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November 2010

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Messing Around – I started writing this post as a joke, but then I suddenly realized that … I kind of like these logosand maybe, just maybe, I’ll receive calls from companies like Patagonia and Cliff Bar. (yeah, right.) *Note: commercial photography is about as “red” as it gets. Ninety percent of all photography products (plastics) are manufactured in Japan or China and shipped by container boat (fossil fuels) to seaports across the world. Ninety-nine percent of a digital camera IS NOT recyclable and tens of thousands of them end up in land fills every year.  At least modern photographers are not using environmentally detrimental film processing and manufacturing chemicals anymore. Word.

Forgot To Add the 1980s – “It’s Rad” logo

Just For Fun – Photographers were “gentlemen in 3-piece suits.”“The photographers were the celebrities.” Two must see videos for any creative. I love the Art Directors and Photo Editors discussing layout at about 9:45 during Moving Stills (David Burnett). Brian Duffy“keeping a civil tongue up the rectum of a society that keeps you paid is an art which I was devoid of” is a fashion photography icon! “we were just workers, this thing of art, there is no art photography, … like a plumber, (I) just wanted to be good at it.” The 1960’s and 70’s were a wonderful time to be a commercial photographer, actor or musician…just not an American soldier!

David Burnett

Brian Duffy

Video Reel – Finally made my debut on YouTube as a Director of Photography (not just the Cameraman). GRilli3D is a new product that enables an iPad, iPhone or iPod to have 3 dimensional capabilities without the need for 3D glasses. Chad Barton, Executive Producer/Director/Editor. Brad Wicks, Co-Producer

Tearsheets – Congratulations to the Colorado Rapids for winning the Major League Soccer Cup. The Colorado Rapids, one of the original Major League Soccer teams, won their first championship Sunday night, beating F.C. Dallas, 2-1, on an own goal in overtime. 2010 Mile High Sports Magazine layouts.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Produced images and video for a promotional poster and trailer for How To Dispose Of A Body, a short motion picture set to start production in early December. Chad Bardon, Director/Screenwriter. Brad Wicks, Producer/Art Director/Designer. Don Cudney, Director of Photography

Assignment/Outake – Created images of swimsuit model Lindsey Wilken along with Chris Andersen of the Denver Nuggets as part of a 8-page layout for Jackson’s Sports Bar and the 2010 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Mr. Andersen is such a presence, the guy is huge in size. *Final layout will be posted after publication.


Assignment/Behind the Scenes – I guess technically this was my second assignment working as Director of Photography, 1st Cameraman and Production Assistant (in Denver, one wears many hats) on a 60 second commercial spot. GRilli3D is an awesome new product that enables an iPad or iPhone to have 3 dimensional capabilities without the need for 3D glasses. Chad Bardon, Executive Producer/Director. Brad Wicks, Co-Producer

Take 7 – Coffee House SceneTake 5 – Video StoreGRilli3DChad Bardon – Don Cudney – Lily Marsh

Assignment – Produced a few new images of Decel, Anterior Tibialis, Peroneous Longus and Semitendonosis Gracilis for Allosource.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed two beautiful young ladies (separately) for the cover of Mile High Sports Magazine‘s 2010 Snow Angels issue due to be released next month. *Don’t ask because I won’t even know who will appear on the cover until the Release Party on December 4, 2010.

Assignment – Created some really cool marketing images for a company called GRilli3D. GRillis operate by interposing a series of ‘Barrier Lines’ between the eyes and the image, such that they block the view of each eye differently. The single most important thing about installing GRillis, is getting the barrier lines parallel to the vertical columns of pixels on the imaging device. Chad Bardon, Producer.

What are these folks so excited about?

Behind the Scenes – Performed a location scout at a home in the foothills near Conifer, Colorado for How To Dispose Of A Body, a short motion picture set to start production later this month.

It’s Only Business? – I normally wouldn’t “dis” one of my clients, but since this subject is kind of old news and I haven’t received a call from them in over a year, and when I did receive an assignment it took 9 months to get paid, I decided why not warn other photographers and illustrators? Note: this is not a reflection on the Editorial staff at Tiger Oak but a failure by the sales department and ultimately the accounting department. *Although – the AD has hired at least 4 Denver photographers over the past two years all the while knowing of Tiger Oaks “payment” issues.

Behind The Scenes – Attended the first production meeting and read-through for How To Dispose Of A Body. This short motion picture will be my movie debut as Director of Photography. I am very excited about this project and look forward to our first days of production. *Behind the Scenes images and videos will be posted during production.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Created still images and an introductory interview of Chad Kenney for the October/November 2010 issue of POZ Magazine.

Assignment/Behind The Scenes – Created images of swimsuit model Isabella along with Marvell Wynne of the Colorado Rapids as part of a 8-page layout for Jackson’s Sports Bar and the 2010 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Marvell, Frida, Isabella & Doug – Reviewing Images

Behind the Scenes – I’ve accumulated quite a few behind-the-scenes images and videos of myself working and playing this past year. Many thanks to the Interns, Assistants, Models, Clients and By-Standers that have created these images and videos. Watch for a new Year In Review video coming in January of 2011.

DC is in the house!  – Image by Demetrius Austin

BTS Video (Still) by Cali Lowdermilk

Just For Fun – Spent an hour or so wondering around a local park with my girlfriend Kelly after she convinced me to take a couple hours away from my computer and days of photo retouching. “Bring your camera,” she exclaimed. Yeah right, the last thing I need is more images to edit, retouch and archive …. so I decided to bring along one camera, one lens (set at f1.4 only) and limit my total number of exposures to ten.

*The tenth exposure is of my girlfriend.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed Amy Jo Palmquest, Jen Brown and Jessie Palmer for Carla Sanchez Performance Ready Fitness, Figure & Bikini Team and the December 2010 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.
*Final layout will be posted after publication.

A Day In the Life – A bad day of photography still beats a good day of … ? 11am – Pack equipment and drive to location. 12pm – Arrive at location and set up equipment. 12:30pm – conduct meeting with client and crew. 1pm – Receive text that subject will be late. 2pm – Change location and concept. 4pm – Where is our subject? 5pm – Text and call subject. 6pm – Receive apologetic phone call from subjects booking agent. 6:30pm – Pack up and return to studio. All in a days work?

Don & Demetrius enjoying the afternoon sun!

Archive/Stock Imagery – Congratulations Colorado Governor-Elect John Hickenlooper. Anyone want to lease or buy recent (unpublished/unlicensed) images and/or b-roll video clips of the newest Democratic Colorado Governor? Contact me if you are interested.

created 07/15/2010

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed Carleen Laron for an Antoine du Chez 8-page advertorial in the December 2010 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Charlie Price, Hair. Katelyn Simkins, MakeUp.
*Final layout will be posted after publication.

Images by Cali

Assignment/Tearsheet – Created images and a video introduction of Marvell Wynne of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team for the October 2010 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Watch Intro Video Here


Archive/Behind the Scenes – Traveled to Long Island, Bahama during October of 1997 to create still images and three 2-minute television commercials for a Bolle Sunglasses worldwide advertising campaign. Highlights: Visiting and creating images at the first place Christopher Columbus discovered land, stealing a Hobie Cat and sailing around the dark, scary Caribbean at 3am, almost crashing the plane into the Caribbean because I overloaded it with camera gear, diving for lobsters while location scouting, the “Princess” incident, meeting, dancing and drinking with the locals and so much more!

One of many Contact Sheets – Yes, film baby! Finals were shot on 2 1/4 transparency