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March 2011

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The Good Old Days – I am in the process of moving my home office back into my studio and while shredding some old paperwork I found many receipts from back in the “good old days” of commercial photography.
Editors Note: Good Old Days = processing film while eating a sushi lunch with the client.

Film Processing & Sushi Lunches

Much Needed Break – Treated myself and my girlfriend to a day of snowboarding and skiing at Copper Mountain, Colorado. I am sad to admit this was our first day of “winter life” this season; running a business and attending school can suck the life out of you! Arrrrgggggg.

iPhone captures from Copper Mnt., Colorado. Image of Don by Kelly.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created promotional images for the band FUNKIPHINO on the 18th Floor of the D&F Clock Tower Building located in downtown Denver, Colorado. What a fun bunch of musicians and vocalists. Cheers!
*Final images will be posted after public release.

18th Floor of the D&F Clock Tower Building – Denver

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled down to the Inverness area of metro Denver to photograph Kathleen Sanford, RN, DBA, CENP, FACHE, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer at Catholic Health Initiatives for the cover of an upcoming issue of Leadership Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

It’s Just Business – The primary reason I accepted the nomination and was ultimately elected to the Colorado ASMP Board of Directors was my experience and my devotion to the rights of creatives; although I am already pissing-off ASMP National and many local Chapter members – I like to walk tall and carry a big stick! Check out the Usage Rights a new Denver online publication? is posting on their home page (below). Getting “published” will not pay my rent.

Where do I start ?

Tribute/RIP – There are very few actresses today that exude the sexuality and style that the actresses of the mid-twentieth century exhibited. One woman that solidified my interest in the opposite sex and their incredible beauty was Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011). “What a looker,” my father would comment, “what a looker.”
WOW – Check out those eyes; The Window To Our Soul.

Images by Richard Avedon, Everett Collection and Paramount Pictures.

Assignment – “The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.” – Henry Cartier-Bresson. Photographed a friend of mine named Tony for his website, his Linkedin profile, his Facebook page and his social networking profiles. Yes, he’s Italian; no, he is not a mobster!

My Favorite – His Favorite – “I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you?”

Tony Fiore, 2011.

Location Scout/Behind the Scenes – Visited the corporate offices of Catholic Health Initiatives to perform a location scout for an upcoming cover and feature layout in Leadership Magazine. *BTS images will be posted after production.

198 Inverness Drive West

Archive/Update – I was soooo bummed to hear that Hal Gould is closing The Camera Obscura Gallery in Denver, Colorado on April 30, 2011. For those of you that do not know Hal, run don’t walk to meet him, he’s 91 years of age after all. Much respect, Hal, much respect! Art is in the Artist, not in the medium!”Hal Gould

Hal Gould at The Camera Obscura Gallery (1993)  – during my “funky-tilt” Hasselblad days !

Happy Holiday – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Any excuse to drink (green) beer, right?
Visit your local HOOTERS Restaurant today!

Hooters Outtake

It’s Just Business – Policing (controlling the use of) your images after you release them to a client or subject is an almost impossible job; just one reason I miss the days of original slides & negatives (hard copies)I can not count the number of times my digital imagery has appeared on the internet without my “written permission.” Most of the time it’s an honest mistake, just one of my subjects that was unclear on the Usage Rights Granted, which is in reality – MY FAULT, it was/is my responsibility to educate them and “put it in writing” every time (see IJB post below). The image below was originally created for Waxing the City, a client of Mile High Sports Magazine/Haas Rock Publishing. I allowed the client and publisher 3 months of exclusive usage and the model unlimited Personal usage rights (no advertising). When I realized this image was being used for advertising purposes I could have “freaked out” called the offender(s) and threatened law suits and monetary damages, but I chose to email the model first (the image supplier) and remind her of our agreement and then the advertiser to educate them and “create a new friend instead of an enemy.”
Yes, if this had been Google, I would have sued the pants of them.

Photo Credits & Watermarks distract from good design/imagery and bring the creator
little if any additional work ($$$$) – my 20 years of photo credits talking.

Just For Fun – There are very few non-documentary movies that portray photographers in an honest, realistic way. More often than not, photographers are depicted as *sleeze-bag over jealous artists living an exorbitant lifestyle. The Photographer (2000) is not the best representation of the modern photo industry, but I thought the writing, the cinematography and the message was quite clever. *John Heard plays the “artist living an exorbitant lifestyle.”

Attention Hollywood – ALL male photographers do not grow beards and mustaches – Or do they?Talented “bearded” Photographers. Images stolen from Facebook and posted without permission.

Thank you, Thank you – A special thank you to all the people that have taken time out of their busy lives to visit DONCUDNEYPHOTO Weblog. 30,001 original visits and counting. I still have no idea why many of you “visit” or “follow” my weblog, but THANK YOU, I really appreciate your visits (and so does WordPress and Google analytics) !

Top Search Terms = nuggets – birdman – jane krakowski + Top Referrers = Facebook – Twitter –

It’s Just Business – The first rule of business – clarify EVERYTHING in writing. In consideration of the one-time payment of $_______, Don Cudney Photo/Don Cudney grants ____Subjects Name___ a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the Image(s) Listed Below as-is or in *modified form for personal purposes only. Personal purposes may include all personal printing uses, email, personal websites, scrapbooks and crafts of all kinds, so long as none of these uses are for commercial gain or general advertising. *Modifications are limited to cropping, re-sizing and grayscale conversions only.  No third party rights granted.

#1 – File or Image Name – Date Created – Usage Rights Granted

#2 – File or Image Name – Date Created – Usage Rights Granted

Don Cudney Photo/Don Cudney retains the right to use images from photography session for promotional purposes only and both parties are strictly prohibited by penalty of federal copyright law from sale or any commercial usage of the images unless a written contract is executed prior to the photography session. Removal of any metadata information contained within digital files are a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Signed/Dated: ­­­­_______________________________________________________________________

Just a small fraction of my images currently used for Social Networking

Press Pass – I can’t remember the number of times an authentic or counterfeit Press Pass or Media Pass has allowed me into an event. To this day, I still tell people I work for The Rocky Mountain News  – although the paper has been out-of-print for a few years now. FYI – security at Denver venues isn’t quite that lackadaisical these days!

Behind The Scenes – International Business Machines, Boulder, Colorado. 80301.

Pints & Pixels – Thank you to all the ASMP Colorado members and their guests that attended and participated in the ASMP CO Pints & Pixels event held at Broadway Studios East in Denver, Colorado. Pints & Pixels is a great opportunity to talk shop and share your latest work with your fellow photographers. Attendees may bring up to 10 images (on CD or flash drive) to share in a group presentation. An amazing variety of images from commercial work to personal projects were viewed and discussed while a few new friendships were created. Do not miss the next P&P ! A special thank you Jason Hayes for “answering the door” and to Michael Calanan for organizing images and running the projector.

A Room Full Of Talented Photographers – photo credits: M. Calanan, Wilfred Barraza, Jason Hayes & Peter Wayne

Behind The Scenes – Lighting Services Incorporated (LSI). Stage 2. Cyclorama.

Assignment/Behind The Scenes – Visited the offices of Slaterpaull Architects, Inc. of Denver to create images of Jennifer Cordes, Principle for an upcoming issue of ProAV Magazine. Slaterpaull redeveloped the old Engine House No. 5 fire station in LoDo as its corporate headquarters. Very cool. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Eric = assistant/stylist/man of detail – Fire Helmet – Architectural Scale Model

Assignment/Behind The Scenes – One aspect of living and working in Florida is the extreme heat and I can’t photograph politicians, celebrities and fashion models in board shorts and a tank top.  I thought Colorado would be a welcomed change, but these last couple cold winters may have changed my mind. BBRRRrrrrrrrrr, bring on the heat! I’m kidding the weather in Denver is normally ideal. Traveled to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado to photograph Anthony Wallace of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team. Final layout will appear in the April 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer. A special thank you to Wayne Brant, Rebecca Payne and Anthony Wallace for putting up with the frigid cold weather. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Anthony Wallace, 2011.

It’s Just Business – Creative Fee Vs. Photography Fee. “Don, we want you to create beautiful images of our product (no guidelines).” = Creative Fee. “Don, we want you to photograph our product on white seamless, from overhead, lit from the left side and we’ll supply a stylist.” = Photography Fee. Create an Image or Take a Picture.
*Separate these items on your estimate and/or invoice and most importantly, explain the charges to your client.

Photography Fee Vs. Creative Fee

Personal Work – I was checking out some iPhotography sites the other day and noticed one of them stated “and please keep the Hipstamatic application to a minimum.” I literally laughed out loud! Too funny; I am guilty as charged. But hey, I like Hipstamatic and it’s MY vision right? I suppose I’ve always had an attraction for framing my personal imagery.
Check out – doncudneyiphotos

iPhone Hipstamatic App – 2.25 Holga – 35mm full-frame

Personal/Behind the Scenes – “Dude-you owe me!” I spent the better part of a Friday evening videotaping my buddy’s daughter’s performance in Englewood High School’s – Seussical, the Musical.  I’m only upset because I missed Debra Weiss’ presentation of Working With Ad Agencies that was held at the same time just across town.
Friendship + Obligation = 🙂

Circus McGurkus – Vlad Vladikoff

Tearsheet – The wonderful people over at Hooters Colorado sent me this recent poster layout. I’ve always wondered who photographed those beautiful Hooters girls. That Lucky Bastard. Thank you, Claire.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled to the National Renewable Energy Laboratories campus in Golden, Colorado to photograph Jeffrey M. Baker, Director of Laboratory Operations (DOE) for the cover and a feature layout in the April 11th issue of Engineering News-Record, a McGraw Hill publication. A special thank you to Nadine Post, Editor-at-Large, Dawn Whisler of Haselden and Eric Escudero of the US Department of Energy.
*Tearsheets will be posted after publication.

Rooftop Sunrise – Jeff – Photo Voltaic Cells – Jeff & RSF

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created high definition video and audio of Carlos Castillo which will be used on Denver Cleaning Services & Maintenance Management’s updated website. “Hi my name is Carlos Castillo …”
*Edited video and website link provided after publication.

Poor Man’s Teleprompter – Blue Chroma Key

EDITING – I hate editing my own photography; fortunately most of the time I have a photo editor, an art director or a creative director making those final decisions. It’s only when I have a personal project or I’m allowed more than 30 minutes with a subject that editing becomes a real nightmare or love affair. “Don’t show the same person or subject in too many images …” is always a consideration and I’m always reminded of those “my girlfriend” or “my roommate” images you witness in many photo school portfolios. Best advice: “Don’t put images in your portfolio just because you like it.”

EDITINNG ? — 144 Good Images

ASMP FAP – I finally updated my ASMP Find A Photographer link and then received a rather unexpected email from the ASMP webmaster. “we have temporarily held back several of your images … The reason for this is that normally a photographer does not automatically have the rights to publish, publicly display and/or transmit copies of magazine covers on which his images appears; to do so requires permission from the publisher. If you have the publisher’s permission, please fax us a copy of the permission and email me back so I may add your photo back into your FAP listing.” That’s a first; I just assumed the ASMP would ass-u-me that I wouldn’t “infringe or otherwise violate any copyright, trademark or trade name of another.” Emails have been sent;  I’m glad to see the ASMP is protecting the rights of ALL artists.
* Always included in my Usage Rights Granted – Don Cudney retains
non-exclusive publicity and promotional usage rights to published and unpublished layouts containing any original Don Cudney artwork.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Created images of Eliot “The Fire” Marshall and Chaun “Dynamite” Sims for the March 2011 issue (the Body Issue) of Mile High Sports Magazine. A special thank you to Amal Easton and Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer.

Chaun “Dynamite” Sims

Eliot “The Fire” Marshall

Chaun Sims & Amal Easton

Chaun Sims, 2011.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Macoumba “Mac” Kandji of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team for the April 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. A special thank you to Mac, Wayne Brant and Rebecca Payne of the Colorado Rapids organization. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer/Senior Editor.

Macoumba “Mac” Kandji, 2011.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Amy Rose at The Curtis hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado for a Girl In Your Corner layout in the March 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer.


Pints & Pixels – Pints & Pixels is a great opportunity to talk shop and share your latest work with your fellow photographers. Attendees may bring up to 10 images (on CD or flash drive) to share in a group presentation. Art Buyers, Art Directors and Photo Editors are encouraged to attend! Visit – for more information.

ASMP’s Find A Photographer – The American Society of Media Photographers’ – Find a Photographer website is a search engine to help Art Buyers connect with the most respected photographers in the industry, ASMP members.

Archive/Tearsheet – Spent a few summers and winters back in the *1990s photographing the Vail/Beaver Creek Catalog for Lee Milne Photography and The Catalogues. *The 4×5 film days.