unsolicited testimonials


“Don, you brightened up my morning with your photos. I think my favorite is
the one where you’re fixing his tie, that really made me laugh. If it were up
to me I’d make that the cover. I’ll get back to you later in the day with my
picks. There are some fantastic shots, it’s hard to choose which ones I like
more. Thank you for such great work. I love the photos you took and I’m
looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

Galina Rybatsky
/Cards& Payments Magazine

“Very nice Don. U R a BAD MO-FO. You can quote that on your weblog, permission granted.”
Nick Heckman/Mile High Sports Magazine

“I have to tell you, these photos really knocked me out! I’m delighted to look
through the gallery.”

Lynn Connelly/Plan Sponsor Magazine

“Oh wow, I am really impressed. You do really nice work! Great job! This is
going to take longer than I anticipated, due to so many great options. But
that is a good thing. 😉 Usually, I can pick out the best couple of shots at a
quick glance, but I have a large handful of great options to choose from.
How long did it take for the shoot? How did you find so many backdrops in
the bank? All of the wardrobe changes, compositions and props, it is all
much appreciated.”

Chris Bart/Independent Banker Magazine

“You’re a beast Don, everything is phenomenal man.”
J. Moir/Noca Records

“I have to say — I love our shoot with Glo! There are so many great shots
to choose from.”

Tom Visocchi/Denver Magazine®

“Great images!  I hope you like the layout and I definitely look forward to
working with you again.”

Dave Bromeland/Colorado Meetings + Events Magazine

Editors Note: “A special thanks to one of the best in the business; to date,
I’ve been unable to find a model, client, little kid, old lady or stray dog that
doesn’t like the easygoing, ultra-talented Cudney.”

Doug Ottewill/Mile High Sports Magazine

“She (Jane Krakowski) will flip out…thanks again. How generous of you to do this for her.
She will be most appreciative. I am beyond grateful to you.
Lets figure out at an event I can invite you to!
Call me sometime…”
Cynthia Parsons McDaniel/Celebrity Publicist

“Just took a quick look and wow, I’m really pleased…I’ll get back to you tomorrow with a
couple of final selects.How are you feeling? I know I’m feeling great after seeing these!”
Robert Lesser/CFO Publishing

“Fantastic job. Thank you so much. The shots outside are a great option to have
and thank you for all the options you gave us — we don’t usually get such great coverage.”
Frannie Ruch/AR Magazine


“your pictures rock … you’re the man.”
Chris Anderson of the Denver Nuggets

“I wouldn’t have shown-up if I didn’t like your work!”
J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets

“…all I can say is “WOW!” I was speechless….Eddie (Royal) was so
excited when he saw the layout.”
Jeff Weiner, ESBL Sports Management

“Quick word to thank you for today’s photo shoot. It was my first
photo shoot experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.”
Julien Baudet, Colorado Rapids

“…more fun than my shoot with (Bruce) Weber!”
Jeremy Bloom, professional athlete

“I’m not worried…I’ve seen your website.”
Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter

“We’re finished?  But I’m having so much fun.”
US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

“I hate photo shoots, but you made this one exciting and fun, thank you.”
Former Colorado Governor Bill Owens

“Your pictures could help me get out of prison.”
William Hoover serving 100 years at the Sterling Correctional Facility

“you appear to know exactly what you want and know exactly how
to ‘get it’ from me…you are very professional.”

Eric Trevino during a Men’s Fitness Magazine photo shoot

“The video is hilarious bro….great images.”
Willie B. of Speed Channel and KBPI

“Just take the f___ing picture.”
Former CEO of StorageTEK