’re at it…take some pictures of my Uncle Craig” for his Smith Center (Kansas) High School senior portrait or else no SpongeBob for you!

Assignment/Assisting – Collaborated with Jim Yost to create high definition stills and video of six (name withheld) executives for an upcoming Research & Development Awards Ceremony. Employees from Asia kept pointing at me and remarking “Superman.”

Getting Ready to Bust Out the Big Guns

Archive/Tearsheet – Created images of Pete Meersman, President and CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association for the Summer 2004 issue of Colorado Meetings + Events Magazine. Rachel Anderson, Art Director.