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October 2012

Posted: 10/31/2012 in Webpost

Happy Halloween – Attended the Boo Bash 2012 at the Temple Events Center in Denver, Colorado. * Not a huge fan of this Venue (only two bathrooms – total) or this band (only 1980s Covers); in other words, I hope next years Boo Bash is …. Better.

Boo Bash 2012 – Temple Events Center – Million Dollar Band

My Alter Ego – The Devil’s Pimp

Image from The Spill Lounge on 10/31/2012.

Just For Fun – While every other Denver photographer was out creating images of Denver’s First Snow, I waited until later in the day when the snow had melted and then created images of water droplets on fall leaves. Cliche’ – I know.
iPhotography by iPhone and Instagram.

Warning Adult Content
Just For Fun – In an earlier Post I mentioned how … “one really cool aspect of being a photographer is that many of your friends like to give you or buy you old cameras, old photo books and stuff that they’ve found at a garage sale or in their grandparents attic.” Score. Two Playmate Desk Calendars, one from 1975 (I was 9) and another from 1980 when I was a hormone filled teenager.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Spent a wonderful evening on the rooftop of Jackson’s Denver to photograph Derek Wolf of the Denver Broncos along with a beautiful young woman named Jessica for the 2012 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Special thanks to Jen and Red Patterson (Hair & Makeup) and to Robin Carlin (Stylist). *Final layout will be posted after publication.

View from Jackson’s rooftop bar and stage

Derek Wolf of the Denver Broncos, 2012. © Don Cudney

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Drug my equipment out to The Tattered Cover bookstore in downtown Denver (LoDo) to photograph Jamie Smith of the Colorado Rapids. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

BTS with GoPro Hero2 coverage

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Woke up early on a Sunday morning to photograph the Nessett Family for their annual Family Portrait. Location: Central Park, Fox Hunt, Northglenn, Colorado.
*Final images will not be posted after final selection.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Spent a few hours down at Jackson’s photographing Corey Brewer of the Denver Nuggets along with Adriana Bowman for the upcoming Snow Angels 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Swimsuits supplied by Feline Swimwear. Special thanks to Alex Crawford, Director of Operations.
*Final layout will be posted after publication.

Adriana & Corey

Don & Corey

Corey Brewer by © Don Cudney

Photo Assisting/Behind the Scenes – Clean Rooms are always a great opportunity for BTS images. Client: Clear Spring Pharmacy Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

I feel high, low, sleepy, awake, anti-depressed and a little more manly.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Sometimes I really do have to pinch myself and make sure that I’m not dreaming. I spent the better part of a day watching and creating imagery of John H. Schnatter, better known as Papa John and Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos … and less than 24 hours after winning a huge game against San Diego on Monday Night Football. Oh Yeah – Go Broncos !! Images will be used to create life size cut outs of Papa John and Peyton Manning. *Final images will be posted after public distribution.

Peyton Manning and Don Cudney, 10/16/2012.

 Papa John, 2012.

Hair & MakeUp

Creating A Papa John’s Commercial

The Venue – Slate – My Set – Manning’s Dressing Room

Fuck Yeah – One really cool aspect of being a photographer is that many of your friends like to give you or buy you old cameras, old photo books and stuff that they’ve found at a garage sale or in their grandparents attic. For me Christmas came early this year when my buddy hooked me up with some vintage Peter Gowland posing manuals (1950-1955), a Michel Moreau’s “Exhibitions” (1983) book and Jean Rougeron’s “Fantasma II” (1986). Sweet.

Last I checked these posing manuals were selling for between $50.00 – $100.00 each.

Cool Stuff – If you haven’t heard of a GoPro Hero camera than you’ve probably been living under a rock. GoPro’s are one of the coolest and most affordable compact, waterproof-style cameras on the market. If you don’t have one – go get one! Go to for more info. My favorite thing about the system? Affordability – the entire System cost less than $1,000.00. My new Accessories: Wi-Fi Pac and GoPro App for iPhone and iPad = Fucking Cool.

Photo Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Jeff Nutall of Wells Fargo for the cover and feature layout in the October 2012 issue of Bank Investment Consultant Magazine.

Other Cover Options

WARNING: Adult Content
DCP History/Archive – “I thought you were a Porn Photographer?” commented a past girlfriend and fellow photographer. I received an email earlier this month from an emerging photographer that asked – “how’d you get your start photographing women?” Well – like most photographers I got my start photographing women by approaching attractive friends, family and past girlfriends. *My claim to fame is photographing Caroline Murphy before she was a mega-model, but that’s another story/post. So anyway – who/what were the first female models(?) that I was “paid” to photograph? Porn Stars, Nude Models and Escorts, yep, that’s right … I was known as a – Porn Shooter. Whatever. THEY pay. Back in the mid-1990s “professionals” still created and distributed pornography, unlike today where amateur pornographers can create, upload and Share their own – Content. It’s a FREE World.

 Shayla LaVeaux – The Girls of Fantasy World – Heather (on 6x7cm film – what REAL professionals used)
Circa. 1994 – 95

Video Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Woke up early on a chilly Sunday morning to create Glidecam and Follow Focus video footage of 15 -20 young dancers for …. “some corporate video thing.” Wish I had thought to grab an image of me running around with the Glidecam wearing two fleece jackets and a thick wool cap. Sub Contracted by MyCreativeDept. *Final footage will not be posted after post production.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed the beautiful Jordan Keali, Maxim model, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Spokesmodel for the October 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Jordan Keali, 2012. Outtake.


Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created images of Shane O’Neill of the Colorado Rapids for the October 2012 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Stock Photography/Usage – Mile High Sports Magazine needed an image of Ryan O’Reilly for their October 2011 issue and well – I had a few.

Archive/Photo Assignment – Check out Ivory May Kalber on Curvy Girls. “Curvy Girls provides an all-access pass inside the glamorous world of professional modeling by shining the spotlight on four full-figured beauties who won’t let anything get in the way of their success.” Visit – Congratulations Ivory.

Ivory May Kalber, 2000. © Don Cudney

More Archive  – I was searching through some old CDs and found some past DCP Promos.

2000 Promo

1999 Promo

Archive/Tearsheet – October 2001 issue of Online Learning Magazine. Photographed on 4×5 transparency film. Film Tests, Color Balance & Screen Burns – “Those were the days!”

Original Layout

Scan of 4×5 Polaroid