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January 2012

Posted: 01/31/2012 in Webpost

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Visited the Cash Register Building in downtown Denver to photograph Bryan Austin for an upcoming issue of Conversations Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

1700 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado.

Tearsheet – Funkiphino, Jennifer Batten & Carlo Riley (Michael Jackson).

“Thank you to all the Funkiphino fans who came out to listen to the band perform with one of the greatest guitar players of our time.  Both shows were ridiculously fun – we were so proud to be sharing the stage with legendary guitar virtuoso – Jennifer Batten!  Jennifer is best known for her performances with Michael Jackson on all three of his world tours; Bad, Dangerous and HIStory.  She performed at Jackson’s famous Superbowl half time show which aired to one and half billion people in 80 nations.  In 1998 she was asked to join Jeff Beck’s band where she recorded two CD’s – both supported by world tours.  The energy for both events was electric with people dancing in the streets and singing along.  A special thanks to Carlo Riley, a fabulous Michael Jackson impersonator, for joining us at the Saturday performance in Boulder.  His uncanny physical similarities cause even the most dedicated Michael Jackson fans to do a double-take!” – from Funkiphino’s website.

NYE Flyer

Jennifer Batten. © Don Cudney, 2012.

Carlo Riley. © Don Cudney, 2012.

The Michael Jackson Experience

Jennifer & Don

Serious Business – February 8th, as filmmakers, content creators, and local businesses, we will stand together on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol to show the legislators our support for the new film incentives in Colorado. Currently Colorado is 46th out of 50 states in terms of film incentives, ahead of just a few states that don’t have incentives at all. No feature film has utilized the current incentives in Colorado for the last 4 years. Currently we have a 10% incentive at just $1 million. The new incentive is 20% at $4 million. When Georgia increased from 10 to 20% in 2008, they went from $229 million film related dollars to $2.9 billion. In one year. This is our year Colorado. Let’s build our film community.

Help Colorado! Film Incentives Video Collaboration from Colorado Film Incentives on Vimeo.

Just For Fun – Has this ever happen to you. I love the writing for American Dad and Family Guy; brilliant.
“I thanked him, why did I thank him?”

Optical Vs. Digital

iPhotography – I just can’t get enough – or things are just a little slow this week? SideNote: Sure could have used a 4×5 camera for the XLERATOR image – you “old schoolers” will understand why.

XLERATOR & Coke, 2012. © Don Cudney

Just One Man’s Opinion – Honestly, I haven’t read nor intend to read every line of the Protect IP Act (PIPA) or the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). All I know is we (citizens of the world) do not need government legislation to “do a job” we can do ourselves. Stealing is stealing; no matter whether it involves governmental agencies or your closest friend. Do I go to the “movies” or do I wait for the DVD? Too many people simply say – “where can I download it – for free?” We don’t need government legislation – we need a good spanking from grandma.

With that said – Why do I use music in my web videos without the written consent of the artist. #1. Because YouTube & Vimeo allow me to. It’s that simple really. But – why does YouTube allow me to use some artists music but not others?  Because many artists have “figured out” that YouTube videos are the newest and greatest way to market their work and a great sales tool as well. I always include an Available on iTunes credit.

Let me  give you an example; as of 01/17/2012 my 2011 Year In Review video had received 175 views, of those 175 views I estimate one, maybe two of those people will contact me or bookmark my website. On the other hand – of those 175 visitors, 175 just might visit iTunes and download the song. Many in the music business have come to this same conclusion and thousands of artists are now allowing limited non-commercial usage. Right On.

This illustration is being displayed without the Written Permission of the Artist

Just For Fun – On more than one occasion I have had a girlfriend tell me – you act just like Ray from Everyone Loves Raymond. I’ll take that as a compliment. “I don’t know much about photography, but these are the best pictures I’ve ever seen.” “It looks like they gave the camera to a monkey.””… where everything is in focus and nobody’s head is cut-off.”

“It’s supposed to look like a $2,000 picture.”

Just For Fun – Long story short – my friends ex-wife found an old VCR tape in her garage and I am so glad she didn’t throw it away. Found Footage Vol#1 DoNe. Cudney skateboarding, circa, 1989?. If nothing else – the music is good: Agent Orange (Bloodstains, Everything Turns Grey, Miserlou)

DoNe. Cudney, SkateZone, Atlanta, GA. circa, 1989?

Behind The Scenes – Another year has passed and a new Year In Review video has been created and posted on YouTube. I’ve produced quite a few images this past year along with some great video footage and enough iPhotography to fill a book. To view images, layouts and videos from 2011, please visit, and past posts at Thank you to all that have hired, assisted, shared and followed DON CUDNEY PHOTO this past year.

BTS Videography by Josh Gold & Stephanie Nawyn

Accolade? – Received another “nod” from The Denver Egotist … at least I think it was a “nod?” “The thing we love most about seeing videos like this is knowing that another Denver photographer has stayed busy through another successful year.” Is that a compliment? or an insult? I suppose, any publicity is good publicity. Thanks The Denver Egotist … I think?

Photo Assisting – Helped my friend and colleague Susan Goddard create some great images for Super Lawyers Magazine, CoBank and Covidian; four days of photo assisting is better than no (photo) work at all. 🙂

$2,250 televisions & $250 trash cans … in the lobby? But they couldn’t afford $3 door stops? What bad economy?

More iPhotography – Lately – if I’m not producing a shoot, assisting another photographer, editing images or video, blogging, cooking or sleeping … I’m more than likely creating iPhotography with my trusty iPhone G3 Version 1, yup, the original; can you believe I had a guy offer me $250 for the phone when Verizon will only give me $65 as a trade in; I guess the iPhone V1 may become a collectible?

Los Coca Cola, 2012. © Don Cudney

Dead Vines, 2012. © Don Cudney

iPhotography – Sometimes I think I am a better iPhone photographer than a “real camera” photographer? If that makes any sense at all. Either way – I’m sure having a lot of fun.

Martini x2, 2012. © Don Cudney

Canon 5DMII – 32.5 MB file

Still Lifes, 2012. © Don Cudney

Downtown Denver & The Board Room. © Don Cudney

Mile High Sports Magazine – I’m looking forward to another 50 issues of Mile High Sports Magazine; It’s been a wild and fun ride – 50 issues of MHSM = 11 covers and 32 features. Please visit – for more images.

My First Cover for MHSM

(L) Getty Images – (R) Cudney

(L) Cudney – (R) Swartz

(L) Swartz – (R) Cudney

(L) Swartz – (R) Cudney

(L & R) Cudney

(L & R) Cudney

(R) Cudney – (L) Getty Images

(R) Cudney – (L) Swartz

Unexpected Location Scout – There are so many things in our lives that distract us from the task at hand – a great photography location is one such distraction for me. I took a friend over to get her car fixed and ended up begging the owner to allow me to create stills and probably lots of cool video sometime in the near future.

Location Scout #1, 2012.

iPhotography – It’s Been A Long Day. VPS to DFW onto DEN. When I left Florida it was 30 degrees outside when I arrived in Colorado it was sunny and 65 degrees. 🙂

More iPhotography – Believe it or not – I used to stop here and eat donuts before “dawn patrol.” – that was 30 years ago. Location: Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

Donut World, 2012. © Don Cudney

Tearsheet – Traveled out to DSGP and Celebrity Lanes to photograph Stewart Ceus of the Colorado Rapids for the January 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Tearsheets – More layouts from the January 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Meet The Snow Angels

Tearsheet/Accolade – A few older tearsheets are currently featured on the Wonderful Machine tearsheets page.

Tearsheet – Visited Star Salon in Denver, Colorado to photograph Duane Schneider for the January 2012 issue of Entrepeneur Magazine on newstands now.

Magazine Layout

Web Layout

Last Day of Vacation – January 3rd, 2012. Okaloosa Island, Florida.

Okaloosa Island, 2012. © Don Cudney

Seagulls, 2012. © Don Cudney

Whataburger, 2012. © Don Cudney

Missed Opportunity ? – Received a call from CelebTV asking permission to use images of Brittney Schreiner – revealing a bit of her racy past. I guess Celeb TV considers bikinis and Hooters Restaurants – “Racy.” I had to pass; I respect my models and would never sell out them out for less than $10,000. LOL. Although Donna Baldwin Talent allowed them to use their “copyrighted” images for credit only. I guess there is no such thing as – bad press.

Brittney Schreiner © Don Cudney, 2012.

Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Okaloosa Island, Florida to photograph my wonderful family; fortunately my sister Deena was taking pictures as well and captured some nice Behind the Scenes images.

Black Shirts & Bluejeans = Yeah .. We Trendy

Images by © Deena DeMoro

Archive – Photographed Ken Salazar (current United States Secretary of the Interior) for the January 2005 cover of ColoradoBiz Magazine. Michelle Galin, Art Director.