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September 2011

Posted: 09/27/2011 in Webpost

Just A Picture – One of my drunk friends (she’s not drunk all the time) asked me – “what’s your favorite picture – you know – that you’ve taken?” And although I was a little inebriated at the time – I thought for a minute and replied – “the last picture that I created.” That response wasn’t 100 percent true, but it was about 95 percent accurate. I don’t take pretty pictures and the images that I do create – I probably like for different reasons than you’d think; difficulty to produce, the way it was used in a layout, a behind the scenes memory – those are usually the things that get me excited about an image. I know – I’m a boring photographer.

“I love it. This image ‘says everything’ we wanted to convey about Tech Support.” – The Art Director.

Photo Assisting – Helped out my buddy and colleague Jim Yost on a photo shoot for an undisclosed business in the medical industry – is that vague enough?

BTS with Jim Yost Photography

Just For Fun – I have photographed this cat since he was a kitten (visit link) and never once has he asked me for a commission, print or CD; just love and lots of treats.

Fritz,2011. ©Don Cudney

Personal Work – I think Photo Editors, 1st Assistants and MakeUp Artists have their picture taken more often than any model, celebrity or politician on Earth. “Yo – Nick. Stand behind that piece of tape for me – would ya?”

Nick Heckman, Art Director/Photo Editor. ©DonCudney/Nick Heckman

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Visited the Colorado Avalanche’s training center (again) to photograph Semyon Varlamov, Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Peter Mueller, Jan Hejda, Erik Johnson and Milan Hejduk for an upcoming issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

BTS Images by ©Michael Martin

Showing Semyon – THE Shot. (video still)

Don to Peter Mueller – “Do me a favor and scream – FUCK – into the camera lens.” (video still)

A Sneak Peek. Shhhhhhh.

Don Cudney’s iPhotography – Updated my iPhotography website recently. Check it out.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Visited the Colorado Avalanche’s training center at the Family Fun Center in Centennial, Colorado to photograph Kyle Quincey, Matt Duchene, David Jones, Ryan O’Reilly, Gabriel Landeskog, and Paul Stastny for an upcoming issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.
Wonderful Machine – It took a bit of poking and prodding, but I finally convinced Wonderful Machine to list me under Portraiture on their website. I mean really – what is it that I get hired to do 90 percent of the time – portraits. Thank you Wonderful Machine – keep up the great work – and keep the clients coming!

Tearsheet – Photographed former Denver Bronco Matt McChesney for the September 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer. Watch the Behind the Scenes video here.

Matt McChesney, 2011. Outtake. ©Don Cudney

Photo Contest – I don’t normally enter “photo contests,” (I participate in the biggest photo contest of them all – everyday – it’s called the business of commercial photography) but Chimera is a local company, a great product and a sponsor of the Colorado ASMP – so what the heck? I’m not sure what the winning content contributor will win – maybe it’s a Overhead F2 Lightbank. Please – Vote for my submission here.

Web Work – It’s kind of a “cool” feeling when I am shopping (online or offline) and encounter images that I created. I was recently surfing the internet looking for a new apartment and found this listing for Bridgwater Apartments. “Wanna see my portfolio? Go to Albertson’s.” – a friend of mine that designs product packaging for Proctor & Gamble.

Video Projects – Pretty Monkey Productions have posted their 2011 Denver 48 Hour Film Project (WORK) and the 2011 Denver 72 Hour Film Challenge (The Tuesday Night Righting Club) short films that I help create by acting as 3rd Camera Unit, 1st AC, Grip/Gaf and Production Assistant. Rodney Wilson, Director.

Assignment/Video – Attended the wedding of Jake & Sarah Salazar in Cherry Hill$, Colorado and created high definition video (and a few stills) for Josh Gold & MyCreativeDept.

A few stills.

A few video stills.

da PhotoBooth

Personal Project – Never – in my wildest dreams did I ever believe that marijuana would be grown (legally) inside huge warehouses and distributed at dispensaries throughout Denver – never.  But heck – a naked woman causes more controversy in Colorado than a warehouse full of “dope.” * I had to strip naked, give a blood sample and pass a lie detector test just to create these two images.

“Come back in 6 weeks – You’ll get better images then” – Head Horticulturist

Just For Fun- Sam Abell is one of the only photographers that I know of that can talk about the pursuit of photography without sounding like a stoned hippy from the sixties. Great interview and great guy. “Compose and Wait.”

Signed copy of Stay This Moment

Tearsheet – Photographed Tyrone Marshall of the Colorado Rapids during practice and at home grilling up some Jerk Chicken for the September 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Doug Ottewill, Producer.

©Tyrone Marshall, 2011.

Image Reuse – “Hi Don, Hoping that you still have this image somewhere! We need it to run in PLANADVISER September-October ’11 (see attached PDF to show usage.) The file name is, ‘Round Table_0087.jpeg’, and we need a file that’s 5″ in width. I’ll get back to you if I can find the date that this Round Table occurred! I think it was in April 2009. Reuse fee is $ XXX. Can you please send me an invoice via email? Thanks! Yours, AD”

©Don Cudney

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Helped Josh Gold, Director & Executive Producer – produce a music video for Havok by operating a camera jib, directing a second camera unit, lugging gear and supplying a 2000watt generator at 4am in the morning. Rodney Wilson, Producer & Camera Operator. Kelso Kubat, SteadyCam Operator. Kristen Dalleske, MakeUp Artist & Costume Designer. * Video will be posted after public distribution.

Havok – In MakeUp

Video Still

FilmTools Car Rig

Moe’s Bar-B-Que & Bowling Alley

Tearsheets – Photographed Steven R. Gould for the cover and a feature story in the September 2011 issue of Vetrepeneur Magazine. Location: Golden, Colorado. We have never done a B/W cover before. So you are setting a trend!”

Archive/Tearsheet – Cover of the Linda Anderson Catalogue for Concepts Direct, September 2000.
I honestly can’t remember the bears name.