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April 2012

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Just For Fun – Drove up to Loveland Ski Area for Closing Day 2012 and created video footage using the GoPro Hero 2 and it’s amazing 120 fps capabilities. I really think GoPro should hire me as a “working professional” representative.
I love this camera and I use it for everything.


Photo Assignment/Tearsheet – Hot Off the Presses !! Dexter Fowler of the Colorado Rockies for the May 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Robin Carlin, Styling. Doug Ottewill, Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director.

Photo/Video Assignment – Spent some quality time with Dr. Gary Radz and his assistant Kendra Clark creating stills and video interviews for upcoming DuxDental advertising and marketing promotions. Susan Goddard, Producer. Beth Ryan, Hair & MakeUp. Eric Casanova, Sound. *Final advertisement(s) and video clips will be posted after public release.

Video – BTS

Eric the Soundman

Photo Assignment – Created images of about forty Denver – South High School Students – well, actually of about fifteen TIAA-CREF volunteers, as they taught the TIAA-CREF’s Financial Literacy Program. BTS – apparently a Denver Police officer was assaulted by one of the students with a plastic water gun (the boy has been suspended – no other charges were filed) and when the Denver School System heard there was a photographer taking pictures of their kids without permission they freaked !! “By the way; try not to include any of the students faces because we don’t have model releases for any of them.” = Challenging. Client: Josh Gold Photography

The Cash Register Bldg. and the TIAA-CREF Bldg. – Denver

Just a few of the 500+ images created.

iPhotography – Images created with my crappy old iPhone G3 as part of an ongoing iPhotography Project called – Alleyways. For some reason I have always been fascinated by perspective; from the time I was a very small child I’ve starred at or been drawn to – long, straight roadways, railroad tracks that disappear into the horizon and especially – interesting alleyways. Just take a look at my Photography and you’ll see a huge influence by perspective and symmetry.

Alleyway(s), 2012. ©Don Cudney, No Usage Rights Granted

Photo Assignment – Created maternity images for my friends Kristin and Steven Brooks at Broadway Studios East. I’ll have to wait until I deliver images to them before I share some of the best = funniest images.

The Toys

BTS iPhone Images by Steven Brooks

Accolade – Hi Don, I thought you’d like to know that we’re promoting your work on our tearsheets page, which also links to your website. We also periodically mention our tearsheets page updates on Twitter (here’s the most recent:!/wonderflmachine/status/24924642103791616), to get art buyers accustomed to returning to our site weekly to see our latest updates. The more we can get art buyers to engage and return regularly to our website, the better for everyone! We’ve also promoted the page in recent email promos to the same end. Best – Peter.

Updated Website – Finally added a “few” new layouts to the DONCUDNEYPHOTO.COM website. I really need to update the Beauty and Agency links – I promise; I’ll get to those Pages as soon as things calm down work-wise. Thanks for Visiting – Please Share my Website link with your friends – especially if they work at magazines or ad agencies.

Industry Bullshit – How do I say this without pissing off just about every photographer in the world? Photographers are the cheapest bastards – and there is a reason that WE don’t have a “Union” representing US = because THE MOB knows we’d never pay our dues and they’d have to murder us all. I can’t tell you the number of photographers that bitch about budgets and fees, but NEVER hire an assistant, pay for hair and makeup and use “cost” as an excuse why they don’t rent REAL studio space or have adequate professional equipment. Too prove my point – check out the latest article and lawsuit by John Wiley & Sons. P.S. Hey – I’m no saint; CS5 is probably the first version of Photoshop that I actually paid for – but we are talking a $12 book here not a $900 software program. Bill Gates once commented – “if I collected money for EVERY pirated version of Windows that existed on hard drives word-wide; I’d own the World.”

“.. Photoshop CS5 All-In-One For Dummies – had been illegally downloaded 74,000 times over a 16-month period.”

Photo Assignment/Tearsheet – Created images of Chad Meade & Brian Schaub of Janus Capital Group for the April 16th issue of Barron’s Magazine.

In Print

On the Web


Just For Fun – I went skateboarding for the first time this season and tested out the SloMo 120 fps capabilities of my new GoPro Hero2. 120fps is very cool; I just don’t understand why Canon can’t “update the firmware” in their DSLRs with these capabilities? Aren’t we just a Firmware Update away from complete bliss by now?? LOL.


Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to the Westin – Westminister to photograph seven of SMC’s Executives along with 25+ attendees of the SMC Workshops. *Final images might be posted after post production.

Don directing the talent.


BTS Video Still

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled back out to The Denver Zoo (for the second time) to photograph Donna Driscoll, CFO of The Denver Zoo,  for an upcoming cover and feature layout in Employee Benefits News. The last three times that I’ve visited the Denver Zoo – I’ve learned something new about animal behavior; this trip I learned that Giraffe’s “prefer” to be the tallest thing around; i.e. c-stand & softbox at 12 feet.
*Final layout will be posted after publication.

“da Zoo

Milestone – Alright, Fifty Thousand unique visits may not seem like a lot compared to a Facebook Fan site or a YouTube Viral video, but it’s a milestone for DONCUDNEYPHOTO Weblog – no less. I started this weblog back in January of 2008 and I can honestly say – “for the first year – it felt like I was talking to myself.” But over the last three years – a good Twitter post or a Facebook mention can cause 100 to 500 unique visits in a day. The weblog has also been a great marketing tool for me because “clients want to know their vendors” and as I often hear – “I don’t wanna see your best images from last year – I wanna see what you shot yesterday!”

A Quick Look Back at 50,000 Visits

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Spent the afternoon across the hall at Broadway Studios West photographing Dexter Fowler of the Colorado Rapids for the cover and a feature image in the May 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Special thanks to Robin Carlin for her clothing styling and her many Twitter Mentions.
*Final layouts will be posted after publication.

BTS Image by Doug Ottewill

The 1st image that appears on – by DONCUDNEYPHOTO

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Finally – a shoot in my studio; it’s been months – and when my studio bookings get … slow – I start wondering if my studio expense is “worth it.” Ninety percent of my assignments are on location – but every now and then I receive a call – simply because “I have a studio.” For a time – I was convinced ColoradoBIZ Magazine only called me when they need a studio.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Fred Thomas Park in Aurora, Colorado to photograph Tony Cascio of the Colorado Rapids for the May 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.
*Final layout will be posted after publication.


Industry News – Yes, yes, yes. I don’t speak/read French, but I’m pretty sure this Organization is called Union of Professional Photographers. AND – do you think an American Ad Agency would create an ad – this blatant? Again – I don’t speak/read French, but I’m pretty sure the UPP is saying – “Professional Photographers are getting Butt-Fucked.”
I love European Advertising.

Visit –

It’s About Time Camera Manufacturers Began To Fight Back – Or Better Yet – Market To The New Generation of Photographers/Content Providers

Just For Fun – Someone sent me this image – and I think it’s really cool, but all I can think is – “he’s holding the camera the wrong way.” Well – maybe not the “wrong” way, but he’s definitely not utilizing the battery/vertical grip of the Nikon F5? I have the same “issue” with photographers that buy camera straps attach them to their camera – BUT don’t use them. WTF? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen a child, an arm chair or the photographers knee “rip the camera” from the photographers hands.

Photographer Unknown – Image used without permission.

Humor? – Every other week or so I receive an email from a publisher or ad agency seeking “stock imagery.” Most of the time it’s for images of foreign countries, celebrities or people currently in the news. One “photo guideline” that has always made me chuckle is the one posted below. WTF??

#1 What this image needs to be = it can not just look beautiful, it needs to
 be elevated to a higher level, it needs to symbolize something bigger, suitable
 as a backdrop, can not be too eye-catching - should recedes in the background,
 easily recognizable, it can not be a cliche #2. Subject Matters / Keyword = 
nature - landscape / botanical /geological / sky / esp. something that conveys
 harmony and serenity / think tranquility / simplicity in nature / almost
 spiritual / but should have colors in it / gradient in nature / nice, smooth,
 natural gradient captured in nature / different kinds of abstracted lights #3.
 Photographic Styles = needs to look natural, in terms of lighting, colors
 and contrast, not over-staged or art-directed, not heavily enhanced / manipulated
 in Photoshop #4. Depth = explore a range of focus (from selective focus to
 something that has more depth to something tack sharp), vistas or close-up 
shots are welcome #5. Composition the simpler the better, only one main focus
 per image (in terms of composition and subject matter) Additional Notes:
 Underwater images that do not have too much going on. Images that have Clouds
 would be nice...just less clouds. Not ominous and not too dark. Steer away from
 stormy clouds. More water images...color. Abstract trees,flowers, etc...these
 need to have less color contrast. Flowers without stamens. Sand dunes that are
 bluish in tint...interesting shapes. Bokeh...blurred lights. Perhaps images
 that have light blurs with varying shape and color. Yellow 
color is not working so well. But don't rule them out.

Personal Work – American Gothic 2012. I was hanging out with a few close friends on Easter when I realized their children looked an awful lot like the old man and woman in the painting, American Gothic by Grant Wood.  Wish I’d had a chance to create more than 3 frames – but it’s hard to compete with Cupcakes and Ice Cream.

American Gothic 2012. ©Don Cudney

Happy Easter – Happy Holiday Everyone. Break An Egg.

Happy Easter, 2012. ©Don Cudney

Photo Assignment/Tearsheet – Created images of Hunter Freeman of the Colorado Rapids for a two page layout in the April 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Hunter Freeman, 2012.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled back out to The Denver Zoo to photograph Donna Driscoll, CFO of The Denver Zoo,  for an upcoming cover and feature layout in Employee Benefits News. I didn’t go near the Ape Exhibit (see post below); actually – after talking about “the Ape Incident” Zoo officials informed me – “never stare at an Ape – they don’t like it – it’s a form of intimidation.” More BTS – Whenever I shoot “on location” I must negotiate with either a location manager, a building manager, a security guard or in this case – the Madame of Parking. No offense – but Parking Attendants and/or People In Charge of Parking are almost always the biggest nightmare – the biggest pain-in-the-ass. Again – no offense – they’re doing their job – and I’m “attempting” to do mine. “You told me two cars – and now there is three – and I told you not to park over there – and you did it anyway.” I haven’t been spoken to like that since my mother passed away. Wow. “I’m sorry, really – I am.” I honestly felt like saying – “look $%^&* – I’m photographing the woman that signs your pay checks – do you really want to %^&* with me?” *Final layouts will be posted after publication.

BTS @ The Denver Zoo, 2012.

Hair & MakeUp by Beth Ryan Ltd.

Location Scout – Traveled out to the Denver Zoo to complete a location scout for an upcoming magazine assignment. I sure wish the Elephant Passage was completed – that new edition is looking really nice. Wandered into the Ape/Gorilla Exhibit and while I was photographing one of the Gorillas? – another larger Gorilla? stormed the exhibit glass, pounded his fist against the glass and my lens sending me backward onto my ass and the hard concrete below. My bad. Not sure what pissed him off – but I didn’t approach the glass again.

The ZOO, 2012. ©Don Cudney

Top Right is The Gorilla – moments before he charged the glass and sent me to my ass.

Photo Assignment/Wedding – I don’t shoot many weddings – I honestly dislike them – but if it’s for a friend or they are willing to “let me – be me;” I’m all in. “We honestly do not want many formal pictures – we don’t want our guests to wait any more than about 15 minutes – if that.” Kinda sounds like an Editorial Magazine assignment to me = 15 minutes to create publishable & sell-able images – that’s my forte. Congratulations to my friends Bree Cooey and her husband Carson Ray; a nice guy with some crazy ass friends. I actually had a lot of “fun” photographing their wedding and I am anxious to show them the final images. P.S. Seriously nothing against weddings – I’ve shot my share and I am too much of a “control freak” to chase down or worse yet – make wait – Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Wedding Attendees so I can drag the Bride and Groom half way across the Venue to capture them in perfect light.

Bree & Carson Ray, 2012. ©Don Cudney

Two of My Favorites

The Kiss

A Moment

Getting Ready

Father Daughter Dance

Cake Cutting

The Girls

The Groomsmen

The Cobra Snake Pose

The Prego Dance

Go Ashley – Go Ashley

The Hot TubYeeeeeeeaaaah Booooooyyyyy

Chandelier, 2012.

I’ll let the Bride & Groom “share” the rest of the images & video with you.



Archive/Tearsheet – My first cover for Denver Magazine and the very first cover of Successful Living; I hate to admit this … but both of those magazines only “lasted” about three – maybe four years. Was it me? No – in fact – I didn’t work for either magazine for at least a year before their demise. Anyway – both were great magazines but lacked either a demographic or good ad salesman – or both. BTS/Successful Living – traveled to Plano, Texas to photograph Lance Armstrong’s Mommy; she was way cool and even let me sit on Lance’s childhood bed. Didn’t mean that much to me – but I’m not a huge cycling fan.