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Video Work – Video sample from a recent project for KontagiousLaunch Advertising and LiveWell Colorado. The entire video production was created using the Canon 7D utilizing Zeiss Prime Lenses.  Joe Stevens, Director. Ryan McCoy, Director of Photography. Jeff Lewis, 1st Art Director. Don Cudney, 1st Assistant Cameraman.

Barter/Trade – I am a true believer in bartering and trading for possessions and services. “So Donny – what’s it going to cost me to have you attend my youngest daughters high school graduation?” “Ahi-Poke sounds great.”

I just had to (laugh) add the image of the photographer snapping and “chimping;”
it’s not like they’re going to get another chance, right?

“Sir – Is this your child?” Just-In getting drug away by Englewood’s Finest.

Just For Fun – I have searched high and low, contacted every living relative, but I can not find an image of me, 10 years of age or younger, holding a camera. I guess my Dad never trusted me enough to hold the camera – only to press the shutter. The image posted below is of my friends granddaughter giving me “photo tips” during my last photojournalist assignment (her Aunt’s graduation). “Donny, stop moving the camera.””Why is it blurry?””Can you get me closer?””I said ‘Stop moving the camera!'” Bless her heart – she’ll make a great Director one day.

iPhone Capture

Updated iPhotography Site – Recently updated my iPhotography site with an image I took while walking my friends grandchild to her last day of school on a beautiful Colorado summer morning.

Assignment – “Don – I realize we only negotiated 5 images, but there are some 100 that I like and want to use.”
Mission Accomplished. Received Client Approval on a few of my favorites.

Robert Martin of Midtown Manhattan

Portfolio Review Part 2 – I learned a big lesson while on a recent portfolio review at a major ad agency. DO NOT USE an iPad unless you’re absolutely sure the damn thing won’t crash and that your “viewing” application is as basic as “touch and swipe.” (and at that point – why not just lug in a 24″ HD monitor and display your images like they should be – BIG.) The only “app” that didn’t crash and didn’t look “cheap” was Rob Haggart’s application for APhotoFolio – and you MUST have a APhotoFolio website to use that application. In my opinion – until someone develops an APP that incorporates our BTS video, has hot buttons and much faster, much easier navigation – I’ll stick with my 8.5×11 book of tearsheets and start publishing my own 11×14 hard cover books (which often end up in the reception area of many ad agencies).
*and don’t bring Mochi Ball Ice Cream for the ADs on a day that the Agency hired an “Ice Cream Vendor.”

I like, not love – PadFolio – The other apps made me want to kill my iPad

Portfolio Review – Dan Shrock, David Clifford, Laura Siebert (on location in St Louis), Ethan Welty (on location in Alaska) and I spent about 90 minutes trying to convince the art directors at The Integer Group/Denver to “hire me, hire me” or should I say “hire us, hire us.” This was the first of many Portfolio Reviews that Denver-area Wonderful Machine photographers will be conducting over the next 18 months. A special thank you to Julie Bassignani, Associate Art Producer at The Integer Group/Denver for her time and patience. If you would like your Agency added to our Portfolio Review, please contact me as soon as possible at 303 282 4654.

The Review. ©Don Cudney

Integer’s Art Wall – Is your work on it? ©David Clifford

ASMP CO – If you missed the Rob Haggart Social Media event at Denver Pro Photo – well, you missed the best damn social media presentation ever! This sounds arrogant, but I am sick and tired of phone calls from so-called Social Media Experts that know less than I and have “experienced” much less than I. Rob Haggart lives and breathes social media – I’ll trust his experience and knowledge. Not only did Rob confirm many of the social media marketing techniques that I use, but he also provided several examples of photographers that have gained success (and celebrity) through their social media. Unfortunately, many of Rob’s examples became popular because they “teach photography” rather than “create photography.” And again – unfortunately, MY demographic/target audience are Art Buyers not other photographers or weblog sponsors (although sponsors would PAY ME money).
A special thank you to Rob Haggart and the some 60+ people who attended.

Crappy Point & Shoot Images – Better Images

DONCUDNEYPHOTO Websites & Weblogs – Check out my new DONCUDNEYPHOTO WEBLOG iPad Site.
Looks pretty cool and the navigation is quite simple.


Behind the Scenes – Anyone that works with me or knows me personally, quickly realize – I love equipment cases. I have a case for just about everything in my life. “Don has cases for cases!” – Anonymous 1st Assistant. Therefore – it was no surprise when I created an “on-location (wireless) monitor kit” for myself and my crew. Wish I could take credit for the design, but I stole/borrowed this idea from another cinematographer.

1. Case in Transit 2. Case on Table 3. Open Case 4. Laptop Storage 5. Wireless HDMI 6. HDMI Switcher/APC Power

7. Open Case 8. Mirrored Monitors (22″ & 15″) 9. Separate Monitors 10. Wireless HDMI Receiver on external HD monitor 11. Wireless HDMI Transmitter – Desktop 12. 24″ External HDMI HD monitor 13. Wireless HDMI Transmitter – Camera 14. Displaying Desktop & Live Video 15. Directors Monitor (wireless) 16. Video Setup

Almost Forgot. 17. iPad running Remoter VNC

Portfolio Review – Whenever I put together a portfolio of images, I am reminded of my graduating class in art school. “Cool portfolio. I like the embossing.” “Oh Yeah?” “What do you think of the images?” Fact is – your book can cost $1,000+, but if your images suck – you’re never going to get hired; the same holds true for a website. I have a portfolio review this week at Integer Group and to be honest – I haven’t shown “a book” in person for over 5 years. In fact, the last time I sent my books to New York (last month) they were cheap 8.5×11 portfolios from the local art store full of tearsheets and business cards; alright for publications – awful for ad agencies. “Bring an iPad, some leave behinds and lots of sweet treats for the ADs” was the advice I was given by an ad agency staff photographer. Wish me luck!

Steve Jobs shows off one of my images on the iPad. ©Manipulated & Posted without permission.

DON CUDNEY PHOTO – Leave Behind Promo

Tearsheet – Don’t miss the Rockstarz Showcase, Friday, June 3rd at 8pm – Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret.

It’s Just Business? – Nothing’s changed! I realize that sounds a little harsh; but the “act” of stealing someones intellectual property and profiting from that theft – hasn’t changed. In fact, the “issue” has become increasingly worse with each generation of artists. Most of us weren’t even born (1960) when Alberto Korda was taken advantage of by a so called friend – “Korda later gave the picture to an Italian publisher, who … made it into a poster … which sold millions … Korda never got a penny.” – Time/Life. For over 50 years, organizations such as the ASMP and the APA have tried tirelessly to educate and protect photographers from this type of copyright abuse. BUT – much like teaching today’s youth – you can’t teach those that are not listening. Please – stop, listen and learn … before another 50 years pass by.

Korda’s image of Guevara was also used on a Cuban Peso Bank Note.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Received a call from Karin Erickson, Production Supervisor to work as 1st AC (stills) on a Kontagious production for Launch Advertising and LiveWell Colorado. The entire video production was created using the Canon 7D utilizing Zeiss Prime Lenses. The stills were created using a Canon 5D MKII (better resolution at 400ISO).  Joe Stevens, Director & Still Photographer. Ryan McCoy, Director of Photography. Jeff Lewis, 1st AD.
*Final spot will be posted after post production and public release.

Lighting Services Incorporated – Stage 2

iPhone BTS Images

Personal Work – One really cool aspect of my career is that I get to meet (and photograph) a lot of creative and talented people; people that are not scared to show their character, their talent or their style.
Joe and Tomoko Stevens of Kontagious in North Hollywood, California.

60 seconds with Joe & Tomoko

Just For Fun – I can’t tell you the number of Photo Guidelines that I receive from Publishers that state: Do Not Photograph Our Subject Behind A Desk or In Front Of A Bookcase. Do Not Photograph Them Holding A Cell Phone or PDA. I’d have to agree, but what ever happened to the Employee Portrait created “in environment.”

My Mother & Father working at Food Machinery & Chemical. circa. 1957. ©Photographer Unknown

Personal Work – There are many times when I am out on location creating images for a paying client and I’ll encounter a “great subject” to photograph for a personal project. Location: LoDo alleyway between 15th and 16th Aves.

Smoke Break, 2011.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created promotional images of Steve Martin this past weekend. NO – not THE Steve Martin, Steve Robert Martin – Robert for short. Robert is moving to Midtown Manhattan and needed new images that reflect his new Big City persona. *Final images will be posted after post production and client approval.

Studio Location

Just For Fun – According to Miller’s Lab, Don Cudney is not a professional photographer (That’s 20 years just being a full time photographer not making a living any other way. I say that because that’s how I define being a photographer. -Chris Buck). LOL.  I guess if a photographer doesn’t resell prints, they are not considered a professional. Alright, I’m not that naive, I understand the Portrait & Wedding business, but I thought Miller’s message was a little – out of touch.
I’ll take my business to Modern Postcard thank you!

The last line should read – Not a Portrait & Wedding photographer? Visit …

Self Promotion – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME !!!! This is the first and last time I will ask my Weblog Followers to VOTE online. Photo District News is a prestigious industry magazine and a great way to get International exposure. Please vote for my Colorado Rapids Series.
Image 1 =
Image 2 =
Image 3 =

Just For Fun – In response to a recent ASMP National contract issue, A fellow ASMP CO Board Member (that will remain anonymous) came up with this great T-Shirt idea at our last ASMP event. Check out – I’m With Don.

ASMP CO Event – A special thank you to Angela Mateus and Amy of Artists Creative Agency for putting on A Photographer’s Self-Promotion Pep Talk at the Battery 621 building. The event attracted some 30+ attendees and many forms of modern self promotion were covered in the discussion.

Image by ©Michael Calanan

Social Media – One of the only reasons I like Facebook’s “someone commented on your image” notifications are that you can track people that are looking at  – and driven to comment on your images; even if it was the MakeUp Artist. LOL.

Tearsheet – A couple images from my yearly RockStarz photo shoot are currently being used to promote an upcoming Lannie’s ClockTower Cabaret event. Megan Savage, Creative Director.

DCP Update – I’m A Portrait Photographer. There – I said it. For the past twenty years, I’ve been trying to convince myself that I was an Advertising, an Editorial (portrait) and a Fashion photographer (in Denver photographers shoot everything). But the fact is – I’m good at and drawn to Portrait Photography. Yes – portrait photography can blend with Advertising and with Fashion, but you’d honestly have to pay me (a lot of $$$$$) to create images of athletes running through a field, couples interacting at a table and products set in remote, ethereal places. I’m just not that “motivated” to create those type of images. Boo Hoo – I know, but if “it” doesn’t have eyes and give me “eye contact, ” my motivations are more often driven by money (paying the rent) than by creating a great image for my portfolio.
Check out this great BTS video of Stefan Ruiz.

Henry, Eat Pussy. ©Don Cudney.

It’s Just Business – Subject: ASMPs “in perpetuity” Photo Contest terms. As a Board Member of the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers I can not talk harshly of the organization without risking – expulsion (I’m so close already), BUT I can reprint what MANY of my industry colleagues are commenting.

So let me get this straight: It’s ok if it is a photo competition run by the ASMP, but not the rest of the World? And it’s ok to sign a contract for “rights in perpetuity” if it’s the ASMP but not the rest of the World? And it’s ok to not be specific about the usage of that image but not the rest of the World? One word: HYPOCRITE. You cannot preach outside the right side of your mouth about photographers being taken advantage of and then do that exact thing out the left side of your mouth. If you stand for the first but it’s ok for you to violate what you stand for, then how the hell do you maintain credibility in your sphere of relevance?” – Name withheld.

Tearsheet/WebPage – Photographed Jennifer Cordes, Principle at Slaterpaull Architects, Inc. of Denver for the March/April 2011 issue of ProAV Magazine. I haven’t received a printed issue yet (and may not), but I found this image posted on their website. I only receive about seventy-five percent of the editorial work I create.


iPhotography – I recently moved out of a 3 bedroom home in order to downsize and save some much need money. One of many items that I’ll miss is an original 1955 circular lamp. I found a Rubber Ducky hiding underneath a bathroom sink. Barbie and I have had a thing for years. Visit –

It’s Just Business – If you are a member of the ASMP, the APA or a Getty Images photographer you’ve already heard about the new terms that Getty is “forcing upon” their contract photographers. Seventeen years ago I was working for Index Stock Imagery, a New York-based stock imagery resource; at the time, stock imagery was flourishing and photographers were buying houses and traveling the world – life was good. Then – much like what’s occurring today – a small group of photographers decided to – “lease their images and provide their services for a quarter of their worth.” Seventeen years later those photographers are now out of business and they have created a massive landslide in pricing. I fear assignment photography is following the path of stock imagery because many photographers with low self esteem or lack of business experience are charging little if anything for their services and the use of their imagery.

Photo Representation – After hours of stress (what to include?/what to exclude?) and $75 dollars in FED EX shipping, I finally have a couple 8.5 x 11 inch portfolios making the rounds in New York City. First stop Maxim Magazine.

What To Include ? – What To Exclude ?

ASMP Colorado Update – Upcoming ASMP Colorado May 2011 events – that you must not miss!
A Photographer’s Self-Promotion Pep Talk & Social Media for Photographers.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Created images of Leslie Stanford for the cover and feature layout in Herbalife TODAY Magazine. Eric Casanova, 1st Assistant. Julie Gallahue, Hair & MakeUp.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Pablo Mastroeni of the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team for the May 2011 (Golf) issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director.

Pablo – Outtakes

Archive/Tearsheet – Had the pleasure of photographing Gary DiGiorgio, CRS for the May/June 2005 issue of The Residential Specialist Magazine.