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February 2013

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DCP Merchandising/Not Really – Check out my Cafepress website and buy a t-shirt, a coffee cup or a ________.


Sneak Peek – One more sneak peek of Brionna Wesson and Sammie Rotello for Mile High Sports Magazine.
*Final layout & additional outtakes will be posted after publication.



Industry Bullshit – I finally got around to Cancelling My Account on Model Mayhem. Reasons? *Bad Press, Too Many Non-Professionals and in the past 10 years I’ve NEVER received an email or phone call about a decent paying assignment; just a bunch of want-to-be models asking to do Trade For DVD, Exposure, even sex. Don’t get me wrong – 25% of MM is great … the other 75% … not so much. Besides, I’m not really a TFSex kinda photographer (anymore).

1*Too many idiot models meeting with Rapists and Murderers “Posing As A Photographer.” It’s these idiot models, sorry to sound insensitive, falling for stupid ploys that have given respectable Photographers a bad reputation. Bad People exist & Dumb People exist. “Hi, I have camera gear and I want you to get naked and pose for me? Sound good? Great.”

Recent Work & Final Images – Just a small assortment of professional and not-so-professional imagery created for Rally Software over the past 8 months. Which subject do you think is nicknamed “the Enforcer.”


iPhotography – More images created with my iPhone and the BeFunky App.




Copyright Info – I attended the ASMP Colorado Registration Counts seminar and learned a few new things about the United States Copyright Office and realized, once again, how inept a governmental agency can be. Don’t get me started on their high school project of a website or the hours of confusion caused by “their” terminology of a *Published image = basically anything that has been electronically uploaded, transferred or displayed – placed into Public Domain. “Congratulations, your grandmother is a published photographer.”  The dumbest decision by the USCO? ANYTHING published (printed on paper) before March 1, 1989 that does not contain a printed Photo Credit (Image by ______) is considered Orphans Work. Fuck You US Copyright Office. How about you classify a published image by the revenue said imagery generated (IRS)?  Registration Hint: Before you Register an Image with the USCO “Share” the images online and consider them …“Published.” BTW – whether your images are published or unpublished you will receive the same amount of damages so in the end – classification does not matter.**Published Images have a higher liability of being Infringed Upon.
 Suits should never be involved in the Creative Process, never.


Behind the Scenes – Donny’s Studieo by Lena, 2013. © Lena Nawyn, No Usage Rights Granted.


Just For Fun/Just Business – I had never heard of a professional photographer trading his talent for a photo credit until the advent of the digital single lens reflex camera. I realize I sound like an asshole, but to me, a “professional” photographer working for a photo credit is nothing more than a whore having sex for a quick fix of drugs; high now, but regretful later. In the 20+ years and 1000 + photo credits that I have received I have only received one phone call from a printed photo credit and that was a two page spread that read – Photography by Don Cudney in 48 point font (my experience only). Don’t believe the hype! FACTS: NEVER allow a client to print or post – Courtesy of Joe Photographer because that just informs everyone (clients and other photographers) that you supplied your artwork, your intellectual property for FREE … as a courtesy. A Photo Credit is “just part of the Usage Rights Agreement.” My Terms & Conditions require my clients to Print a Photo Credit – Where Applicable. They don’t “charge” me and I don’t charge them … it’s Just Business. 


Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Dove Valley, Colorado and the Paul D. Bowlen BRONCOS Memorial Centre to photograph Luke Richesson, Strength & Conditioning for an upcoming issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.


Men_WEBMen, 2013. © Don Cudney


Luke Richesson, 2013. Outtakes © Don Cudney


Just For Fun – More … Barbi. Correction: My 9 year old Creative Director informed me that this is not a Mermaid Barbie, but rather Ariel, The Little Mermaid.



Social Media Marketing – New Cover Images (get it?) for my Social Media Marketing websites: DON CUDNEY PHOTO on Facebook and doncudneyphoto on Twitter. I realize 218 Likes and 152 Followers (as of 02/17/2013) is pretty wimpy and weak in this day of a million Views, Visits and Follows, but I am trying. If you are not already “Following or Liking” DON CUDNEY PHOTO, please visit one of these social media websites an allow me some kind of “return on my investment – in social media marketing.”  Thank You.

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Just For Fun – Created a series of iPhone images starring Barbie and Dolly Madison for myself and my friends granddaughter, Lena. Hair, MakeUp & Wardrobe Styling by Lena.

Barbie&MollyWEBBarbie & Dolly, 2013. © Don Cudney

Just For Fun – So God Made a Photographer – Cool Video created at the Santa Fe Workshops.

So God Made a Photographer

Photo Assignment/Outtake  – Photographed Sammie Rotello for an upcoming Girl In Your Corner layout in Mile High Sports Magazine. “No Pose – Just Stand There & Look Hot.” Special Thanks to Kraig for his talented Fan Work.
 *Final layout and more outtakes will be posted after publication.


Published Work/Tearsheet – Dux Dental updated their cover photo. Subjects: Gary Radz, DDS and Kendra Clark


Photo Assignment/Outtake  – Spent Valentine’s Day evening with the beautiful and talented Brionna Wesson creating images for an upcoming Girl In Your Corner layout in Mile High Sports Magazine.
*Final layout and more outtakes will be posted after publication.

BrionnaWesson2Brionna Wesson, 2013. © iPhotography by Don Cudney

BrionnaWessonDCPWEBBrionna Wesson, 2013. © iPhotography by Don Cudney

Archive/Google Search – Performed a quick Google Search for Hooters Colorado and found these 6 advertisements floating around in cyber space.



Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Drove up to Golden, Colorado and Jacobs Entertainment to photograph Dr. Elaine Swope for an upcoming issue of Plan Sponsor Magazine*Final layout will be posted after publication.


Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Drove up to Boulder, Colorado and the current home of BRU Brewery to photograph Ian Clark for an upcoming issue of Draft Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

BTS_BRUBTS Image by Bryce Clark

BRU_BTS1BTS iPhotography ©Don Cudney

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created images of the beautiful Jariya Phanpaktra for an upcoming issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final images and outtakes will be posted after publication.


Photo Assignment/Tearsheet/Outtake/Behind the Scenes – Photographed Christian and Ed McCaffrey for the cover and feature in the February 2013 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.


Christian & Ed McCaffery, 2013.Christian McCaffrey, 2013. Outtake. © Don Cudney

MHSM_McCaffreyC&E1WEBChristian & Ed McCaffrey, 2013. © Don Cudney




Letter From The Editor – Doug Ottewill

Behind the Scenes with Christian & Ed McCaffrey

Photo Assignment/Tearsheet – Created images of Tim Hinchey, Colorado Rapids Club President and his wonderful family for the February 2013 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.


Photo Assignment/Tearsheet – Michael Roth of Elevations Credit Union for the February 2013 issue of Origination News. Where did we hide the fill-flash (mini morris slave)?


Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled up to Boulder, Colorado for part three of a ?-part photo shoot for  Rally Software. *Final images will be posted after publication.

BTS_RallyBTS iPhotography


Photo Assignment/Outtake – Part two of a ?-part photoshoot for Rally Software.


Just For Fun – Celebrities and people that are frequently photographed HATE strobes (flashes), HATE hot lights (tungsten) and HATE a popular strobe called the RingFlash, therefore HMIs, LEDs and Daylight Balanced fluorescents have become all the rage in the film & stills industry. Tested out the new Film Video RingLight for video and stills and as usual – LEDs are great for closeup work, but lack the power/depth of field at distances of more than 4 feet *ISO 100 or less. Subject: Dave Sands.

MadmanDaveSandsDave Sands, 2013. © Don Cudney

Archive/Tearsheet – Colorful Characters Catalog for Concepts Direct, Inc., February 2004.  Stylist: Tina Richter.

ColorfulCharacters_Cups&ShakersColorful Characters Catalog, 2004.