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November 2011

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Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Photographed a classic guitar, #11 of 30 signed by Bob Weir worth $10,000, a torch from the 2002 Winter Olympics worth $8,000 and 3 silver bars worth $8,000 along with Todd Hills co-founder of for the February 2012 issue of Entrepeneur Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Video Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Cluster Studios in Denver, Colorado to create video footage for a USPA-USA inner office video.

iPhone Images of Cluster Studios

Video Stills

Industry News – Photoshop Tool Airbrushing Revealed — It was only a matter of time. Photographers are doomed. LOL.

Just For Fun – I’m not a big fan of the commercials that camera manufacturers place on TV and on the Internet; except the few cool ones that Nikon created using Ashton Kutcher, but I really had to laugh at this recent (non-Canon approved) advertisement for the Canon C300 video camera; especially the “grumpy focus puller” segment and the “get landmarks in focus” reference. 10,000 ISO that looks like 200 ISO or 400 ISO = AWESOME.

Video Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Ran a Second Camera Unit for MyCreativeDept. Highlights = running a dolly jib along a 6 foot deep ditch and utilizing the jib like a periscope. My assignments aren’t always beautiful women and professional athletes. Client: done Plumbing & Heating. Josh Gold, Producer and Director.
*Final video will be posted after public release.

Small Camera/Big Matte Box – Jibbing A Ditch – Redrock/Zacuto/Sennheiser/Beachtek – Mike of done

Snow Angels 2011 – Sure wish I could reveal a few images from the upcoming Mile High Sports Magazine’s Snow Angels issue, but we’re all just going to have to wait until December 4th to see the cover and layouts.

Photography: Jathan Campbell    –   Invite Design : Nick Heckman

Video Assignment – HAVOK has finally released their new music video for the song DOA and I can share it with you now! I ran one of my Canon 5D Mark IIs fitted to a Jib/Crane for most of the second camera views (sweeps and overheads, 1st , 3rd scenes, etc.) and my other 5DMII was placed on sticks.  A few highlights of Production = live&loud speed metal at 3am (the neighbors were slightly confused), 10+ Denver Police cars speeding by with lights and sirens blaring, the eerie feeling we received after sitting in wrecked vehicles where people obviously died. Josh Gold, Director. Rodney Wilson, Assistant Camera. Kelso Kubat, SteadyCam Operator & Editor. Kristen Dalleske, MakeUp Artist & Costume Designer. Locations: Stadium Auto Parts (Denver), Moe’s Bar-B-Que and Bowling Alley (Englewood) , RTD Parking Overflow (Englewood). A Special Thank you to the Englewood Police Department for not arresting Josh for “drunk driving” – pretend like – and to Rapid Transit Denver Security for not having us all arrested at 4am.

HAVOK in MakeUp

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Created images of Shane O’Brien of the Colorado Avalanche along with model Jessica Monda for the 2011 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication (December 2, 2011).

Shane O’Brien, 2011. © Don Cudney

Jessica Monda, 2011. © Don Cudney

iPhotography – I am trying out this new app (new to me) Instagram and so far I like the Polaroid Edges and the faded 1970s look, but I hate that if you launch a different app during image processing – you apparantley lose the image forever? At least that is what happen to me with an extremely cool BTS image. Why doesn’t an iPhone have a Trash Can?

Hamburger Cookie, 2011. © Don Cudney

Water Tower, 2011. © Don Cudney

Wash Tank, 2011. © Don Cudney

Tearsheet/Breach of Contract?- It appears Waxing The City is using the same Holiday Image that they leased last year. I’ll updated the weblog after I send them an invoice. Model: Taylor Peters. Update: after some paperwork investigation – I realized that I leased this image to WTC for two years.

ASMP Colorado – Attended the Norman McGrath Architectural Photography Workshop at Harvey M Hine Architecture + Interiors in Boulder, Colorado. A special thank you to Harvey Hine, the Colorado ASMP, Norman McGrath and Helen McGrath (Norman’s daughter and Colorado Board Member) for producing the day long event.

Details by iPhone © Don Cudney

1701 15th Street, Boulder, Colorado  80302 – © Don Cudney

Norman McGrath, 2011. © Don Cudney

A Smiling – Norman McGrath, 2011. © Don Cudney

Norman & Don. Image by Ellen Jaskol.

ASMP Bullshit – It’s no secret that the ASMP and I do not see eye to eye. I want to be an exclusive organization of professional media photographers – they want to be and have become an all inclusive camera club. As a Board Member I was allowed “special access” to a moderated (censored) listserv of ASMP Board Members – that was until I received the email listed below. The one thing that I learned from that listserv was “where to have name tags created” = Kinkos (duh?) and that at least 70% (est.) of the photographers that volunteer for the ASMP Board are emerging (less than 3 years experience), part timer (as the ASMP refers to them) or retired. No wonder the Colorado Chapter is begging “working” pros to volunteer. “what’s metadata?” = an actual question from a respected? ASMP Board Member.

You have been unsubscribed from the ASMP Leadership Listserv.  Please
consider rejoining to help your chapter or specialty group or to help
others with your knowledge.   Thank you for your leadership.

I never unsubscribed from the listserv. I planned on giving them shit for another six weeks. Now I expect this from Capital One, Facebook Friends or Google+, but an organization of professional artists? LOL.
If you can’t stand the heat …. get the fuck out of the business!!

*P.S. The primary problem with most large organizations or governmental agencies – THEY do not learn from their mistakes – they ignore history – they are so motivated by profit and job security that they are blinded by their own propaganda. Every new Board starts from scratch. There is no protocol – every day – is “Day One.” “How do we turn on the lights?” You get my point. My experience and two cents.

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled up to Ft. Collins, Colorado to create video and a few stills for Jim Yost Photography and Vintages Hand Crafted Wines. Vintages is opening a new store in Denver and I highly suggest this place as a Date Night; bottle, cork, seal and label your own wines … pretty cool.

iPhone Images. © Don Cudney

Vintages – Ft. Collins. © Don Cudney

Just For Fun – Do you see what I see? I see two ruby red lips, two small eyes and one huge white nose?
O.K. … it’s been a long week.   Visit –

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to DSGP in Commerce City, Colorado and then over to Washington Park in Denver to create images of Kosuke Kimura of the Colorado Rapids working out and performing a little afternoon fishing for the December 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Video Assignment – Created behind the scenes and lookbook-style video over a three day period for Rob Hawthorne Photography and USPA Hair & Skin Products . A special thank you to our Models: Abby, Heather, Tobias, Maria & Lauren. *Final video will be posted after post production and public distribution.

Video Stills

Maria, 2011. ©Don Cudney

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – I love photography and I love my job; therefore I have no problem putting in 18 hour days and traveling hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to create images and make some money. I completed one 12 hour assignment for Budweiser and then jumped into my vehicle and drove 90 miles to complete another 2 hour asignment for Hi-PHi Entertainment. I was hired by Hi-PHi to photograph a Michael Jackson Impersonator along with a long list of people that I can not mention until after a public press release. Location: Macky Auditorium Concert Hall, Boulder, Colorado. *Final images will be posted after public release.

Michael Jackson ? © Don Cudney, 2011.

Created the above image earlier this year – Funkiphino, 2011.

Funkiphino Website

iPhotography – Some recent iPhotos created with my old, original and trusted – iPhone G3. *I’m always a few years behind when it comes to Apple Products. I still own an iPad 1. Visit –

Breakfast – Bailey Deer – Parking

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Spent two long days at the Budweiser Brewery up in Ft. Collins, Colorado creating still and video images of brewmaster Katie Rippel along with a few select employees. The still images will be used to promote – Track Your Bud online and the video footage will be included in future Budweiser television and industry promotions. SafeCamp, Production Co.. Noah Goldsmith, Executive Director. Matt Luem, Director. Todd Boyle, AC. Loretta Pilozzi, Coordinator. Bob Abott, Sound. David Strong, Gaffer. Nathan Berry, Production Assistant.
*Final layouts and commercials will be posted after post production.

Behind The Scenes

Me Dorkin’ Around & A Few Selects

iPhone Images

Link to an Image Gallery of Select Images

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Visited Star Salon in Denver, Colorado to photograph Duane Schneider for an upcoming issue of Entrepeneur Magazine. My assistant and I made a few references to One Day At A Time, but Duane was a little young to remember that TV show. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

Duane Schneider, 2011. – Outtakes.

Photo Assignment/Barter – Traveled up to Bailey, Colorado to create images of two horses, three squirrels, one goat, two cats and one dog… did I leave anyone out? Oh yeah – and a few wild deer as well.

Just Sayin’ – There are so many reasons why I do not photograph weddings anymore, but asshole clients were pretty much the number one reason. I can deal with an upset art director, I can bargain with an angry businessman, but I can not convince a brides maid that “she’s not fat,” or force a brother-in-law to “swallow his pride” and pose for one stupid picture.  And the financial liability that comes along with wedding photography – all that drama for weeks, months, maybe a year – for a few thousand dollars – no thanks!

Modeling Obligation – Visited the Ferrari of Denver dealership to pose for a “group picture” that will appear in the 2011 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. A special thank you to Bill Swartz and Randy Parrelli for setting up the shot and to Doug Ottewill for “pressing” the shutter. *Final layout will be posted after publication.

A Quarter Million Dollars worth of – Nice.

Five Photographers in One Room – Video Still

Ferrari of Denver

Tearsheet – I think these two images of Tucker Hart Adams & Jeff Rundles have received more “publication time” than any other images that I have created during my career. There was one image of a stripper/escort that ran inside Westword Magazine every week for three and a half years, but I think these two particualr images are going on four years of continuous publication. Publication: ColoradoBIZ Magazine. Usage Rights Granted: in Perpetuity. 😦

Photo Assignment/Behind the Scenes – Traveled out to Jackson’s Sports Bar to photograph Matt Lindstrom (Colorado Rockies) and a beautiful young lady named Jennifer Van Keuren for the 2011 Snow Angels issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. *Final layout and behind the scenes video will be posted after publication.

Matt Lindstrom, 2011. © Don Cudney

Behind the Scenes Video Still

Tearsheet – Traveled out to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park to photograph Andre Akpan of the Colorado Rapids for the November 2011 issue of Mile High Sports Magazine. Nick Heckman, Art Director.

Andre Akpan, 2011. © Don Cudney

Tearsheet – Created images of Rich Fleck, General Manager at Merkle Connect – A Social CRM Agency for the November 2011 issue of Direct Marketing News.

Rich Fleck, 2011. ©Don Cudney

Tearsheet/Accolade – Nick Heckman (Art Director/Graphic Designer/Bad Ass), Mile High Sports Magazine and I have received nothing but great reviews for last months Colorado Avalanche layout. The magazine has received letters of praise from subscribers, advertisers and staff alike; I’ve had my Photo Rep Wonderful Machine feature them on their Tearsheets Page and from what I understand, Colorado Avalanche fans are using the layouts as autograph pages.

Archive/Tearsheet – Photographed (former) Colorado Governor Bill Owens for the November 2006 issue of ColoradoBIZ Magazine. Tom Vissochi, Art Director.