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June 2012

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Self Promotion – I’ve decided to “delete” my iPhotography site at WordPress and Post all of my iPhone images on Statigram. Check It Out.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled up to Cheyenne, Wyoming to photograph Ivory Griffin, Dairy Associate at Walmart Store #1315 for the Special 50th Anniversary Issue of Walmart World Magazine. BTS Note: Walmart World Magazine uses a “different” licencing Contract; the photographer can’t post or publish the actual magazine layout, but we can post or publish the final images and we can post or publish the outtakes; these Terms are completely backward from most Magazine and Client Contracts. I guess you’ll have to be a Walmart Employee, visit a Walmart “associate” breakroom or drop by my studio to see the actual Magazine and final layouts. LOL.

Ivory Griffin, Walmart Store #1315, Cheyenne, WY.

 Ivory Griffin, Walmart Store #1315, Cheyenne, WY.

Archive/Behind the Scenes – I was backing up an old Hard Drive when I found this “oldie but goodie.” Photographing Bikes & Babes with the Hasselblad 500C/M (Film Baby Film) – circa. 1995 at my Five Points Studio located at Downing and Bruce Randolph – Denver. “in the Hood.” BTS Note: I still own and use those Travelite Mono Lights; if you own Pelican Cases and take care of your (well made) gear – it will last for decades. **Those lights stands are older than most of my Facebook & Twitter Followers. i.e I bought them in 1987 … and yes, I still use them today. American Made.

Don Cudney / 5 Points Studio / 1995

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed Keith Villa, Master Brewer, Founder & Inventor of Blue Moon Beer for an upcoming issue of Draft Magazine.  “A last minute – pull it out of your ass – attempt at Beverage Photography.” Let me explain – Beverage Photography requires a Stylist, a secret mixture of chemicals that make the beverage look cold and sweaty along with specialized lighting modifiers and flags; I was there to create Portraits – not Blue Moon Art, but I tried*Final layout will be posted after publication.

Blue Moon / Coors Field / The Set / Vintage Blonde

Sneak Peek – Keith Villa, Master Brewer.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to DSGP to photograph Jaime Castrillon of the Colorado Rapids for an upcoming layout in Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

Jaime Castrillon of the Colorado Rapids © Don Cudney

Colorado Rapids Vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Tearsheet – It never hurts to ask … and demand. Sent images that I created of Stacey Peralta to Concrete Wave (along with my Terms & Conditions) and they accepted and paid for (the use of) one image. Thank you Stacey and thank you Concrete Wave Magazine.

Concrete Wave Magazine, Summer 2012. Image by Don Cudney

Images at

Stacey Peralta & Don Cudney

Rest & Relaxation – Traveled up to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to spend a couple days hanging out at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Great hot springs and great “rustic” accommodations; lots of fun, close to Steamboat and clothing optional after dark.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Images © Don Cudney

More Skateboarding – Arvada Skatepark, Arvada, Colorado. June 9, 2012.

Chris Sessions “Frontside Smith Grind”/ Arvada Skatepark / June 09, 2012.

Don Cudney(Me) / Arvada Skatepark / June 09, 2012. Images by Hector of

Film/Video Premiere – Attended the Aurora, Colorado Premiere of Super Girls the most intensely produced Corporate Video that I have ever seen, witnessed or been a part of (3rd Camera/GoPro Hero shots). I can only imagine what the production costs were to create this video. Seriously, THIS is a Corporate Video. Dave Sands, Editor & Director. Jason Hayes, Producer & 2nd Camera. Eric Casanova, Sound & Entertainment. Michael Martin, Camera Rigger.

The Marquee – Dave Sands – The Theatre

Just For Fun – Denver received one heck of a thunder and lighting storm the other night.

Denver Lightning Storm, June 7, 2012.

Photo Assignment/Outtakes – Created images of Jessica Joan Villa for a Girl In Your Corner layout in the June 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Jessica Joan Villa, 2012. © Don Cudney

Screwing Around With Photoshop

Photo Assignment – Photographed Matt Pickens of the Colorado Rapids along with his beautiful daughter for the June 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Personal Work/Just Messing Around – Pleasure & Pain or Pain & Pleasure.

Photo Assignment/Favor For A Friend – Congratulations to my dear friend Kelly who graduated from Montessori Casa International. “Onward and upward Girl.” The World NEEDS MORE caring teachers.

Congratulations Kelly

Hanger Two, 2012. © Don Cudney

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Drug a bunch of my photo and video gear out to the Arvada Skatepark in Arvada, Colorado to photograph the official Opening Day ceremonies and ribbon cutting for My Creative Dept. and the City of Arvada. While I was there (during rain delays) I created formal portraits of Andy McDonald, Cara Beth Burnside, Mimi Kroop and Mike McGill. Wow! What a difference 25 years has made on the Skateboard Photography scene. Back in the 1980s you’d be lucky to find 5 photographers covering an event – today “the deck” is packed with friends, mothers and fathers using camcorders and iPhones to capture the event. “I’m sure I pissed off a few people (photographers) while I stood, knelt or slid in front of them.”

Mike McGill, Series 1. © Don Cudney

Mike McGill, Series 2. © Don Cudney

Mike McGill, 2012. © Don Cudney

Andy MacDonald, Series 1. © Don Cudney

Andy Macdonald, 2012. © Don Cudney

Evan Doherty, Series 1. © Don Cudney

Evan Doherty, 2012. © Don Cudney

Jono Schwan, Series 1. © Don Cudney

Shea Donavan – Noah Schott – Nicole Noller & Spencer Breaux Paul Wisniewski – Brandon Avery – Unknown

Cara Beth Burnside, 2012. © Don Cudney

Friends, 2012.

iPhotography – Not many people can say “I love my fucking job,” but I can – and I DO. Good or Bad; it beats digging a ditch and as my Daddy used to preach – “the World needs Ditch Diggers.”

“I Love My Fucking Job.”

“Where Am I?”

Photo Representation – Last month Craig and Kayleen from Wonderful Machine were in town (Denver) and myself along with 8? other WM photographers met up at The Fainting Goat for a beer or two – or three. Thanks Wonderful Machine.

Ethan Welty, Richard Steinberger, Jeff Padrick, Don Cudney, Rick Souders, Rick’s assistant Matt, Matt Nager, Julia Vandenoever, Kayleen

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Archive – My One & Only Book Cover sold as stock imagery by Index Stock back in 2003; I received $1,500 under Index Stock’s “revenue plan;” if my estimates are correct – I’d receive about $50 if I was still with Getty Images. Sad, but true.