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August 2011

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Just For Fun – My niece recently acquired an iPhone and text me to ask – “what are the best photo apps for the iPhone?” As a full-time, live-breath-and-eat imagery kind of guy – you would think I know all the “best” iPhone apps – but I don’t. My four favorites are: (L-R)  Old Photo ProTilt Shift GeneratorFace Melter & Hipstamatic.
*If you know of any cool iPhone Photo Apps – please email me with the link.

Assignment/Behind The Scenes – Whether you believe it or not a full day of commercial photography is brutal; add-in a full day of commercial videography and those ingredients make for a very long – but very productive day. I’d tell you what we photographed and captured on digital video – but then I’d have to kill you. Client: GE

iPad Slate

Kicking-It In The Clean Room

Don Cudney, Photographer & Hand Model

Tearsheet – Spent an hour playing volleyball (and photographing) a team of HDR architects for the August 2011 issue of Architect Magazine. Location: Washington Park, Denver, Colorado.

Assignment – Created high definition video using the popular Canon 5D Mark II – High Definition Digital (Video) Single Lens Reflex camera at the Chill Party 2011, a Kevin Larson Production. One thing that sucks about filming an event with one of these HDDSLRs is the fact everyone believes they are a still camera – “hey camera dude – take our picture.” “Sorry – I’m actually capturing video with this camera.” “Really? That’s a video camera?” *The LitePanel Hybrid = might help switching from continuous light to strobe , but even this product is not a perfect fix. Special Note: two cameramen captured 3 hours of footage while one producer/editor editing the footage into a 10 minute corporate video for presentation the next morning – 8 hours later. Talk about a deadline – wow!

A Cool Hallway – Media Pass – The Disco

Mixing Business With Pleasure – Met with the Colorado Rapids to discuss a possible Gallery and Gala photo exhibition of my Colorado Rapids Player Portraits and while I (we) were at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park – we attended the Colorado Rapids Vs. Chivas USA soccer match which ended in a tie.

72 Hour Film Challenge – Participated in the 72 Hour Film Challenge (Denver) and filmed scenes for a short film called The Tuesday Night Righting Club, a Pretty Monkey Productions, Rodney Wilson, Producer & Director. There is nothing like filming fight sequences at 3am in the morning inside an underground parking garage in downtown Denver.
“No worries, we’re just creating a film – don’t call the cops – everything is fine.”

Second Location. ©Don Cudney

View from 100 Park Avenue, Denver, Colorado.

ASMP CO – Attended the Bill Bachmann – Stock Is Not Dead event at the Denver Press Club and I have to say – “stock is not dead – for Bill Bachmann.” Yes, even Bill’s stock sales are down from last year and the year before, but Bachmann is “surviving” and generating Rights Managed images – daily. What’s the difference between Mr. Bachmann and myself/yourself ?  – thirty plus years of creating stock photography and most of all – thirty years of generating sales; remember – agencies like to make money. Most of us are lucky to be represented by one agency; Bill is represented by 18 and has no exclusive contact with any of them. Lesson Learned – if you are a “great photographer” and can create and distribute (on a monthly basis) – great stock photography – you just might make a living at it or at least some residual income.  Demand non-exclusive use and demand nothing less than $50 an image – easier said than done for the majority of us (part-time stock shooters) Side Note: back in the mid-1990s, I worked for a stock agency called Stock Imagery that was based here in Denver, Colorado – at that time, I was selling Mr. Bachmann’s images for 10s of thousands of dollars – yes, he is one of the top three stock shooters in the world – who wouldn’t want to represent him?

A stock image that, in the past, generated about $500 a month.
*I need to reshoot with a modern Wi system or Xbox. ©Don Cudney

Assignment – Created images and a short video interview of a well-known and respected Colorado restaurateur for the October 2011 cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. *Tearsheet and Video Interview will be posted after publication date.

Just For Fun – The Rocky Mountains are the one and only reason that I live in Colorado.Why else would someone live here? Unfortunately, the busier I become – the less I get to enjoy this beautiful scenery.

Castle Mountain, 2011. ©Don Cudney

Wellington Lake, Colorado

ASMP CO – One of my images of Marvell Wynne is now appearing on a new ASMP Colorado (bookmark) promo piece

Assignment – Visited the home of Lee Alpert to create an executive portrait and a few exterior images of his home for upcoming promotional materials. Agency: Strada.

Assignment/Behind The Scenes – Spent the afternoon photographing Colorado Rapids, Tyrone Marshall and Drew Moor for upcoming issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final Layouts and BTS Video will be posted after publication.

Tyrone’s Shoes & Drew’s Globe

2011 Denver 48 Hour Film Project – Attended the premiere screening of WORKThe Denver 48 Hour Film Project that I help create. We won’t know until September whether the film won the Audience Award or not, but I’ll try to post WORK as soon as possible (the Director wants a re-edit). Of the 11 films that I viewed – WORK has – by far – the best production value from conception and creation to it’s editing and delivery. I’m proud to have been a part of this short film.

The Marque, the Poster, the Producers.

Camera Assistant – Don Cudney

Video Still from Credits Roll

Assignment/Behind The Scenes – Participated in The Denver 48 Hour Film Project and helped Pretty Monkeys Productions create a short film called – WORK. Check out some BTS images below and please make sure to attend the premiere this Sunday, August 7 at The Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado.

“I Knew It.” ©Don Cudney

Warehouse Location. ©Don Cudney

Location Number One.

Location Number Two

Rodney Wilson, Writer/Director/Actor

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Caleb Folan for the August 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.
Nick Heckman, Art Director.

Caleb Folan – Aiko ©Don Cudney

Caleb Folan – Goofin’ Around ©Don Cudney

+ Tears – Also appearing in the August 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine = one image of Robin Carlin for her monthly Watch List article and an image of Anthony Wallace for an article entitled Boyz & Their Toyz.
Nick Heckman, Art Director.

Assignment/Behind The Scenes – Spent two days at four beautiful locations with ten of Hooters Colorado’s finest ladies. Wish I could share more, but you’ll (we’ll) have to wait until December 2011 to see the final images laid out in the 2011 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. A special thank you to the ladies, the locations and the crew. Great work, ya’ll. *Final layout and behind the scenes video will be posted after publication.

On Location at Red Rocks Park with Client, Crew and Talent.

Personal Work – Sometimes – it’s just who you know. It just so happens – my girlfriend is good friends with the mother of Rachel Lay. Yes, the Rachel Lay of VH1’s Saddle Ranch.

Rachel Lay, 2011. ©Don Cudney

Just Sayin’ – I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard a person comment – “You must have a fantastic camera!” I realize – these people mean no harm and are honestly asking – “you must have a fantastic camera (?) – because you take such good (professional) pictures.” They intend no harm, but unintentionally – push my buttons.

Just For Fun – I meet some of the “coolest” people on assignment/location. I wish I had some proper lighting (strobe) on hand for these images (I was creating video at the time), but for dirty warehouse lighting these images came out  – alright. I may re-shoot if the location is still available.

Sabrina Mullins ©Don Cudney, 2011.

Archive/Tearsheet – Back in 1998(?) I (we) created an entire ad campaign – billboards, catalogues, sales tags, point-of-purchase posters – you name it – we created it – for Caretek Industries and Timberline Colorado. If you’ve ever bought an inexpensive fleece product from Sam’s or CostCo chances are it was created by Timberline Colorado.
Graphic Design by Ian Serff. Heather Hill, model.