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March 2012

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Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created images of Chad & Brian of Janus Capital Group for an upcoming issue of Barron’s Magazine. Wish I could show you some BTS imagery but the security at Janus is pretty strict and they wouldn’t allow any footage. Although – I will share a behind the scenes – incident. Ever wonder why a professional photographer owns and carries TWO camera bodies? BackUp. And guess what – every now and then – you need it. Thankfully I carry two “piece of shit” Canon 5D Mark IIs and was able to save my assignment, a potential new client and my reputation as a photographer. SideNote: I’ve had nothing but problems with the Canon 5D Mark II from it’s amateurish focusing abilities (manual or auto) to it’s complete failure to perform. I hear the Mark III is MUCH better, but I just need to bite the bullet and buy a set of 1DsMIIIs. * Final layout will be posted after publication.

My Ride – I Wish, 2012

Da Boyz

Sneak Peek/Outtakes – Thought I’d give everyone a Sneak Peek at the 2012 Mile High Sports Magazine’s Snow Angels Issue, since the layouts and the magazine won’t be published for another 8 months. Buy your subscription today!!

Alyssa, 2012. © Don Cudney, No Usage Rights Granted

Personal Work/Outtake – Created this image of Rachel Spence as an outtake while shooting the 2011 Snow Angel’s layout for HOOTER’S Colorado. Check back for more images of Rachel later this Spring. Location: Nederland, Colorado.

Rachel Spence, 2011. © Don Cudney, No Usage Rights Granted.

Personal Work – Had the pleasure of meeting and photographing my childhood and adulthood hero – Stacey Peralta. Why Stacey? Just read his BIO and you’ll understand. A professional skateboarder at 15, business owner and cultural icon by 21, documentary film maker for the past 20 years, commercial producer – basically, a story-teller of “all things cool.” What a life – how could you not envy this guy? Anyway – besides being a really successful and talented person – Mr. Peralta is a really nice guy. Thanks Stacey.

Stacey Peralta, 2012. ©Don Cudney. No Usage Rights Granted

Stacey Peralta, 2012. ©Don Cudney. No Usage Rights Granted


The Venue

Wish I had captured the entire event, but I wanted to listen and learn more than I wanted to film.

Photo Shoot/Behind the Scenes – Finally! Finally a “MHSM Snow Angels client” that wants to shoot their Snow Angels layout – in real snow. I completely understand the nightmare of scheduling a magazine layout that “far out;” the issue isn’t published until December 2012, but if you want “real” snow in your layout – you’ve got to shoot during the Winter months or early Spring. Thank you, thank you to Twin Peaks Restaurants and MHSM for stepping up this year and making it happen; their layout is going to look fantastic!! Hair: Salon Rua Jeremy “Red” Patterson. MakeUp: Jen Patterson. Styling: Robin Carlin. 1st Assistant, Walker “Texas Ranger.” Location: 457 Timber Trail Estates – Breckenridge, Colorado

Yes – I know; I meant to spell Peek – Peak; Twin Peaks. Get it?

Twin Peaks – Behind the Scenes in Breckenridge

Location Scout/Rant – Drove up to Breckenridge, Colorado to scout out a Six Million Dollar Ski Home and the surrounding ski in – ski out location for an upcoming Twin Peaks/ MHSM Snow Angels photo shoot. I live in Denver and anyone that has visited Denver quickly realizes – Denver, Colorado IS NOT located in the Rocky Mountains – it’s located about 20 miles east of the “foothills” of the Rocky Mountains; with that said – I love Colorado, but it’s the “mountains” that I love – not the city of Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins or Colorado Springs. These cities might as well be part of the state of Kansas. I digress. WE (Mile High Sports Magazine and I) finally found a client that is willing to shoot their December “Snow Angels” layout – in March (while there is “snow” on the ground). I understand logistics and planning “that far out,” but the December issue is called Snow Angels and I haven’t seen “real snow” in the last – ummmm – I don’t know how many issues? Thank you Twin Peaks Restaurants and MHSM – thank you; your layout is going to look great!

The Drive Back – Alma, Hwy 285 and South Park, 2012. ©Don Cudney

457 Timber Trail Estates –

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Dick Sporting Goods Park to photograph Matt Pickens, Luis Zapata, Martin Rivero, Tony Cascio and Jaime Castrillon of the Colorado Rapids for upcoming issues of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layouts and additional outtakes will be posted after publication.

iPhone Captures

Matt Pickens, 2012. No Usage Rights Granted.

Luis Zapata, 2012. No Usage Rights Granted

GoPro Hero2 – Ordning Kitchen Timer – Mini Tripod

Still Life/iPhotography – Finally decided to make a trek down Interstate 25 and check out that huge blue box called IKEA. I hate the fact that many of their products are Made in China, but I do have to admit – I love their “stuff” and felt like a kid in a candy store; I get a big rush anytime I visit The Container Store as well. Let’s just put it this way – if I “had money;” I’d spend an awful lot of it there.

IKEA by iPhone, 2012. © Don Cudney, No Usage Rights Granted

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – As my colleague and friend recently mentioned – “I’m just glad photographers aren’t lining up to photograph these type of assignments for free – or less than operating expenses.” I couldn’t agree more. “Yeah – we have this huge Deposition Unit in a room that measures 10×20 – the ceilings are only 7 feet tall and we need great views of all sides of this Unit; do you have a Wide-Angle?” “No worries – I got it covered.”


iPhotography – It’s been months since I updated my iPhotography site; I’ll get to it – I will.

There’s No Place Like Home. © Don Cudney, 2012.

Last Days – Spent what might be my last day of photography and videography at the current location of Lighting Services Incorporated. LSI is moving (location TBA) sometime in April or May; rumor has it LSI is moving into the old Film/Video location (“No Deal” Dean) and then after the Colorado Film Initiatives are passed – LSI will move into a much larger, much cooler and warmer facility somewhere in the Stapleton area. Ahhhhh – the memories I have of Stage Two.

Lighting Services Incorporated – Denver, Colorado.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Some days are definitely better than others; woke up – checked my emails and found out that I had lost a large assignment to another less qualified, less experienced and yes, less expensive photographer, then I drove to my studio to pack for the days photo assignment and realized my Grip/Lighting Trailer had two flat tires, soooo – I packed what gear I could into my pickup and began driving to the days assignment when I received a last-minute request to fly to British Columbia for a video assignment. “When?” “You need to arrive at DIA by 1:30pm – today.””Dude – my shoot is at Noon and then I have to go home for my passsport; there is no way I can make it!””That’s alright – thought I’d ask you first.” Darn. I’ve never been to B.C.. Anyway – long story short – after all that drama – I was honored to travel out to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and photograph Hunter Freeman for the April 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Hunter Freeman, Outtakes. © Don Cudney, 2012.

*Video Note: I hate working without a 1st Assistant, but occasionally I must. Not to sound like a Prima Donna, but why should the Photographer leave their position, their composition or interrupt the rapport with their subject to “adjust” the power pack, “move” a light or “grab” a piece of equipment. As a great 1st Assistant once preached over and over to me – “be a Photographer and let me ‘do my job’ as the 1st Assist.” BTS Video created with the GoPro Hero2 and the GoPro Chest Mount.

Hunter Freeman, Outtake #2. ©Don Cudney

Video/Behind the Scenes – Recently purchased a GoPro Hero2 video camera (with lots of accessories) and decided to take the day off head up to Loveland Ski Area and enjoy the recent Spring skiing conditions. Equipment Used: GoPro Hero2, GoPro Helmet Mount, GoPro Chest Mount, GoPro Flat & Curved Mounts, a homemade 1/4-20 Stick Mount, a GoPro LCD Bac and a *2×3 Inch Plastic Mirror (to check whether the camera is “rolling” or not).

Board Mount – Video Still

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado to photograph the Colorado Rapid’s new head coach, Oscar Pareja for the March 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Published Layout

Contents Image

Oscar Outtakes

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled up to Breckenridge, Colorado to film some video footage with the GoPro Hero2 utilizing the Helmet and Chest mounts. Also help create green screen footage inside a luxurious meg-sq-ft mountain house location on Peak 8; nice.

“Is the camera running?”

Saul Goodman, Director

Eric the Sound Guy

Kate the Rocking PA and Mnt. Guide

iPhone Captures

Industry Bullshit – Believe me – I would love to “shut the fuck up” “move on” and “get over it,” but unfortunately I make a living from photography and this “current state of affairs” isn’t going away without a fight … without a stand. I’ll stop picking on the current ASMP leadership (they’re as lost and confused as the rest of us), but “their” suggestion to  “lower your fees and allow more usage” is asinine – simply asinine. Lower your fees? Allow more usage? I’ve been doing that for twenty years; this is their advice? Tooooo late – tooooo little. ASMP – your members are looking to you (paying you) for educated, experienced advice – not the same BS the Internet is regurgitating and selling as fact!! AND this advice to “soft market” yourself through social media is just …. stupid. Give away 95% and self promote 5% ?? Huh? It’s this type of propaganda marketing that “got us to this point” of give it away and HOPE consumers eventually buy (sales). Be awesome? Huh? WTF? I’m awesome everyday – for twenty years – and look where that landed me today. People – please, please – use Common Sense, your IQ and the education that you received in school. Don’t trust those that “preach” or “teach,” trust those that work in the field – create everyday and have everything to lose if they stop. My two cents and years of working experience.

Archive/Tearsheet – Created a Cover and a ten-page layout for the March 2008 Fitness Issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Jeremy Bloom

Renee Herlocker & Jeremy Bloom

Shawn Phillips – Chelsea Haverty – DaVarryl Williamson – Vic Lombandi – Christine Pomponio – Pate