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July 2010

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Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina to create high definition stills and video of the TurboJet XT for Mark VII Equipment based here in Denver, Colorado. Jim Yost, Camera Assistant., Steve Robinson, Creative Director. A special thank you to Marcus Austin of Atlantic Wash Systems and Southeastern Camera.

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created still images and a short introductory video of Chad Kenney for the upcoming October/November 2010 issue of POZ Magazine. Steve Morrison, Art Director. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Assisting/Collaborating Assisted my friend and colleague Jim Yost to produce still images of a remodeled kitchen and bathroom for (name withheld).

Where did we hide the light(s)?

Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Spent two days creating high definition video and audio files as part of a *My Creative Dept.‘s assignment for Baymont Inn & Suites & Armando Lopez, Principal-Navigant Marketing. *Diego Ramos, Director. *Josh Gold, Video/Audio. *Alyssa Fosler, MakeUp+Hair. Kait Perrodin, Intern. Tom Stoviak, Actor.

Diego (director) Don (glidecam operator)

Assisting/Collaborating – Helped my friend and colleague Jim Yost photograph a variety of Sievers and Leakwise Analytical Analyzers and Detectors for (name withheld).

iPhone Capture

Marketing – It appears that I am the only Music Photographer in Denver, Coloradoat least for the next couple daysPRODUCTION PARADISE is an essential tool for art buyers, producers and other decision makers worldwide, providing maximum exposure for visual media professionals working throughout the industry. Offering a one-stop-shop online service, our information can be sourced with the guarantee that only the best make it onto the website. There is no easier or more effective way to reach leading international photography, film, production, talent and post production service professionals.
Thank you, Production Paradise.

Behind the Scenes – Appeared on The Zinna Show on FM 101.5 The Truth along with Adiamond Baker to promote the reality show SHOOT! A Colorado Photographer’s Reality set to start airing in late August 2010 on CPT, formerly KBDI Channel 12 – Denver.


Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Three Frames and Four Seconds With Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. This was the quickest portrait of a political figure that I have created during my twenty plus years as a photographer. I wasn’t at the Mayor’s Office to create a formal portrait of him (I’ll blog about my visit in a future post), but I did ask Mayor Hickenlooper for three (quick) frames; Serious, Happy and Funny. Afterward, I shook his hand, thanked him and walked away. Thank you Mr. Mayor.

Assignment – Created images and a short video interview of Gail Lindley, CEO of Denver Bookbinding Company for the second time in three years for the September/October 2010 issue of My Business magazine. Can you believe Officer Lindley volunteers as a Denver Police Officer, in her spare time? “License and Registration, Please.” Tiffany Mehnert, Senior Art Director. *Layout will be posted after publication.

It’s Only Business – Visit any set these days and you are guaranteed to see all manner of capture devices – point-and-clicks, Smartphones, Flip Cams, etc. – snapping off images of the cast and the sacred working environment where the film making process unfolds. A common example is when a director’s assistant says to me: “I just need to shoot a quick video for the background,” and then that footage ends up in the film’s behind-the-scenes-material. Or when someone takes a “quick shot of the star,” which then ends up on the Web pre-release! You can see why it is an imperative to have such *specific language on the call sheet before starting a project – it’s the most tangible way to protect the work of our unit stills and publicity members, who are extremely good at documenting the making of a film or television show.
Steven Poster, International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600.

To All Cast and Crew:
Please know in advance that the policy on the set of _______ is that no personal photography will be allowed. Only persons with authorization from the filmmakers or unit publicist may take moving or still images of our cast, crew, sets, props, costumes, or any other elements of ________during filming, rehearsals, or behind the scenes. Only (insert studio name) is authorized to release pictures to the media (broadcast/print/radio) or the Internet. This includes taking moving or still images with your cell phone. Any questions, please ask. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and respecting _________ set by abiding by the above guidelines.

Personal – Hard to believe that I am 43 years old and that I have never grown anything but a small marijuana plant while in high school (I’ll never run for political office). But I am proud to say, “I have a garden.” Be it a small one. Anyone want a few radishes?

Celebrity Tomato – Lots & Lots of Radishes – Jalapeno Pepper

Assignment – Created a cover and profile images for the August 2010 issue of ColoradoBIZ Magazine. Chelsea Palmer Connolly, Art Director.
*Final images posted after publication.

Assignment/Tearsheet – Photographed Matt Pickens of the Colorado Rapids for the July 2010 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Doug Ottewill, Editor/Producer. Nick Heckman, Art Director. Kieran Cain, Colorado Rapids. Jung Park, Metroboom (Clothing). Lori Greene, American Crew (Hair Product).

Archive/Tearsheet – While searching through the 1000+ compact discs that I am seeking to resale at a complete loss, I found this little gem. Misunderstood-Wait Your Turn. The cover can be seen on my portfolio website under the Portraits 2 – Page 9 link. Graphics, Layout and Design by Frank Rich.

If I remember correctly? This was my first real (not a Nikon Coolpix) digital job shooting with a $25,000 Leaf 8 mega-pixel digital back. Crazy!

Just Playing Around – Destin, Florida fireworks display on the 4th of July from The Landing in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The FWB fireworks were so lame, I ran down to the waters edge to catch the Destin fireworks over five miles in the distance. Videography by Don Cudney. Still Photography by Andrew Osborn.

Playing With Myself – I met this group on the beach on Okaloosa Island, Florida and decided to experiment with some of my new audio equipment and possibly further some environmental cause ( I can only hope.

More Playing Around – While on my bi-annual vacation to Fort Walton Beach, Florida my intention was to document the unfolding Gulf of Mexico Oil Crisis by interviewing businesses and individuals that have been or will be affected by the BP oil spill, but very few business owners wanted to speak on-camera for fear of losing their bp benefits; fortunately I found *traces of but very little oil (tar balls) on the beaches of Okaloosa County NOT the oil slicks the national and international news agencies were reporting, as of 07/04/2010. Future National Football League announcer, Danny DeMoro.

Tearsheet – Finally “got my hands on” the 2010 Choctawhatchee High School yearbook featuring a few of the images that I created while on assignment in New York City for the 83rd Annual Macy’s Day Parade. Layout by Laura Judy & Kelsey Savedra.
* Visit my November 2009 post for a library of images.

Archive/Tearsheet – Photographed Mike Tingle of Tri-R Shredding for the cover of the Summer 2004 issue of Secure Destruction Business Magazine.