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October 2011

Posted: 10/31/2011 in Webpost

Just For Fun – Photo Proof that Steve Jobs was from another world – the future – light years ahead of his time – whatever. Steve Jobs created what Gene Roddenberry envisioned decades before. Thank you Stevie ! Happy Halloween.

Alien sporting an Apple iPhone

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created pin-up style images of three American soldiers Sara Fletcher, Bethany Fehringer & Ana Lau for the Colorado Army National Guard and the Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.
*Final layout and behind the scenes video will be posted after publication.

Sara, BTS Video Still – Bethany & Anna, Outtakes

Photography 101 – I honestly do not create these posts to piss anyone off or insult anyone’s hard work, skills and talents; I’m just a realist living in a world driven by profit; in other words – “It’s Just Business.” Ever since I made a comment on my weblog and the ASMP Leadership Thread about part-time photographers not really “existing” – I’ve received numerous emails from students, emerging photographers and ASMP General Members asking me – “well then Don – how would you classify me?” See the chart below:

*I included Part Time, but I still think that is a stupid term created by photo organizations to increase membership.
Whether a photographer “works” one hour a week or eighty hours a week – they are a photographer.
If they have another (better) job – good for them!

Industry Crap – These type of stories are nothing new to the photo or video industry it’s just craigslist has made it a whole lot easier for these predators to find their victims. I tell all potential models – only work with known and respected talent agencies and photographers because these days everyone is a photographer!

Link to Video

Unsolicited Recognition – It never gets old hearing or reading that someone, especially the model, is praising your imagery so many years after it’s creation. Model: Andrea Thompson. Location: Tulum, Mexico. Client: Colorado Crush.

Pro Bono – Attended and photographed the Montessori Children’s House of Denver’s 7th Annual International Day Celebration. I rarely work for free (read above post) unless it’s a true non-profit, creates realistic advancement in my career or it’s for a family member or close friend. I guess I’d have to say this assignment is just one way of ensuring my (girlfriends) little boy receives a quality education. My pleasure.

View a SmugMug Image Gallery and Purchase Prints & Merchandise at MCHD 7th Annual International Day Celebration

Red Curtain – John Goodman of KTCL 93.3FM – Brazil – Mexico – India – Spain

Very Bright – Very Talented Children

International Cuisine

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created images of Connor Martin of the Colorado Mammoth for Jackson’s Bar and the 2011 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout and BTS video will be posted after publication.

BTS Video Still

Self Promotion – I receive a lot of emails saying – “join us – we’ll make you a star,” and I have no idea where this ADCake website came from or where it’s going but – what the hell – I’ll jump on board for awhile!! Chooo Chooo.IndexStock/Photolibrary/Getty Images? – Received a Commission Statement from my Stock Imagery Representative and decided I’m going to splurge and buy a Happy Meal for myself, my girlfriend and her little boy.
I shouldn’t complain considering 99% of the stock images that I have distributed – suck or are outdated!

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created images of Knowshon Moreno along with three beautiful young ladies for Jackson’s Bar and the 2011 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. BTS – We (a producer, an art director, a makeup artist, a stylist, 3 models, 2 clients, an assistant) were supposed to photograph 2 other Bronco players as well, but they decided not to show up, call or cancel, but that’s the way of many NFL and NBA players. Thank you, Knowshon.
*Final layout and behind the scenes video will be posted after publication.

Knowshon Moreno, 2011. ©Don Cudney

Joy Espinosa, 2011.

Press Release – See post listed below for explanation.

ASMP – Exclusive or Inclusive? No Photographer Left Behind. I am flattered. If there was one goal that I set out to accomplish as a Board Member of the Colorado ASMP that goal would be to get the ASMP National to decide whether the ASMP is an exclusive organization of media photographers that only accepts accredited media students, emerging media photographers and established media photographers or if the ASMP was an all-inclusive organization that accepts photographers of all experience levels, skill levels, education levels and genres; In other words – anyone with a camera. The ASMP seems to be hung up on the word “professional.” As far as I am concerned – in 2011 – the word “professional” carries no weight. Anyone that made a dollar today is – “a professional.” I digress. Why would I care about the membership of the ASMP? Why would I care about exclusiveness? Without going into a long back story and revealing years worth of direct research with active art buyers – the ASMP has become crowded and not-as-useful a resource for art buyers. Why? Too many wedding photographers (not Media), emerging (I don’t know what I want to do) photographers with no experience – the clients that hire me off the ASMPs Find A Photographer link can’t afford to hire someone with no experience – they just can’t – and worst of all – photographers? that call themselves “part timers.” Alright – I have to think anyone reading my weblog would have to agree – “you are either a photographer or you are not; there is no part time.” Yes, maybe someone shoots 3 jobs a year, but they are still a photographer 365 days a year, right? Maybe the ASMP should rate photographers by how much income is generated by photography – oh wait – they already do. LOL. “I’m a 100%er what are you – oh a 43.5%er – awesome.” I could go on and on and on, but the ASMP in my opinion – views it’s members like a commodity rather than something original and worthy of respect. I prefer to be “involved in/volunteer for” an Exclusive organization – the ASMP has just made it too easy to become a member. A lot of quotes have been thrown around on the ASMP Leadership Thread but I think the most fitting is – “one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.” Maybe I’m that bad apple? My resignation from the ASMP Colorado Board will follow.
P.S This is no reflection on the current Colorado Chapter of the ASMP – I believe the local Chapter has kicked ass over the past 8 months and made some real changes to our events calendar, social media and our overall reputation. Heck – I think we even have a few new members…those poor bastards – LOL.

Some Creative Criticism = Change the name to American Society of Professional Photographers
drop the “Media” all together and stop riding the coat tales of past and present Media photographers

Self Portrait – I’m not very fond of the self portraits people create while freshening-up in the bathroom, but I thought this Lunch Break created a fairly nice composition.

Self Portrait, 2011.

Photo News? – I feel for these girls family, but I can’t help but think – is this incident a candidate for the Darwin Awards?

Just For Fun – Katana, 2011. Remember that little kid in the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome? Yeah – that kid.

Katana, 2011.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (and Broadway Studios East) to photograph Andre Akpan of the Colorado Rapids for the November 2011 issue of Mile High Sport s Magazine.
*Final layouts and behind the scenes video will be posed after publication.

Andre Akpan, 2011. Outtake & Behind the Scenes

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Spent a long day photographing 4 professional athletes along with 3 beautiful young ladies for Jackson’s Bar and the 2011 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.
*Final layouts and behind the scenes video will be posed after publication.

T’was the Night Before Christmas and ……

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Jackson’s Bar to photograph a few of the Denver Broncos along with a few beautiful young ladies, but the photoshoot was postponed at the last moment because of an important team meeting regarding Tim Tebo and his new position as starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

No Image – Nothing To Show

Photo Representation – A couple of my recent Colorado Avalanche/Mile High Sports Magazine layouts made the Wonderful Machine tearsheets page.

I thought you'd like to know that we're promoting your work on our tearsheets page, which also links to your
website. We also periodically mention our tearsheets page updates on Twitter (here's the most recent:!/wonderflmachine/status/24924642103791616),  to get art buyers accustomed to returning
to our site weekly to see our  latest updates. The more we can get art buyers to engage and return  regularly
to our website, the better for everyone! We've also promoted  the page in recent email promos to the same end.
Peter Clark, Wonderful Machine Designer

Assignment/Outtake – Photographed Ben Willis of for an upcoming issue of Entrepeneur Magazine. Location: Broadway Studios East, Denver, Colorado. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Ben Willis, 2011.

Assignment/Outtake – Received the honor of photographing Tamara Patterson, Jenn McGirl and Anne LaFlam of Summit Business Media/Benefits Selling Magazine. Jen Murphy, Hair & MakeUp.

Before & After

Assignment/Outtake – Traveled downtown to photograph Rich Fleck, General Manager at Merkle Connect – A Social CRM Agency for Direct Marketing News. I’ve photographed a lot of chairs over the years – particularly people sitting in chairs and nine times out of ten, those chairs are found/borrowed from – a lobby, an executive conference room or a company break room. *Final layout will be posed after publication.

Rick Fleck – Break Room Chair

The Set Up

Grip/Gaf/Behind the Scenes – Teamed up with Executive Producer, Doug Bunze, Cameramen, Cary Strandjord and Chuck Green along with Byron Velvick and Rick Mikesell of Trouts Fly Fishing to create a Denver episode of City Limits Fishing. Episode will premiere on Versus during January of 2012. A special thank you to the Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc. for the cooperation and assistance.

Byron Velvick, 2011.©Don Cudney

Location: 16th Street & California, Denver, Colorado.

Link to Images by Cary Strandjord

Tearsheets/Behind the Scenes – Photographed 12 of the Colorado Avalanche – Semyon Varlamov, Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Peter Mueller, Jan Hejda, Erik Johnson, Milan Hejduk, Kyle Quincey, Matt Duchene, David Jones, Ryan O’Reilly, Gabriel Landeskog, and Paul Stastny for the October 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Kyle Quincey

Tearsheet – Created images of Drew Moor for the October 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Just For Fun – Creating images of “the Client” always makes me more nervous than photographing the subject.

Doug Ottewill & Robin Carlin

Assignment/Personal Work – Jill Greenberg created a series of images called End Times – “The work featured stylized hyper real closeups of childrens faces contorted by various emotional distresses. The method for getting the children to cry, in some cases, achieved by offering the children candy, then taking it away, spurred allegations of unethical conduct and provoked the submission of numerous complaints to the art gallery that hosted a public showing of Greenberg’s work.” Alright – I didn’t go that far and my images are not a quarter “as cool” as Mrs. Greenberg’s – I just told them – “No Candy For You Today.” BTW – If your kid is crying and you want to make some money and confuse the heck out of them at the same time – take their picture; it works (almost) every time!

No Candy For You Today, 2011. ©Don Cudney

A Waste of Time – I think we’ve all said this at one point in our lives – “If I could only get back the last 2 hours of my life.” Do not watch – Death to the Supermodels – if you already have – I apologize. I am a sucker for Jamie Pressly and I enjoy watching movies that poke fun at photographers and especially the modeling industry, but beware. Bad plot and no nudity – alright very little nudity, but you get my point – bad plot. LOL.

“Yes, we shoot the he-she corpse.” – Oops … Spoiler Alert!

Tearsheet/Outtakes & Behind the Scenes – Photographed Kimbal Musk for the October 2011 cover of Entrepeneur Magazine. I rarely get this excited about a cover, but I’m pretty f-ing stoked about this one. I’ve help create quite a few magazine covers in the past, but a subscription-only cover is somehow more – mystique or exclusive?

Kimbal Musk for the (subscription only) cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2011. Image by Don Cudney

Kimbal Musk of the The Kitchen Cafe, ©Don Cudney

Archive/Tearsheet – Photographed Harry Bull, Principle of Grandview High School for the cover of the October 2005 issue of School Library Journal. Yes, that is a Jerry Garcia tie.