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Assignment Outtake – I often comment that I should have been born a little person because during 90% of my photo assignments I find myself lying or kneeling on the floor.  A model/ex-girlfriend of mine would often say, “get off the floor; I hate when you shoot up at me!” Maybe it’s a Helmut Newton influence or a Freudian-slip, but I like the look of a tall, confident woman towering over me. Client: Hooter’s Colorado. Location: Broadway Studios East.

Lara, 2011.

Personal Work – I have had the pleasure of photographing this kid since he was an infant; I can’t wait to photograph him as a young adult. Alright, maybe I can wait … what’s the rush?

Mohawk, 2011.

Comment/Observation – I’m no economist and I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, “a good way of determining the current state of the American economy is by the thickness of Vogue Magazine.” It makes common sense; a better economy equates into more dollars spent on advertising resulting in a thicker, better magazine (better photography and better journalism). Factor in the many phone calls and emails my colleagues and I have received in the last month (compared to the previous 12) and I’d say “things are looking up!” (Art Buyers) call me, let’s have lunch.

400+ pages of high-end advertising

New Technology – I finally jumped on the bandwagon and created a few QR Codes for my photography business. One for my website, one for my phone number and one for my contact information. Now what do I do with these things?

Contact Info – Phone NumberWebsite

Assignment/Barter – Attended and filmed – How Does Your Garden Grow a Clayton Elementary, 1st Grade Program, for my friend Chris and his 5-year old grand daughter. In return, I received a home cooked meal. Rebecca Dynda, Director.

Video Still & BTS iPhone Captures

Just For Fun – I’ve driven by this muffler shop on Evans Blvd. in Denver, Colorado more times than I can remember and only recently stopped to photograph its facade. I’m pretty sure their sign has been “broken” for over half a decade now. The Fu King Chinese Restaurant is located in Lake City, Florida … and well, what can I say, it’s Northern Florida … what do you expect? Fu King image by Deena DeMoro (my sister).

Assignment/Videography – Created high definition video of a thin-film deposition chamber along with a few high tech products for ITN Energy Systems, Incorporated. A special thank you to Paul, Bruce, Brian, Mike and Nicholas.

Video Stills

Time Machine or Liquor Still ?

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed Macoumba “Mac” Kandji of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team for the April 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. A special thank you to Mac, Wayne Brant and Rebecca Payne of the Colorado Rapids organization. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer/Senior Editor.
*Final layout will be posted after publication.

Macoumba Kandji, 2011.

A Warning to Visiting Teams

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Received the honor and privilege of photographing nine of Colorado’s most beautiful women for future HOOTERS Restaurant advertisements. A special thank you to Claire for all her hard work and organization. Sarah Clark, MakeUp. Julie Gallahue, Hair. *Final layouts will be posted after post production.

Kiley & Collette foolin’ around

This Is Only A Test

Behind the Scenes – Bloopers

According to YouTube – this video is most popular with 13 -17 year old males, duh!

Self Promotion – Submitted a Dexter Fowler cover, a Willie B. cover and six of the twenty-four images created for American Crew, MetroBoom and the Colorado Rapids to the Photo District News Call For EntriesPDN Photo Annual 2011. A special thank you to Haas Rock Publications, American Crew, MetroBoom and the Colorado Rapids organization!

Behind the Scenes/Assisting – Set-up and broke-down equipment for Susan Goddard while she created promotional images of Sam Lee for his soon-to-be-released 2011 compact disc. Location: Broadway Studios East.

Behind the Scenes – iPhone Captures

iPhotography – I’ve attended “school” more times over the past month than the entire time I “went to school” in Florida. LOL. Alright, that’s not exactly true and that statement sounds a little creepy. I attended a performance of the Englewood Talent Company and created a few iPhone images afterward. Bravo! Bravo!

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created images of Leslie Stanford for future issues of Herbalife Today Magazine. “Can you set up your equipment, create a cover image, a feature image and a formal business portrait in about three hours?” Yes, yes I can. A special thank you to Leslie and her staff for their patience and the incredible fruit smoothie.
Eric Casanova, 1st Assistant. Julie Gallahue, Hair & MakeUp. *Final layouts will be posted after final publication.

Eric – Standing-In + Julie – Applying Lipstick

Just Messing Around – An interviewer once asked me, “why did you become a photographer.” My response was, “because I can not draw!” Maybe that is one reason I have so much respect for those individuals that can draw and create art.  Is it just me or does the American school system suppress a child’s artistic skills as their education level increases? I view amazing and creative artwork inside elementary schools, the artwork decreases in middle schools and is almost non-existent in most high schools (unless you look inside a Liberal Arts class). I know I am biased, but artist bring a whole lot more to this world (humanity) than a well paid athlete. Example: I enjoyed Michael Jordan, but he’s gone, he’ll never perform again; on the other hand, I love Pablo Picasso’s artwork and will experience his art until the day I die!

ASMPCO Event – (The comments made in this webpost are purely the opinions of Don Cudney and are not necessarily those of the ASMP.) I attended the ASMP Colorado *Pricing Event and was once again blown away by the variation in estimate totals.  $375 to shoot a large advertising campaign that includes assistants and talent? I don’t care if you live at home with mom and dad and shoot with a borrowed camera, there is no way a photographer can stay in business shooting advertising campaigns for $375; in fact, that photographer paid the client just to participate in the project. $500 for 6 corporate headshots? $1,750 for 4 days of catalog photography including assistants and talent? I only pray these low numbers reflect one or two inexperienced photographers that attended the event to further educate themselves about pricing and estimating. Overall, I believe the highs and averages were correct for the Denver market, but it disturbs me that many photographers simply forget to include their “cost-of-doing-business” expenses in their estimates. I will suggest a How To Create An Estimate event for a 2011 ASMPCO event.

Corporate Headshot – High $3,100   Low $ 500   Average $1,641

(6 employees, on-location, hair&mu, additional group image – advertising, regional, 1 year usage)

Corporate Event – High $2,500   Low $ 350   Average $ 930

(4 hours, on-location, candids & table shots – unlimited/exclusive usage)

Architecture – High $7,500   Low $1,200   Average $3,979

(8 interiors & 4 exteriors – advertising,  1 year usage)

Advertising (Portrait) High $4,500 Low $ 375   Average $2,977

(pro athlete, on-location, hair&mu, teammates in background – unlimited, exclusive, 1 year usage)

Advertising (Product)High $6,000 Low $ 500   Average $2,131

(laptop on black surface – advertising, 1 year usage)

Editorial (Portrait) – High $2,750   Low $ 500   Average $826

(environmental portrait – 1 time, non-exclusive, full page, 3 month exclusive usage)

Editorial (Journalism)High $3,600 Low $ 750   Average $1,689

(two day political event – 1 time, non-exclusive, 2 page spread, 3 month exclusive usage)

Annual Report – High $10,000   Low $ 750   Average $4,215

(10 images of employees working in plant – unlimited, exclusive usage for 1 year)

Catalog – High $24,000   Low $ 1,750   Average $9,485

(60 images of athletic clothing on models, hair&makeup – unlimited, exclusive usage for 1 year)

*The purpose of the ASMP Pricing Event is solely to provide education and information, and it is not intended to establish, affect or influence pricing or other business practices.

Tearsheet/Comment – “I’m published, I’m published … now I can stop undercutting established professionals and start charging professional rates. Now I’m a Pro!” “Wait, I need to ‘get paid’ to be a professional, right?” I’m just blowing-off a little frustration over the current state of the commercial photography industry. In reality this is an iPhone image that I submitted to a local news agency website and the image is now featured on the news agencies Home page and was featured on their 6pm newscast (without compensation, of course). Ooops, I peed in the pool didn’t I?

Just For Fun – Dropped-by my girlfriend’s sons’ Montessori school to celebrate his 8th birthday along with a few of his classmates. When we asked what he wanted on top of his cake, he replied, “a snake eating a man!” Thankfully, he settled for a snake eating a bug. The kids loved it … and so did I !

The kids enjoying themselves.

I’m glad somethings never change!

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled to Boulder, Colorado to photograph mixed martial artists, Chaun Sims, Amal Easton and Eliot “The Fire” Marshall for the March 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. A special thank you to Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. *Final layouts will be posted after publication.

Eliot Marshall, 2011.

ASMPCO News – A special thank you to Paul Trantow and Steve Sokolik for their nomination and to all the members that elected me to the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers – Board of Directors. The ASMP is a national organization established in 1944 to promote high standards and ethics in photography, to disseminate information and to further the professional interest of its members through a variety of activities. Today, ASMP has a membership of more than 5,000 of the world’s finest photographers working in corporate/industrial, advertising, journalism, fashion, education, books and film. ASMP plays a vital educational role in the business of photography through meetings, seminars and publications. For more information go to

iPhotography – One thing I hated as a young man growing up in northwest Florida was stepping on all the discarded bottle caps and pull tabs buried in the beautiful and soft beach sand of the Emerald Coast; Stay-tabs replaced most pull-tabs around 1988 in the USA, although many other countries still use pull-tabs today. Everyday amateur treasure hunters with high tech metal detectors dig these items up by the thousands along the beaches of North America. Shame on you America. Shame on you. Bottle caps have always sucked; bring back the corked bottle! Arrr Matey!

Bottle Cap & Pull Top, 2011.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Morgan Oliver, a Denver Nuggets Dancer at The Curtis hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado for the February 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director.
I really dislike (my excuses) being rushed on a photo shoot, but occasionally schedules get crossed or lost; I may have had 15 total minutes with Morgan…if I’d only had 15 more! Excuses, excuses, blah, blah, blah.

Archive/Tearsheet/Comment – There was a time (pre-digital imagery) when freelance catalog photographers grossed over $200,000 a year (not me) photographing nicknacks and chotskies! I know one photographer that was generating at least $300,000 a year in revenue from one client.  Then digital imagery arrived and catalog-houses began to buy their own photography equipment and hire in-house photographers at a *much lower rate. Stylist: Tina Richter. *I blame this trend on the misconception that digital photography is “less expensive” to produce than traditional film photography and I believe this simple ignorance has driven the “value” of our profession down along with our photography fees.

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