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April 2011

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Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Visited the corporate offices of CH2MHill to photograph CFO Michael Lucki for the June 2011 issue of CFO Magazine. *Final layout and outtakes will be posted after publication.

Tonka Toy – I25 at 2:00pm – LA eat your heart out !

Archive – A client recently contacted me and inquired – “do you ‘do’ product photography.” “Why? Do you got some?” I’ve been known to photograph a product or two, but years of catalog work for Concepts Direct and one too many set of tennis shoes for Gart Sports (now Sports Authority) caused me to abandon the dark studio setting for the bright outdoors and a daylight studio. Although, I still enjoy photographing something that doesn’t move or talk back.

Stock image that “leased” for $3,000 years ago – BUT not anymore!

Archive/Self Promotion – Before the internet existed (thank you Al Gore) there were only a few good ways to contact an Art Buyer and a direct mail piece was one such way – if it wasn’t thrown in a trash bin before it reached the ABs desk. While cleaning out an old drawer at my office I found the Promo Piece posted below. Comment: before the world wide web existed it was primarily the photographers responsibility to “contact” potential art buyers; in 2011, I believe it is the Art Buyers responsibility to know of each and every potential vendor in their immediate area. What’s different now? The internet and Google. Personally, I would make an awesome Photo Editor. Why? Because I know of or have spoken to every decent photographer for a 500 mile radius. I make it my business – and so should a good art buyer or photo editor. No offense art buyers and photo editors – I hope we can still be friends; call me or should I say – bookmark me.

I’ve received a few emails from ABs and ADs confirming my suspicions. “I bookmark all the local photographers that I like and want to work with….I simply can’t open every email I receive – impossible.””I’d prefer to read an updated weblog than actually meet in person.””…search engines have become so crowded I’ve gone back to ‘word of mouth.'” It’s an Art Buyers market.

circa 1995

Enough Is Enough – “Four shoots in exchange for a quarter-page ad? I wouldn’t touch this with a 20-foot pole.”
I’m so tired and very frustrated by the number of excuses photographers use to make themselves feel better for not charging enough or not charging for their services at all. “Exposure & Experience” are the number one and two excuses, but I can give you a long list of experienced and established photographers that will readily admit that shooting jobs for free rarely leads to “bigger & better gigs.” In fact, “labeling” yourself as a inexpensive or free photographer only attracts more low paying assignments (and screws the rest of us). Some of the worst excuses are listed below:

“they give you an opportunity to grow your skills, try something new,
or simply demonstrate that you’re very good at what you do?”

– the worst excuse of all. Grow your skills ? Demonstrate? Are you sure you’re “ready” to go Pro?

“your images make their magazine and sell their magazine, it also promotes your business.”

– True & False. Rarely does a photo credit or layout in a “no budget” magazine lead to more paying assignments.

“(we) must go through that stage (working for free) like a martyr in order to be successful or to be considered credible?”

– Utter Stupidity.

In my opinion – Commercial photographers should only advertise in industry magazines such as Communication Arts, Archive, the Blackbook, and those respected publications do not Trade For Print. The only photographers that “might” benefit from an ad in a local magazine are portrait, wedding, baby and dog photographers. Photographers that place ads in local magazines and/or have “courtesy of” next to their name – appear desperate; again – in my opinion.

Visit – F-You_Pay Me!

Archive/Behind the Scenes – Found a large stack of Behind the Scenes images while moving my home office back into my photography studio. (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Women & Motorcycles, Lincoln & Tina at Concepts Direct, Catalog in Florida, Depth of Field, Bournemouth, England, the Broncos Vs. the Dolphins, Light Meter, Get Outta the Road, American Furniture Warehouse Bengal Tiger, Sharpshooters in Vail.

It’s Just Business – Denver Magazine is no more. One way to beat the competition – buy them. Yep – 5280 Magazine has acquired key assets from Denver Magazine, which shut down early on April 19, 2011. Best wishes to the creative team  – many of whom I’ve worked with in the past.

Small sample of the layouts created for Denver Magazine over the last three years

Assignment – Attended ground breaking ceremonies for the new Lowry/Stapleton location of the Montessori Children’s House of Denver. Has anyone else noticed how kids have become acclimated to “the presence of a camera.” What am I saying? In the past, Kids (people in general) shied away from a camera, but now a days I find children and adults – stop, pose and smile. I hate it! What happened to the decisive moment? I literally witnessed a newspaper photographer “direct” a 6 month old baby – “turn your head – eyes this way – smile.” Arrrrgggggg.

Give kids a pile of dirt and see what happens – who needs xbox and wii  ?

It’s Only Business – I was marketing online (wasting time right?) when I read this very interesting post by one of my Agency friends. The perils of online marketing. “I’ve now received over 300 very angry … emails.”

Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent

Self Promotion – Created a free DON CUDNEY PHOTO listing at ADBASE’s
Check out –

Behind the Scenes – Found a large box of Press Credentials the other day while cleaning out my home office.
Why I keep all of these credentials; I’ll never know.

Published Work – An image that I created for Jill Hodges is now appearing on the Silver Spur Productions website.

Behind the Scenes – I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag (whatever that means) and I can’t always afford a graphic artist or storyboard illustrator to get my concept across to a potential client, photo subject or location manager. Man, I really wish I could draw something more creative than stick figures on napkins.

Thankfully StoryBoard Quick exists – sample of a current video project

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed Pablo Mastroeni of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team for the May 2011 (Golf) issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. A special thank you to The Club at Pradera for their hospitality.
*Final layout and behind the scenes video will be posted after publication.

Archive/Behind the Scenes – I’ve received hundreds of behind the scenes pictures of me over the years, but my favorites have always included or were taken by my mother. I love you Mom – and I miss my Sinar 4×5, my Mamiya RZ and most of all – you. May you all rest in peace!

MOM as my Supporter, Producer, Subject, Assistant and Camera Woman.

Just For Fun – In case you have a life and weren’t at home watching Saturday Night Live.

Visit – Perspectives Photo Studio

Tearsheet – Traveled to the National Renewable Energy Laboratories campus in Golden, Colorado to photograph Jeffrey M. Baker, Director of Laboratory Operations (DOE) for the cover and a feature layout in the April 11th issue of Engineering News-Record, a McGraw Hill publication. A special thank you to Nadine Post, Editor-at-Large, Dawn Whisler of Haselden and Eric Escudero of the US Department of Energy.

Cover Outtakes

Archive?/Tearsheet – Received a call from the young men at Colorado State University’s Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity to create images for their 2011-2012 Dreamgirls calendar; the last three calendars have been a lot of fun to photograph. This years theme is Pink Pillow Fight. I can’t wait! Check out this years calendar below.


Just For Fun – I like creating iPhone images because 99 % of my commercial work is “manipulated” in one form or another and involve expensive photography equipment, hair stylists, makeup artists, art directors and so forth. My iPhone images are one or two pictures “snapped” during the routine of my boring day; nothing special, just me and my phone? my camera? my address book? my digital companion? whatever. Check out –

Furry Burry & Beach Barbie

Assignment/Tearsheets – Photographed the beautiful Jenna for an April 2011 Girl In Your Corner layout in Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Location: The Curtis Hotel, Denver, Colorado.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Braved 50 mph wind gusts to photograph Pablo Mastroeni and Brian Mullan of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team for upcoming issues of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Producer & Softbox Wrangler. *Final layouts will be posted after publication.

Behind the Scenes Video

Commentary – As a true believer in promotion through Social Media I always bite my lip when a colleague laughs at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a marketing tool. If you’re under the age of forty-five chances are – you visit one of these social media websites on a daily basis. Now I admit – I’ve never bought anything from Facebook or Twitter, but I have visited and bookmarked websites that my Facebook Friends & Twitter Followers recommended. Social Media accomplishes what a $2,000,000 television commercial can not – word of mouth.

Assignment – Created images of Darren Nakos and Kevin Medina for the Resort Reality Capital website and future promotional materials. *Layouts will be posted after publication.

Kevin & Darren

Tearsheet – An advertisement for the 2011 Ms. HOOTERS Colorado contest that is currently running in WESTWORD Magazine, a Village Voice Media publication and a source of information for news, music, movies, restaurants, events, prostitutes and medical marijuana in the Denver area.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created high definition video of Zach Karl, Madison Gutherie and John Gillette during the Ready To Blow Spring Break concert held at the Gothic Theater. Note: It appeared there were as many videographers and photographers in attendance as there were actual concert goers. This event was covered!

iPhone Capture

Press Pass & Video Stills of Zach, Madison & John.

Warning: Bad Audio – Synchronisation in Post Production

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed my friend and colleague Jill Hodges for her audition portfolio and for a Peacemaker Whiskey advertisement. *Final images will be posted after post production.

Tearsheet – Traveled up to Fort Collins, Colorado to photograph Jen Eichhorn, waxing queen & owner of The Screaming Peach – for the April 2011 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.


Tearsheet – Traveled down to Colorado Springs, Colorado to create images of Brian Meyer, a professional firefighter and paramedic for the Success Story article in the April 2011 issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine.


Tearsheet/Outtakes – Photographed Anthony Wallace of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team for the the April 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer. A special thank you to Wayne Brant, Rebecca Payne and Anthony Wallace for putting up with the frigid cold weather that day.

Anthony Wallace, 2011.



Tearsheet – It appears my images and Nick Heckman’s layout of Amy Rose and Mac Kandji went over well with readers last month. Keep the fan mail coming!

Archive/Tearsheet – Created images of Rich Johnson, one of the top benefit brokers for the April/May 2003 cover of Benefits Selling Magazine. Michelle Galin, Art Director.